When is the final date for the India Smiles Penguin Publication?

The tentative date for the launch of the Publication is August 2006.

My entry is one among the 25 selected, would I be sent get a copy/copies of the Publication?

Yes, you will get free copies of The India Smiles Penguin Publication. Any additional books can be purchased when they are made available at www.fabmall.com

How can I get a copy of the India Smiles Penguin Publication?

If your writing has been selected, then we will mail you complimentary copies of the books. If you want to purchase the books, they will be available for purchase online at www.fabmall.com

I do not see my entry online yet, though I had sent it sometime ago.

All the winning blog entries and also the other entries posted for the India Smiles contest have been posted online. If your entry is missing, please mail in your story and the details to penguin@sulekha.net

Does Sulekha allow public comments on the contributions

Yes; all the posted entries are open to public view and comments/ appreciations of all the members of Sulekha.

I have a question. Who do I ask?

You can send across your question to penguin@sulekha.net and we will get back to you with an answer as sooner as possible.

Is Sulekha coming out with such Creative Writing Contests in the future?

Yes, Sulekha has many plans in the pipeline. Sulekha has always yearned to seek and exhibit creative pieces of writing across the globe, which is a true blend of both Indian and foreign minds. You can know more about such contests by logging in on to www.sulekha.com/contests page.

What is the tag price of the India Smiles Publication?

The exact cost will be finalized soon. The India Smiles Book will most likely be tagged at a price range of Rs.200 Rs.250.

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