Deepanjali Pandey - With roots in Lucknow, I was born and brought up on a lush green tea estate in Assam. I studied in Mussoorie where my love for writing grew from a nascent interest to full blown passion under the direction of some wonderful boarding school teachers. Currently in Singapore, with my husband and toddler, I am still writing, still reading, still thinking in words.


John P Mathew - John P Matthew is a writer based in Mumbai, India. During the day he works as a technical editor for a BPO unit and in his spare time he writes short stories, poems, and articles. A former journalist, he has a website which contains gleanings from his writings. He lives in New Bombay with his wife and son.


Hari Kumar - The economics of life had brought me to the comfortably-not-too-distant shores of Singapore during that turbulent December of '92 (remember Babri Masjid). The pace of this city that I now call home is probably something I would not trade away. It may have been the mid life crisis or maybe this growing emptiness that has inspired me to look inwards and mine the depths of my soul. Welcome to my website at:

Sunder Muthanna - It was a dark and stormy night when I was born. Strangely, it was a sunny 10 in the morning in the rest of the city. Till I was 12, I thought God reported to Walt Disney. And couldn’t understand why there were no genuine cartoon characters among my classmates. And no genuine humans among the staff. I’m now an ad and web content writer. A hard core Bangalorean who sniffs beer like a discerning wine lover and says knowingly  "Made this morning, plastic barrel, came by the flyover, got stuck in the traffic jam, AC failed on the way."
Dr. P.S. Sri - Dr. P.S.SRI – a Canadian of Indian origin, who hails from Chennai (Madras),  is a Professor in the Dept of English at the Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, ON.  Sri’s research is wide-ranging and includes East-West Literary and Philosophical ideo-synthesis, Post-colonial, Multicultural, Commonwealth Literature, Arabic and Persian Literature, Sanskrit and Tamil Literature. He has won prizes in an International Essay Contest (1991) organized by Washington and Jefferson College, Pennsylvania, USA and in an International Literary Competition (1993) organized by UNESCO to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of Columbus’ discovery of the New World.
Lokesh Thakur - I have been born , brought up and
educated in the Capital town of Shimla, except for a four year stay at Pantnagar, near Nanital, from where I Graduated in Electrical Engineering. Now, I am back in Shimla working with the H.P. State Electricity Board as an Assistant Engineer. I love to read and write and that is what I do in most of my free time but when I do get the chance, I love to play sports like Cricket, Badminton and Table Tennis.
Bijaya Ghosh - I was born in West Bengal to a schoolteacher father and a housewife mother. I lost my father at an early age, which put us in great economic hardship. Unless a religious organization, Sree Sarada Ashrama had helped me at this juncture, my education would have been terminated before leaving school. At present I am giving the final touches to my ambitious first novel.  I am a professor at a Bangalore college.
Ashok Rajagopalan - I'm 42, happily married with two kids. For my daily bread, I work as a freelance illustrator, but for future jam, I write. I believe in a God of Humour, who rules over all others. I also believe in equality for all, irrespective of class, gender, intellectual accomplishments, wealth or knowing the CEO's uncle-in-law. I live in a peaceful suburb of Chennai, which allows me to breathe relatively fresh air and listen to the birds, bees and squirrels. I hate to see families break up, and if they want to be independent entities, at least book a neighbouring flats. I am proud of my humility and look down on snobs.
Sunanda Mehta - Daughter of an army officer, I traveled all over the country during my growing up years and collected a vast repository of memories, friends and experiences. The same continued when I married a merchant navy officer-only then I embarked on traveling the world aboard the ship. What  keeps me rooted to the ground now though, is my 14-year old son and his education,  my home and my job as a journalist-though the ship travels continue intermittently too. I stay in Pune, love reading, listening to music and am a complete movie buff.
Dutta Swapna - I have has been writing for the last three decades and have more than 40 titles to my credit, including translations, published by HarperCollins, Rupa, Children's Book Trust, National Book Trust, Orient Longman, Ratna Sagar, Vikas Publishers, Tulika Publishers, Scholastic, Unicorn Books, Srishti Publishers, Sahitya Akademi and others. Although I am basically a children's writer, I also write for the general reader on travel, history, health and nutrition.I have also translated poems, novels and short stories from mainstream literature.I have been to Tokyo, Munich and Vienna (in 1986,1998 and 2002respectively)
on UNESCO scholarships to make specialized study of
Children’s literature.
R Siddarth - I am Siddarth, born in Hyderabad, educated in Chennai, Hyderabad and Vijayawada (school) and had my college education in Chennai. Currently a resident of Chennai and recently married, I have completed my B.E.
(Electronics and Instrumentation) and M.B.A. I have been writing since childhood, but have not been published earlier. “Duniya Paagal Hai…” is loosely based on a true story narrated to my father, who narrated it to me, and helped me to complete it.
Priya Rajasekar - I am a freelance writer based in Dublin, Ireland. I love the simple pleasures of life like living in a clean, peaceful atmosphere, listening to soul-stirring music, reading books that keep me in touch with the world, watching movies that are either inspiring or funny and just spending time with my kids.  I believe in the power of the written word. When I write I feel free and at peace with myself.
