10 'Awwwwwwsome' Wedding Moments You Would Definitely Love To See

  • Every wedding is different except for one thing – it is filled with beautiful moments. The pride in the father’s eyes, the tears in the mothers, and the happiness in the sibling’s, these are only some of the many emotions you get to see in a wedding. Here are 10 of the most picture-perfect moments you are sure to find in every wedding:  

    Hide and Seek:

    A pre-wedding photo shooting the typical Bollywood style, where the bride and groom are on a field looking at each other dreamily, is a sure shot crowd pleaser. If rightly captured these photographs are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

    Friends come in pairs of two:

    It is always an ‘awww’ moment when you see the bride with her best friends. With the similar colourful outfits and the endless laughter, these are the instances when you can see the bride and friends smiling from ear to ear.

    Diamonds and Rubies:

    When the bride comes out all decked in her finest clothes and jewellery, it will definitely be a sight for sore eyes. It is one of those times when she can get away with looking like a jewellery store and still rock the look.

    All the joy:

    The cheering and teasing of the family is what brings out the most laughter from the bride and the groom. Between the hoots and the claps of the family and friends, the looks the couple exchange can only be described as picture perfect!

    For walls of splendour:

    A wedding photo album is almost incomplete without a few essential pictures of the beautifully decorated walls and ambience. The look of admiration on the guests’ faces is a definite moment of pride for all those who were behind the planning of the ambience.

    Hand in Hand:

    A total tearjerker scene is the actual marriage ceremony when everyone present won’t be able to take their eyes off the lovely couple. This is a sight to see as all the relatives are sure to have slightly damp eyes.

    Caught candid:

    In between all the religious ceremonies and the practices, the look the couple shares is one that can make anyone feel their love. This look is the perfect example for anyone who wants to see pure love and joy materialised.

    Rosy cheeks and dimpled chin:

    Posing for the camera in the midst of the flurry of getting ready is something every bride does. It’s that time when the bride is getting her makeup done and all her best girlfriends are around her looking at her like she is a pretty doll.

    Dance and Sparkles:

    Some of the best memories of a wedding are usually on the dance floor, with all the guests and family jiving to the best tunes. The burst of joy and other expressions on this floor is irreplaceable.          

    Eyes that shine like stars:

    The moment of farewell where all the emotions are wrapped into one is a scene where no one can resist a good hearty cry. The atmosphere is filled with mixed emotions of joy, sadness but most of all – love.

    A wedding is an assimilation of all these moments and more. The most joyous occasion in the bride and groom’s life, a wedding is one place where most memories are made. With age, memories may wrinkle too, but to keep them intact hire - Wedding Photographers. Then be it 5 or 10 years down the line, you can always go back to those beautiful moments.