Congratulations! for making it to the Finale Publication

Thank you for participating in the India Smiles Contest that brought in entries from thousands of writers from across the world. We are truly gratified!

Flame of Sulekha

To let history mark a page in its glorifying pages, Sulekha has binded all those entries, whose charm can be reveled in the form of a finale publication by Penguin. History will also recall those unbound collection of vibrant expositions in this site, where they all would remain perched for the other Sulekha members to read and remark.

Authors name
Ruminations of the Teenager Formerly Known as Achint Manjul Bajaj
A Suitor For Saraswati Madhulika Liddle
Memories, Mammaries & Monita Rajpal Deepanjali Pandey
Flirting In Short Messages John P. Mathew
Food Housekeeping Baradwaj Rangan
Freud In The Springtime
Husbands, Hangovers And Other Holiday Hazards Nirupama Subramanian
It's All Relative Viji Raghunathan
Jingle Most Of The Way Vinod G
Duniya Paagal Hai, Ya Phir Main R Siddarth
The Man Who Married A Tree Hari Kumar
Mettupalayam Mayhem Sai Natarajan
Nat Geo Goes to Bollywood Gouri Dange
Oh Baby, Baby Pratishtha Shrotriya
On The Shelf Vandana Jena
Oops! Let Me Politically Correct That Indu Balachandran
Page 3 Party Sunder Muthanna
Playacting Faux Pas P.S. Sri
Shock and Awe, Indian Style Priya Rajasekar
The Boy Who Ran Away Lokesh Thakur
The Un-Blossomed Bud Bijaya Ghosh
Time Waits For No Pig Ashok Rajagopalan
Pain in the Proverbial Prashanth
Approving of Anila Swapna Dutta
24 Frames Per Second Diptakirti Chaudhuri
Knot So Soon, My Dear Sunanda Mehta


We invite you to request your friends to view your article and post their comments on it. Since one of the hallmarks of Sulekha is the interaction between readers and authors we hope you will take advantage of that and respond to the reader comments that are posted on the Sulekha Comments Board.


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