5 Events You Shouldn't Be Doing Without Purohits

  • Name any function or poojas, Purohits take the sole responsibility of making the event an auspicious one. They bring in that extra optimism in a function. When it comes to a puja or any other rituals, the presence of Purohits is essential. Below are some of the common celebrations that you shouldn’t be doing without Purohits.


    If you are planning to do a full-fledged traditional Hindu wedding, then definitely you will need a Purohit. Usually, a Hindu wedding, though it differs from different culture, holds a lot of rituals and practices. All these are performed by Purohits.

    Also, it is believed that the essential mantras that are chanted in front of Agni (fire) strengthens the bond of the wedding couple. This is effectively performed by a Purohit. Adding to this, there are also other unique practices. They differ according to the places where people live. It is the Purohits who are well aware of these practices. So, the presence of Purohit is essential for a wedding.


    The basic concept of the housewarming festival itself is spreading the positive vibes at your home. These vibe and feel are created by the Purohits by their chanting of mantras and performing other Vedic principles. They, along with this, do special pujas for the special theertham (liquid) and sprinkle them around the house, which is considered auspicious. Also, the special ‘Ko Pooja’ (Cow Pooja) ceremony is performed during the housewarming function.  

    Starting off studies

    The day of Vijayadasami is considered the most auspicious day to enroll their children in schools. At this day, special mantras will be read and the children will be made to write their first letter over the paddy. This tradition is been followed for a long time now. Purohits are asked to perform a special puja for the bright future of the kids.

    Ear piercing ceremony

    After marriages, housewarming celebrations, ear-piercing ceremony and naming function are the common functions for which the priests are a must. Usually, the ceremony is conducted at temples along with corresponding rituals. Like marriage, this ceremony also differs as per the geographical localities.

    Puja, on the go

    Other than these, small pujas like Gayathri Puja, Durga Puja, Sumankali Puja are all performed by the Purohits.

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