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About Plumbing Contractors in Jaipur

Sulekha is an online business-listing platform. Sulekha helps you to select the right expert from the trusted and verified plumbing contractors in Chennai. Here you can easily access the details of the contractors listed at Sulekha, such as location, services offered by them, contact details, and many more. If you are planning to hire the services of a plumbing expert, fill the form above along with your requirements and contact details.
Based on your requirements, the contractors listed at Sulekha would get back to you. You can have an interactive session with the service provider and clarify your queries related to the services offered by them, service charges, required service time, etc.

Leading Service Providers in Jaipur as on Sep 26, 2022

Memnagar, Ahmedabad, 380052 ( Also serves in Jaipur )
Plumbing Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers
Sulekha score: 0.1Working hours: 9:30 AM to 6 PM
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Jhotwara, Jaipur, 302012
Plumbing Contractors, Air Cooler Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator (Fridge) Repair, Water Heater (Geyser) Repair
+12 more
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Gopalpura, Jaipur, 302039
Plumbing Contractors, Plumbers
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Sanganer, Jaipur, 302019
5.0/5 Based on 1 reviews
Plumbing Contractors, Plumbers
Working hours: 9 AM to 7 PM
sohan singh from Jaipur

"very nice pools wark Nice pools "

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Mansarovar, Jaipur, 302020
Plumbing Contractors, Plumbers
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Jaipur, 302017
Plumbing Contractors, Plumbers
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4.5/5 Based on 5 reviews
Plumbing Contractors, Home Cleaning Services, Office/Commercial Cleaning Services, Carpentry services, Electricians
+2 more
Working hours: 09:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Manoj Sharma from Jaipur

"Carpenter is on time and very proper."

Avantika from Jaipur

"good and polite behaviour."

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Plumbing Contractors, Plumbers
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Jaipur City S.O., Jaipur, 302019
Plumbing Contractors, TV Repair, Air Cooler Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator (Fridge) Repair
+11 more
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Plumbing Contractors, Plumbers
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Recent Customer Reviews in Jaipur As on Sep 26, 2022

Average Rating
4.5/5 6 Reviews

" Communication 5/5 responsiveness 5/5 good price 5/5 ontime services 5/5 Service Quality 5/5 "

Hema from Jaipur, on 21 Apr 2022

" very nice pools wark Nice pools "

sohan singh from Jaipur, on 30 Aug 2021


ANKUR KHANDELWAL from Jaipur, on 17 Sep 2019

" The man who came to site has no experience. "

NAGENDRA SINGH MEENA from Jaipur, on 27 May 2019

" He was pretty good and knew what was doing. Great service, keep it up. "

Mohnish from Jaipur, on 20 May 2019

" It's good let's see how long it's work "

Soni from Jaipur, on 19 May 2019

Fix your fixtures with the plumbing contractors in Jaipur

Plumbing is the system that conducts water from the tanks to all the faucets in other parts of the house. Plumbers in Jaipur are coming up with the latest ideas such as hydro jetting to solve the plumbing problems. The house shows you signs or symptoms when its need treatment. Some of the signs that tell you to hire a plumbing contractor in Jaipur are listed below.

When do you need to get a plumber?

The plumbing problems can be quite unsettled. It is common among both old and newly built houses that tiny leaks from the pipe leading to extreme difficulties which always end up in huge expenses. Here are some of the signs that the building shows you. It is when you should get a plumber.

  • Leaks

    Water leakage is one of the most commonly seen concerns in all the types of fixtures. It is the persistent dripping of water from a faucet or fixture that continues even after it is tightly closed.

  • Reduced Water Flow

    When you encounter a reduction in the water flow, it is the sign of the blocking inside the pipe or the fixture. There would be a clog or a film that prevents the flow of water. Try to replace the tap with a new one or clean the clog and fix it. It is better to get a plumber to fit the fixture because you may end up in fixing it incorrectly which would lead to leakage issues.

  • Staining and Deposit build up

    The quality of the water plays a significant role in generating problems with the pipes and faucets. The salt and mineral-rich water are highly prone to clogging than the regular water. The staining in the different colors such as white, green or brown indicates the buildup inside the pipes which affects the flow of the water.

    If your metal faucets are pitted, it is the warning alert that you must call the plumber and check the pipes inside the wall too. There is a possibility of water leaking into the wall and create wall dampness. It is essential to install a filter to treat the hard water and remove the mineral that attacks the pipes.

