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Parallel Modular Kitchen in Greater Noida

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Parallel Kitchen in Greater Noida – The Best in an Alternative Design

The parallel kitchen design is also known as Galley design. Though not a new type of design, it has always been around as an alternative design. The modern modular twist to this traditional classic design makes this layout an irresistible one.
The parallel kitchen can fit into tiny spaces. It is also perfect, even if you have ample space. The design can be made elegant or chic; it is highly customizable.

Best 10 Parallel Modular Kitchen in Greater Noida as on Sep 28, 2022

Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad, 201001 ( Also serves in Greater Noida )
Parallel Modular Kitchen, False ceiling/ POP ceiling services, Stretch ceiling services
+7 more
Working hours: 9 AM to 8 PMResidential Projects Executed: More than 10Avg. Project Delivery Time: Less than 30 days
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AA Interior Contractor
Chi II, Greater Noida, 201009
Parallel Modular Kitchen, Carpentry services, Modular Kitchen Designers
Sulekha score: 6.9Working hours: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PMYears of Experience: 8
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Black Wood Interiors
Shahdara, Delhi, 110032 ( Also serves in Greater Noida )
3.5/5 Based on 3 Reviews
Parallel Modular Kitchen, Modular Kitchen Designers, Sofa Cloth Dealers
Sulekha score: 6.5Working hours: 09:00 AM to 08:00 PMYears of Experience: 6
Guest from Delhi

"I m satisfied on their service"

Bhanwa from Delhi

"excellent work and perfect finishing on my walls. hardly recommended to all. very professional staff. i m satisfied on their service."

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City Modular Kitchen
Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, 201014 ( Also serves in Greater Noida )
Parallel Modular Kitchen, Modular Kitchen Designers
Sulekha score: 6.4Working hours: 10 AM to 9 PM
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A-One Woodwork
Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, 201014 ( Also serves in Greater Noida )
Parallel Modular Kitchen, Modular Kitchen Designers
Sulekha score: 6.1Working hours: 9 AM to 9 PMYears of Experience: 33
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Easy Home Solutions
Phi II, Greater Noida, 201306
5.0/5 Based on 2 Reviews
Parallel Modular Kitchen, Carpentry services, Home Interiors
+3 more
Sulekha score: 6.1Working hours: 9 AM to 7 PMResidential Projects Executed: More than 50
+2 more
  • Avg. Project Delivery Time: 45 days
  • Commercial Projects Executed: More than 50
pooja from Greater Noida

"Excellent service.. Satisfactory job done by Easy Home Solutions"

Priyanka prasad from Greater Noida

"Services was very good, on time services and i definitely recommend...."

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SAMREENa interiors
Daryaganj, delhi, 110002 ( Also serves in Greater Noida )
Parallel Modular Kitchen, Roofing services, False ceiling/ POP ceiling services
+15 more
Sulekha score: 6Working hours: 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM
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Gamma I, Greater Noida, 201301
Parallel Modular Kitchen, Modular Kitchen Designers
Sulekha score: 5.6Working hours: 10 AM to 7 PM
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Dhankot, Gurgaon, 122505 ( Also serves in Greater Noida )
Parallel Modular Kitchen, Carpentry services, Modular Kitchen Designers
Sulekha score: 4.9Working hours: 09:00 am to 05:00 pmYears of Experience: 6
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Alpha II, Greater Noida, 201307
Parallel Modular Kitchen, Printing services, Sun Control Film Dealers
+8 more
Working hours: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
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Parallel Modular Kitchen Queries
Questions - 24 Answers - 29
8+ experts available
Which color is best for a modular kitchen?

Vetha06 April 2022

Modular Kitchen Dealers
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Adhithiya 09 April 2022

Colors play a significant role in crafting the mood of the room. There are various color and color combinations that are specifically used in modular kitchens to provide a good ambiance. • Blue and white combination- a blend of these colors will be perfect for the kitchen as it provides energy and upliftment. • A fine blend of grey, green, and red gives the kitchen an artistic vibe with a soothing look and environment.? • Pink, grey, and green- this blend will elevate the style of your kitchen to the next level. Adding more metallic shade accessories will elevate it more.?? • Apart from these most commonly used combinations of colors like white, black, blue, and black, blue, gold and copper, and brown can also be used.? (More)

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What is the cost of the sleek kitchen?

