A List Of Things Your Plumber Wishes You Didn't Do!

Indhu A 9 years ago

There are many mistakes we make in our home that leads us to call the plumber. To help avoid any future clogs, floods or breakdowns, here are some common mistakes people make and how they can be avoided:

  • Using chemicals to clear drains

There are many people who use chemicals to open or clear their drains, but to no permanent help as rarely do they get the job all the way done. Apart from the chemicals being too harsh and dangerous for you to handle, they can also ruin the drain pipes as well as the equipment used to clear the stoppage. The main culprit for a blocked pipe is grease and hair which gets stuck in it.

  • Toilet being treated as a garbage can

Even if they have a ‘flush’, that doesn’t mean you can toss products that are used for personal cleaning such as wipes, tissue, toilet scrubbers, make-up remover pads etc. The fact is that they don’t disintegrate quickly and can eventually block the drain pipe.

  • No idea about where the main water valve is

One should always know where the main water valve is located and every emergency shut off valve in your home. And while you are at it, you should also learn how to turn off these valves too. It’s an easy process, but if you need any help, there are plumbers who can show it to you for free.

  • Using drop-in toilet fresheners

There are many people who love the blue water the drop-in fresheners make, but did you know? These tablets often contain chemicals that wear out while dropped into the water. Plus, the tablets disintegrate and they can get stuck in the flush valve, preventing the toilet from flushing.

  • Forgetting to replace the hoses

There is no warning that is given before a water hose burst, therefore changing out a rubber hose in the washing machine and dishwashers every five years will help avoid potential flood. When you are replacing them, use a stainless steel on all the water lines.

  • Overloading the garbage disposal

Never overload your garbage disposal, nor should you pour grease into it and also fibrous food. Avoid pushing large amounts of garbage at once; instead you can feed garbage slowly into the disposal with cold running water.

Therefore, these are some of the important tips that will help you avoid nasty mistakes that will otherwise leads to a blocked drainage.

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