Highlighting the Ceiling of Your Bedroom

AarushiGupta 12 years ago

Highlighting the Ceiling of Your Bedroom

Highlighting the walls is very common now. So now-a-days, there is concept of highlighting the ceiling of your bedroom. Lighting always changes the look and the ambience of a space and hence the roof itself creates the feel and incorporates the warmth in your bedroom.  Bright lighting and dim lighting changes the look and the feel of the room. So the highlighting must be done accordingly.

So here are some ways to highlight the ceiling of your room and create a different look of the room:

  • Keep your ceiling white

Ceiling has to reflect the light and make you feel the openness in your room. So don’t paint dark shades on it. You can even paint light shades of pink, yellow and green as they are acceptable. Light shades reflect more light whereas dark shades absorbs light. And if you are confused about shade, just keep it white.

  • Place the light according to the furniture

You must keep in mind the role of ceiling light in your bedroom. There should be good amount of light above your dressing and dim light above your head rest. There should be bright light near the wardrobe and the entrance but dim lighting near the windows. Hence distribution of the lights must be thought of.

  • Cove lighting

Cove lights create the ambience of warmth in the bedroom. You can choose upon the pattern of the false ceiling of your room and also the colour of the lights. Colours of the light will create the ambience. For example:- blue light creates the night ambience, whereas yellow creates warmth.

  • Ceiling hangings

Now-a-days, there are very beautiful roof hangings available in the market. For kids room, the stickers of stars and planets are apt that glows at night. You can also stick peacock feather on the ceiling. This will go if you have chosen the shades of green or yellow.

  • Lighting fixtures

To enhance the look of your ceiling, fixtures also play an important role. Placing beautiful chandeliers, light bulbs and modern lamps makes the room look more elegant and classy. Now-a-days, there are very beautiful chandeliers available in the market, so you can choose according to the size and design you want. Don’t go for very large pieces but choose small elegant pieces.

So, by incorporating such simple and innovative ideas, you can experience a different look of your room. So what are you waiting for?? Experience the new touch for your room.

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