Gouri Dange - I’m Gouri Dange. I live and work in Pune, after fleeing Mumbai’s weather, traffic jams, pollution and noise seven years ago. The joke’s on me though, since that kind of describes the state of Pune now. So I’m plotting my next escape route! I write fiction (a novel, a set of short stories) as well as non-fiction – people/animal watching, Indian classical music, cuisine, travel, humour... Currently I have two weekly columns in a paper called Maharashtra Herald and one in a magazine called Man’s World.
Vandana Jena - I am Vandana Kumari Jena, a civil servant by profession and a writer at
heart. I joined the IAS in 1979 and belong to the Orissa cadre. My husband who belongs to the IA&AS and my two sons, aged 22 and 20, complete my family.At present, working as a Joint Secretary in the Government of India, I am at the Government’s beck and call from morning to night, so creativity has unfortunately taken a  back seat!
Indu Balachandran - I grew up in Bangalore, studied Economics Honours, but  spent more time writing gags for friends’ birthday cards, than writing economics assignments. A gold medal in journalism landed me a job at Deccan Herald, but the Chief Reporter politely but firmly suggested I join an ad agency, after seeing my excessive use of exaggeration. Have bungee-jumped at Bali, gone white-water-rafting in the Ganga, , danced like Zorba the Greek in Crete, stood speechless inside the Pyramid at Egypt, --and am looking for the next big adventure!
Baradwaj Rangan - Baradwaj Rangan, writer, Chennai, India. An engineering graduate from BITS, Pilani, his career path led him to advertising, to America, and finally back to Chennai, where he is now a full-time freelance writer. His articles on arts, entertainment and humour have been published in The New Sunday Express, The Economic Times, Man’s World, Simplifly and Seminar, and these are archived at
Diptakirti Chaudhuri - Diptakirti Chaudhuri has spent the last seven years of his life selling soap, soft drinks and cooking oil, which has made very little use of his engineering and MBA education. In his spare time, he reminisces about the most beautiful city in the world (Calcutta) and fantasises about writing a film starring the greatest film-actor of all times (Amitabh Bachchan). He lives in Delhi with his wife.
Radhika Mitra - Radhika was raised in Calcutta - the city that remains her greatest love and most fervent muse. Currently based in Austin, Texas, she vacillates between working as a corporate communications professional and taking eccentric amounts of time off to indulge her chief passions –  travel, food, and her family.
Manjul Bajaj - Manjul Bajaj works as a consultant in the field of environment and development.She also freelances as a writer and has published several pieces in leading newspapers and magazines. She is currently working on her first novel. She lives inGurgaon with her husband and two children 
Madhulika Liddle - Madhulika Liddle lives in New Delhi, India, where she works as an Instructional Designer. An avid reader and traveller, she enjoys writing short stories, a number of which have won awards. Her story, A Morning Swim, was adjudged Overall Winner of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association's Short Story Competition, 2003.
Nirupama Subramanian - I currently live in a high rise apartment in Gurgaon,near Delhi, with a peripatetic husband,a precocious daughter and a precariously perched houseplant in my balcony. I have an MBA degree and once worked in a multinational bank. Currently,I am a training consultant by day and a struggling-to- stay-awake writer by night. I dabble in humour and short fiction. I cherish a good book; anything from Amit Chaudhuri to Zadie Smith and relish any film that doesn't zone me out in the first ten minutes. Sometimes, I enjoy traveling.
Pratishtha Shrotriya - I was born and brought up in Agra and studied Advertising in Delhi. I moved to Mumbai in 2002 to work as a copywriter. I write, read and watch movies to keep my sanity and skepticism intact. I got married in 2005 and am currently working as a freelance writer.  
Viji Raghunathan - Viji Raghunathan has a B.Tech from IIT Madras and an MBA from UC Berkeley. She's proud to be an Indian, and thinks navigating our diverse, quirky culture (which at once lives in several centuries) gives us special skills.It has made working as a solar energyresearch engineer at Kuwait, a Fortune India investment columnist in India and later a Vice President in Wells Fargo Bank in the U.S. as easy as getting on a train in Bombay.:) She writes/acts as a hobby, and is well-known in theater/film-circles in the San Francisco bay area
Prashanth Kumar - Prashanth Kumar Panchapakesan is a full-time freelance writer. Although commercial viability has been eluding him for long, he still harbours dreams of making it as a published author someday! He is presently based in Singapore where he lives and dreams with his family.
Vinod G - Vinod Ganesh (born 06-06-84) has lived almost all his life in Chennai. He did his schooling first at Holy Angels Convent and then at St.Michael's Academy. He then went on to earn a B.Tech in Information Technology from Anna University and is currently employed as a Software Engineer at Infosys Technologies Ltd., Chennai. He is an avid quizzer and has won events all over the country both at the college and at the open level.  
Sai Natrajan - Born and brought up in a small town in Southern Tamilnadu, Saravana Sai Natarajan is an IT professional currently based out of Chennai. He likes writing on topics varying from Technology to Sports.
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