How Often Should I repaint My House?

Neha Xavier 4 years ago

Repainting house from time to time will ensure that the beauty of your home remains preserved for a longer duration. Though it might not be a very convenient thing to do, especially if you have kids. By frequently painting your home, your space will stay as beautiful as ever.

However, before painting your home, do make a schedule. Pick a few days when the whole family can be away if possible. Keep the repainting job minimal. Hire painters who stay true to schedule. Painting your home at certain intervals will though cost you money, but it is an investment to maintain your most prized possession, your home.

It is difficult to say exactly how frequently you should paint your home. A lot fit depends on the following factors.

  • Weather and pollution – The weather condition and the effect of pollution will affect the paint of your home. Depending on it you will have to decide when to repaint.
  • Budget – If repainting once every 3 years might seem too expensive, consider doing it every 5 months.
  • Type of paint used – The quality of paint also will determine the frequency of painting. If there is more fading, you will have to paint often.
  • Painting certain areas – If not painting the entire house, repaint the areas most affected and necessary.

Certain indications will lead you to repaint your home. Some of the tell-tale sign that your home needs paintwork is the following.

  1. Flaking or cracks on wall paint – If you notice there are cracks in the paint anywhere in your home, you must repaint. Typically, the cracks appear underneath flakes of paint. Around the cornice, near the ceiling area can be worst affected. It can be the result of damp or ill water drainage. If there is associated water dripping or even watermark then you will have to fix the problem first, followed by a new coat of paint.
  2. Caulks hardened - Sometimes the caulks get hard and it might give a very shabby appearance. Your fixtures will not look and function as expected. This is considered the very first sign by many experts on painting to repaint your home. The caulking can lead to a chain of reaction which will leave cracks on the paint. This can be a result of sudden changes in the weather. If you stay in an area where there is extreme weather then painting at intervals will do your home good.
  3. Refresh – If you have an occasion coming up like a wedding in the family then a fresh paint will rejuvenate the whole house. Keeping your home look beautiful and elegant at all times is great confidence and a happy boost for many homeowners. By painting your home, it instantly will get a makeover and every aspect of your living space appear refreshed. You don’t need to do interiors all the time, just painting will give the required boost in appeal.
  4. Chipping or peeling of paint – There are minute chips that go unnoticed until they become huge peel or chunks of paint coming off. Inspect your home and if you notice moderate to severe chipping, consider painting. The faster you address the issue; you will be able to save up on more money and maintain the beauty of the design.
  5. Faded paint – A faded home always looks very shabby. It will lose its appeal and charm. To avoid fading, many people choose weather protection paint. It is a good investment as the paint lasts for a longer duration. But when the paint begins to show signs of fading, consider repainting. An additional coat of paint will breathe life back into your home. Faded paint is the easiest problem to address and one of the surest sign of repainting.

Keep your house look fresh by repainting it. The aesthetic value of your home will increase and the house will look beautiful forever. Connect with verified painting contractors through Sulekha for pleasant service experience.

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