A Guide To Choosing The Right Programming Language

Abenaya Gunasekaran 6 years ago

If you're aspiring for a career in programming, the most challenging part is deciding on what programming language to master. Based on your skills and interests, it is important that you choose the language that best suits you. You can choose between different programming languages on the basis of your interest. Programming languages are beyond just code and can go a long way in shaping up your career. With more knowledge in code, you can constantly explore and rise, simultaneously. The best way to choose the right programming language is to consult an expert who knows of all the nuances and requirements in the field. It can be a friend or a mentor, but they will help you analyze your interests before suggesting the suitable programming language.

Here are some of the popular programming languages in 2018. Get a brief of what excites you the most. Let's begin!

HTML/CSSMost people begin their learning in programming by choosing HTML/CSS first. HTML is used in crafting all the elements required for static webpage/website. HTML is responsible for making the page look the way it does-color, layout, visuals and overall structure. If you're interested in website design, HTML and CSS are ideal options for consideration.

JavascriptJavascript is the second step of the learning curve after HTML/CSS. This is because Javascript constitutes the 'behavioral portion' of the website. Errors, feedback and other mechanisms on the website are coded in Javascript. JavaScript has become increasingly popular, and it now lives outside web browsers as well. The main advantage of Javascript is its versatility.

JavaThough Java and Javascript sound the same, they are not related subjects. Java can be used for anything from web applications to desktop and mobile apps. Java has a strong presence among large enterprise applications i.e., software for hospitals, corporates, etc. It also powers Android apps, so it’s a good choice for those inclined toward mobile development.

SwiftApple released Swift software as a standard for all iOS devices in 2014. If you're looking for a career as a developer in iOS, learning Swift is a great choice to go with. Though most coding is performed in objective C, Swift coding has continued to establish a strong base recently.

PHPPHP is one of the most popular web languages. It runs massive sites like Facebook and Etsy, WordPress and Drupal. Due to its popularity and versatility, learning PHP will be quite useful in building other web applications as well.

PythonPython caters to many needs ranging from server operation to data science. Python is especially recommended for beginners as it is quite easy to understand. The main advantage of Python is that it caters to a wide range of applications, hence a standalone knowledge of Python is sufficient.

That ends the list of the top programming languages of 2018. Make sure you choose the right programming language and build on your skills thereon. You can consult the experts for guidance on which programming language will best suit your career. Get in touch with the professionals now!

PHP is one of the most popular web languages. It runs massive sites such as Facebook and Etsy. WordPress and Drupal

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