Top Seven Checklists For Easy Moving

P T Usha 2 years ago

We know you will have a lot of plans to explore your ‘soon-to-be-home’ place. Similarly, we can also feel your mixed emotions of anxiety and excitement about your move. Though you have chosen your Packer and Mover wisely, there are certain things to do before and after your moving day. Let’s have a look. 


Before you make a deal with your packer and mover, verify their policies, rules and regulations, thoroughly. Especially, verifying the company’s insurance policy is important. This will enable safety shifting and also avoid unnecessary hassles.  

See if the company is providing all the services that you need and also monitor if they have a proper insurance policy. At this juncture, you can also check with your friends and neighbours who recently made a shift. Looking for a customer-friendly packer and mover is also another ‘to-do’ duty before shifting. 


Fixing a date for your shifting plays a crucial role. This has a direct connection in determining your moving cost. So, choose your dates wisely. Avoid shifts during weekends, national holidays, festival days, long-weekends, vacation time and other days that have a high demand for the movers.  

However, moving in a mid-week or during less-demanding days will reduce your cost of shifting.  


On the day of shifting, double check if the company will provide all the services that you opted for. Though the company do not demand your involvement in the insurance process, make sure you are aware of it.  

Also, on the day of moving, confirm the venue and the new location to your driver.  


Either you have opted to pack your things on your own or your packer is supposed to pack your items, organizing all your households will reduce the confusions while unpacking. For example, you can segregate your households under broad categories like kitchen items, pooja articles, clothes, delicate objects, etc. Dividing and labelling will save your mover from confusions and thereby your things will be damage free.  


There a wide variety of services that are offered by packers and movers. Always stay in the safer side by availing pet services if you have pets at your home. They will be shifted in a caged and safer environment. Also, if you own a terrace garden or a handful of saplings, you can opt for plant shifting service. Knowing the nature of them, the experts will move them safely. If you hold more delicate items you can opt for special packaging services. The team, under this service, will pack your items using bubble wraps, extra cardboard, wooden boxes, etc.  

The services also include shifting your vehicles in a damage-free condition. If you are making business shift the services are offered accordingly.  


After your items being shipped, let your mover unpack all your items. By the time, it is recommended, you must have a checklist of all your shipped items. Using this, you can easily tick all the items that are being unpacked and find out the missing items. 

It is also important to check your households for any damages, immediately. In case if you find any damages caused, you can click a photograph of it and report it to your packer, as soon as possible. If the item, comes under the insurance policy, you can also go ahead and claim it. 


Once the items being and unpacked and re-arranged, make sure everything has found their right place. Check if all the connections are given properly. Especially, the electronic items should be checked with extra care. Along with them, check if all the dismantled furniture are set properly.  

Screen if all the pipe connections are given properly. If no, call the local plumbers immediately and repair them. 

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