Niviya05 April 2022

Modular Kitchen Dealers
Post Answer
Adhithiya 05 April 2022

The sleek modular kitchens are the pioneer in this industry. Sleek was introduced into the market by Asian paints. The kitchens have a seamless finish and are pre-drilled to make the installation hassle-free. They have the best hardware and materials which suits your needs and style. They provide kitchens that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, modern, and beautiful with a warranty of ten years. The price of these sleek kitchens depends on various factors such as materials, size, accessories, and other requirements like countertops, etc. The price of a sleek modular kitchen might vary from 1 lakh to 36 lakh depending on the requirements.(More)

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What comes in a 10x10 kitchen?

Vetha03 April 2022

Modular Kitchen Dealers
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Adhithiya 05 April 2022

A 10*10 kitchen is an L-shaped kitchen that is highly functional and modern. This layout incorporates 12 cabinets in which two cabinets will be exactly the same, whereas the other 10 will have different sizes as per requirement. The other cabinets would be a standard upper cabinet, four-drawer bank, sink base cabinet, extended upper cabinet, standard base cabinet, extended base cabinet, hood cabinet, and refrigerator upper cabinet. Apart from these cabinets, the 10*10 kitchen will also require laminate countertops, an electric four-burner range, dishwasher, refrigerator, double-basin sink with fixtures, and approximately 85 sqft of sheet or vinyl flooring.? ?(More)

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How much does a modular kitchen cost in India?

Harsha02 April 2022

Modular Kitchen Dealers
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Saloni 5 DAYS AGO

Gotur kitchen(More)

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Which kitchen layout is the most functional?

Bharat01 April 2022

Modular Kitchen Dealers
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Saloni 5 DAYS AGO

Gotur kitchen(More)

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Latest Customer Reviews for Parallel Modular Kitchen in Greater Noida As on Sep 28, 2022

Average Rating
3.5/5 4 Reviews

" Fabulous services with best rates. Highly recommended "

aishwarya from Greater Noida, on 16 Jun 2021

" Good. Happy with the support provided. "

Richa Chugh from Greater Noida, on 09 May 2019

" I want to Renovation Of Old Kitchen works as I contacted these Riwa Interior, Sector 16 Person, the work of modular kitchen looks beautiful. I paid Rs 24000 for this service overall I am satisfied with their service. "

Parmanand from Greater Noida, on 12 Feb 2019

Check out the Parallel Kitchen Designs Available in the Market for Upgrading Your Kitchen Area in Greater Noida

Want to increase the valuation of your property in the market? Renovating some of the key features can be beneficial in such cases. The kitchen happens to be the most neglected area which requires proper attention. You can select from different styles like parallel kitchen designs to accentuate the look of the kitchen appropriately.

About parallel kitchen designs

The availability of different modular kitchen ideas provides the chance of personalising the kitchen area as per one's requirements. One of the most trending types of modular kitchen is parallel kitchen designs which allows one to save a considerable amount of area while designing them as per their convenience.

The parallel kitchen designs come with a proper layout of a two-wall kitchen plan without a wall in the middle. By following such a plan, one can design a work area, standing place around the kitchen space. In the case of smaller houses, these are ideal as they can be used for different purposes. Also, as these designs are quite user-friendly, hence one can install them without any experts.

Advantages of parallel kitchen designs

Few benefits of choosing the parallel kitchen designs for your home include:

  • Time and money-saving option

    You can fit a work area along with your kitchen with the help of such a model. That means, in case you need to work from home, you can carry out both the activities without any hassles in such an area. Also, it helps you to save your time and money as you do not have to invest in an office space in the home for your work. So, as a whole, such layout is quite beneficial for the users.

  • Availability of customisation

    You have a specific layout in your mind for your kitchen. But such plans aren't available as per the services of the interior designer. That should not be a problem anymore as these designs come with the personalisation options for the users. You can choose the designs and the layout as per your choices and renovate the kitchen without any hassle.