  • Failed Water heater

    When your water heater failed to work or pours cold water, it may be a sign of various issues from complete failures to minor component defects. In the case of hard water, it is better to get a plumber to fix the problem. The electric water heaters deal with electricity and water, the blockage inside the parts of the water heater results in the much worst condition like personal injury or extreme damage to the house.

  • Sewer Drainage Pipe Blocking

    When the sewer lines get blocked even after the basic implementing all the tricks to clear the blockage, it is assuredly a sign to hire a plumber for your house. The plumber helps your drain the sewer and help to repairs too if required.

  • Slow Draining

    Slow draining is a usual problem that always arises with kitchen and bathroom sinks. It can also occur in a bathtub, sink, or even toilets. Leaking toilets are stubborn enough to make you call a plumber to fix it. It is better to call a plumber instead of working hard with rods and breaking your pipe.

What services does a plumber provide you?

The plumber services include the following.

  • Drain cleaning and sewer cleaning

    The sinks in the kitchen and bathroom are more prone to various debris than the other parts of the house. They often get clogged due to this reason which needs to be cleaned and restored for faster draining. The plumber helps you with the tools to get rid of the deposits that block the drain and helps you in drain cleaning.

  • Diagnose water heater problems

    The plumber helps you in finding the problem with the electric water heaters and repair minor water heater problems. In most water heater repair cases, the problem creator is the hard water. The salts and mineral deposits clog the parts inside the water heater leading to many issues. For this reason, new tankless water heater with high powered burners are taking the market.

  • Water leak repairs

    The plumber locates the source of water leaks and repairs it. The solution for the plumbing leaks may need a simple fix or require a complete replacement of all the piping.

  • Repair or replace old piping

    If you think the plumbing work in your home is in the worst condition or old, the plumber helps you in replacing them. The plumber is trained and equipped with plumbing tools to replace the piping system completely.

  • New Installations

    The plumber installs the piping system for your new building. An efficient plumber can also give you estimates. You can get a plumber to fix the fixtures even when you remodel your bathroom or the entire home.

  • Hydro Jetting

    It is the cleaning method by using the high powered water jet to unclog the pipes. The pressurized water blast washes away the deposits that block the flow of water.

This information is all you need to know about the plumbing problems and how a plumber repairs it. Now, hire a trustworthy plumber near you who can solve all the plumbing problems in your house. Answer the questions above to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are plumbing contractors?

Plumbing contractors are experts who offer a wide range of plumbing services at reasonable prices. Along with the plumbing services, they also provide plumbing products. You can seek the help of the professional service providers and get a well-functioning system.

2. What kind of services can I expect from the professional plumbing contractors in Jaipur?

From residential to the industrial sector, every sector requires professional plumbing services. The experts offer an array of professional services such as repairing toilet, cleaning drainage, detecting faults and repair them, installing the pipe connection, and many more. By hiring professional services, you can ensure a well-maintained plumbing system.

3. What factors do I need to consider while looking for a plumbing contractor in Jaipur?

If you are looking for an experienced and dependable plumber near you, it is advisable to keep the following factors in your mind

  • Experience: An experienced contractor would detect the problem and provide an appropriate solution to solve the issue.
  • Reputation and Popularity: Reputation as well as popularity of the contractor, ensures that the expert offers quality services. Therefore, before you hire the contractor do not forget to check the ratings and reviews of the previews clients.
  • Insurance and License: To ensure the safety of the premises as well as labor, it is advisable to confirm the license and insurance from the contractor.
  • Service Charges: To get the best services at an affordable price, it is essential to discuss the service charges beforehand. It would help you to prevent last-minute confusion. In case you find that the service provider is charging unreasonable service charges, you can negotiate.
  • Warranty: It is important to use the parts of the right quality to ensure better results. Asking for the material or parts quality in advance would help you.

4. How much do the plumbing contractor in Jaipur charge?

The service charges of the plumbing experts depend on an array of factors such as

  • The experience of the expert
  • Type of services
  • The expertise of the contractor
  • Contract for( labour/ labour & material)
  • The reputation of the contractor
  • Location and many more

For an estimate of the service charges, you can contact the Sulekha listed contractors and get a free quotation.

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