6 Photographs Everyone Must Have!

  • Photos are your windows to old memories, an opportunity to relive your past. As you grow older, you wish you had captured more memories of your past, a part of your childhood, a piece of that happy graduation memory, a moment from that family vacation.

    Regardless of whether you are a parent trying to capture their child’s milestones or tracking your own life over the years, here are a few moments everyone should have in their memory scrapbook!

    Your toothless grin

    Baby photos are priceless, agreed. However, nothing that can beat that innocent toothless grin. To know that you’ve to probably wait many more years to capture a similar toothless grin of yours, adds to its charm. If you can’t find a cute one of yours to show your grand kids, maybe you should take one of your children so that they don’t miss out on this!

    First day at school

    That nervous tug of the water bottle, that uneasy straightening up of the uniform shorts and the excitement of having one's own school bag, can all be summed in one candid photo from your first day at school. If you have missed this picture for yourself, don’t forget to capture one of your little one.


    Throwing your graduation caps up in the air, wearing your graduation robes might sounded cliched at the moment. But few years down the lane, you would remember those endless chattering and loud laughs you shared on that day, also the excitement of having achieved a big milestone.

    At the aisle

    Your wedding day is going to be a mad rush of activities. The day itself might be a bit hazy in your head with all the nervous excitement.  Photos are going to be your saviour in reminding you of that beautiful ceremony that made your love legal. You’re obviously going to have a lot of great photos from this day. However, make sure you have one beautiful one for the wall.

    A happy family vacation shot

    Family vacations, which were plenty in our childhood, would have become far and spread out as we grow older. If you already don’t have one with your whole family, that’s enough reason to plan a vacation soon. The hearty laugh of your parents, listening to their children blabbering, while sitting around a campfire, is a memory that surely requires a space on your wall.

    One with the friends

    Capturing all that energy in one frame might be difficult. However, the picture with your friends are more beautiful with all its imperfections. Capture one at your favourite hangout, or at your most memorable holiday together to carry around with you. Sure to bring a smile on your face on those low days.

    While many of the most important photos of your life might be captured on an amateur camera or on a phone camera, a wall of memory requires a couple of professional photos as well. Get the help of professional photographers for all your best memories on a film.