7 Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts For Microsoft Excel

Devi Bhuvanesh 5 years ago

Almost everyone who uses Microsoft office will be aware of the function CTRL+ C (Copy) and CTRL+V (Paste). But did you know that every single operation in Excel can be controlled using the keyboard? There are several keyboard shortcuts in Excel that can make your work even faster and easier.

Here are few important keyboard shortcuts which are used in Excel:

1. To select an entire column or row

Before performing any action in excel, you need to select the particular cell or row or column. With the help of the keyboard, you can mark the rows and columns easily by pressing “Ctrl” + “spacebar” to select a column and “Shift” + “spacebar” to select a row.  

2. To delete a column

Sometimes there are several columns in the sheet which is quite unnecessary for your work. To delete many columns, hold “Ctrl” + “- (minus)” continuously without taking your hands off the keyboard until those columns are deleted.

3. To move to the next sheet

If you are working simultaneously on different sheets, it is quite difficult to work on it using a mouse click. To navigate to the next sheet in the same workbook, use the keyboard combination “Ctrl” + “↓ (page down).”

4. To use options under 'Insert' tab

A visual representation of the data will always give a better understanding of the content. This can be done by including charts, pictures, tables, shapes, text boxes, etc. in the excel sheet.  If you press “Alt” + “N”, the letter assigned to each menu will appear on the Insert tab. Pick your preferred letter to add images, formulas or text boxes to each table at the flick of a wrist.

5. To format a cell

If you want to change the font type, size, fill colour, the border or the orientation of the cell, you can easily do it by using the keyboard combination “Ctrl” + “1”. The ‘Format Cells’ dialogue box appears that lets you make necessary changes for the cell easily.  

6. To insert a function

To do any sort of arithmetic operation such as 'SUM', 'IF' or 'DATE', the keyboard combination “Shift” + “F3” will help you add functions easily without that laborious switch between keyboard and mouse.

7. To copy the formula of the cell above

To calculate the value of a cell with the formula similar to the above cell, press “Ctrl” + “U”. This keyboard combination saves you having to type in formulas again by hand.

These are some of the useful excel keyboard shortcuts tips. If you are eager to learn more about excel, get yourself trained by enrolling in MS Excel Online Training now.

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