  • Easy to maintain

    Another reason for choosing the parallel kitchen designs is the fact that these cabinets are easy to clean. That means one does not have waste energy or time behind cleaning every part of the kitchen anymore. But, to get such benefits, make sure to get practical and quality designs from the leading companies in the market.

Prices of parallel kitchen designs in Greater Noida

Many times, people wish to invest their money in the modular kitchen for their homes. But as they fail to get the desired services within a strict budget, they skip the part for later. But that shouldn't be the case if one manages to get the services of the reliable modular kitchen dealers in the market. However, the prices of parallel kitchen designs do change depending on certain factors like:

  • The reputation of the dealer company in the market
  • The type of raw materials used for the completion of the project
  • The location of the project
  • The fees of the interior designer
  • The area of the kitchen space
  • Labour cost
  • Tax considerations
  • Peak season
  • Availability of customisations, etc.

Make sure to follow the market trends and research more about the modular kitchen ideas available in the market to get appropriate deals. Also, remember that the prices change depending on the current stock market trends. Here is a price table showing the charges of parallel modular kitchen Greater Noida designs depending on the warranty period and the materials used for the same:

Warranty period

Type of material


5-10 years

Parallel modular kitchen

INR 95,000/ unit

1-5 years

Wooden parallel modular kitchen

INR 1.5 lakh/ unit

5 years

Straight parallel modular kitchen

INR 1050/ square feet

5-10 years

PVC parallel modular kitchen

INR 60,000/unit

10 years

MDF parallel modular kitchen

INR 70,000/unit

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the design of parallel kitchen in Chennai?

This is a special type of design which has only two sides to it. The other two sides are open. It generally looks like a passageway or galley. It is popularly known as the galley kitchen as it represents the parallel kitchen design in Chennai on the ship. That’s how it was named parallel kitchen with two sides opposite to each other. There is twice as much space because of the two parallel sides of the kitchen. It is adaptable to a big or small kitchen.

2) What are the main features of a parallel modular kitchen in Chennai?

Some of the key features of a parallel modular kitchen in Chennai are enlisted below.

  • Sufficient storage area – The parallel kitchen multiplies space by two folds. As the arrangement is parallel, the kitchen offers the best storage solution. You can have a dedicated pantry section.
  • Unique layout – The walls opposite to each other makes the kitchen look different from all other design types. In this kitchen, the two sides are of the same length, and it has high aesthetic value.
  • Vertical structure – Most parallel kitchens take a vertical structure, and it elongates space. The visual appeal of such a place looks ethereal.

Island kitchens have become popular for modular designs. They are suitable for all sizes of the apartment. They look elegant and can be fitted to any space. The island kitchen is very adaptable and would become a great addition to any household.

3) What are the different uses of a parallel modular kitchen in Chennai?

The parallel kitchen in Chennai comes with its own set of uses. It offers a great variety when it comes to kitchen use. Here are some essential aspects that only parallel kitchen presents.

Extra space – The parallel kitchen would typically present you with double space. The two arms present a lot of space. You can use it for storage or additional countertop space.

Commercial use – This type of design is very popular in not just home design but also in commercial layout as well. It is a space-saving and maximum efficiency guarantee design. Thus, it is preferred for commercial usage.

Passageway usage – If you do not have any designated space for the kitchen, then a passageway can be turned into this type of parallel kitchen design. It is a great use of any idle passageway, which is not frequented much.

Vertical structure – The vertical structure of this kitchen helps the kitchen get a typical look. It is unique to only parallel modular kitchen design.

4) What is the cost of fixing up a parallel modular kitchen in Chennai?

This type of design is available in a wide variety of price range. A lot of factors contribute to making this type of kitchen in Chennai. A lot depends on the material used for the unit and all the countertop arrangement. As this kitchen has mainly had only two walls, this type of layout is quite affordable. You can also cut down on the cost if you design the kitchen yourself and save up on designer’s fees.

Type of kitchen

Minimum price

Maximum price

Parallel modular kitchen (Narrow)


Rs. 3,50,000

Parallel modular kitchen (Spacious)

Rs. 1,25,000

Rs. 4,00,000

The parallel kitchen design is not just ideal for home use; it can be implemented in commercial kitchens as well. It is easy to carry out a highly functional design.

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