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  1. A. Surendra

    Singala Gunta, Satyanarayanapuram

    Property Lawyers, Real estate & property disputes lawyers

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    No. 6/10, Singala Gunta, Satyanarayanapuram, Tirupati - 517501

Find the Dependable and Experienced Property Lawyers In Mangalam

The Indian Constitution, which lays the foundation of our legal system, is full of penal codes and amendments, which makes understanding legal matters highly difficult for any layman. However, that is why the Indian judiciary allows people to be represented by lawyers who are specialist who deals with legal matters. A corporate lawyer is someone who handles the legal matters pertaining to a corporation; it can be a big or small corporation. If you are looking to find the best corporate lawyers in Mangalam, then Sulekha is the place to look. Here you will find legal experts. You can choose any one of them and get help with your legal cases.

Property Lawyers

Property lawyers are the professionals who handle the matters related to property. They have knowledge of the property laws and possess the skills to handle the different types of issues. You can hire the property lawyer for the preparation of documents, registration of new property, petition filing, sale/release deed registration, legal consultation, and many other types of legal assistance. You can hire a property lawyer for handling the issues likes
  • Illegal Possession: If you have the immovable property (land/office/building) and someone has occupied that space with wrongful means like coercion or false documents that are known as illegal possession. In this case, you can hire a property lawyer and sue them for unlawful possession.
  • Construction Issues: The builders make a contract with the property owner. In case the builder uses low quality, material or makes delays in providing the possession, then you can take legal action. You can consult a property lawyer for the legal proceedings.
  • Transfer of Ownership: If you wish to transfer the ownership/right of your property to someone, you need to fulfill the legal formalities. A property lawyer can help you in understanding the process and drafting the documents (sale deed/gift deed) for the registration.
  • Tenant Issue: Being a landlord, you rented property but now the tenant is not paying the rent or denying to vacant your property or damaged your property then you can sue them. A property lawyer would help you with an appropriate solution.
  • Buying/Selling/Renting Property: If you are planning to buy, sell or rent out your property, it is important to do in the right way to avoid the latter problems. Following the property laws and fulfilling legal formalities is essential. Property lawyers are the professionals who provide assistance and guidance for these matters.
  • Landlord Issue: If you have kind of disputes with your landlord and feel exploited by the landlord even after having a written agreement, you can take the help of property lawyers. The lawyer would tell you about the tenant’s rights and help you to access your rights and file a suit for your damage.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Hiring Services of Property Lawyer in Mangalam

Be it a purchase or sale of the property, illegal possession, or any other issue related to property, you can hire the property lawyer for the legal proceedings. However, before you hire the lawyer, it is important to pay attention to some key aspects such as
  • The experience of the property lawyer
  • Type of issue
  • Fees of the lawyer
  • Number of cases the lawyer handled
  • Mode of communication and many others
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