Top 4 Emerging Programming Languages Which Offer A Bright Future

  • Programmers need to equip themselves with the latest updates in programming language world to stay relevant and with a plethora of languages around, it is important to know which language can have a positive effect on one’s career. Programming languages such as C, JAVA, and PHP still remain the forerunners but there are several competitors who are growing fast as well.

    Here below are the top 4 emerging languages every programmer should consider learning

    1. R Programming Language: R is a programming language that was designed by scientists and statisticians to make work data analysis easier. It contains all functions which are used for statistical algorithms and is implemented as freely distributed libraries. R studio and R commander are the most popular front ends that help handles data. This programming language is unique because of its interactive world rather than being a compile and run language. The biggest advantage of using R is the clever expressions used for selecting a subset of data to analyze it.

    2. Swift Programming Language: Swift is a programming language developed by Apple for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and Linux. Swift was mainly created to replace objective C which was earlier used for app development with Apple operating systems. Swift is an open source language and is considered to be extremely user-friendly. The playground feature included in the language helps programmers to experiment with the code and see what the results look like without building or running an app. The language specification is broad and this might mean that the programmer should learn a lot which might make it complex.

    3. Scala: Scala also known as scalable language is an object-oriented language which provides programming for a static system. Many big companies such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Intel use Scala. Scala is emerging quickly because one can use functional programming techniques to stabilize applications. Coding with Scala is also much simpler and expressive when using this programming language. Unlike Java, Scala isn't verbose as the codes are short and sweet. Scala is also known to have a much better support for functional programming

    4. Google GO: Google Go is a programming language which emerging fast mainly due to it being faster and easier to learn. Some of the features that make go different are its focused vocabulary, its simple scoping rules, the built-in garbage collection and its powerful model. Programming with Google Go is unlike any other programming language and is much easier than most. With several emerging programming languages, Go is currently a frontrunner and since it’s in the earlier stages, newer features can be expected in the near future.

    The languages can help provide a platform for a brighter future and if you want to equip yourself with the above languages, then get in touch with some of the best programming language training centers.

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