CBSE class 10th board new question pattern

Jenson 5 years ago

Central Board of Secondary Education council is planning to decrease the number of objective questions for future class 10th board exams. This change is initiated by the board members to change the way students approach the exam and to promote creative writing and framing intellectual answers for students.

The ongoing 10th exams contain many multiple type questions and objective questions. This stimulates the behavior of by hearting bookish knowledge and rote learning which makes them poorly prepared to write exams that demand constructive writing. The change in question pattern can trigger a change in students learning methods and help them recognize their nature of writing. This means there will be a change in the theory portion that sums up 60 marks of the question paper. Less theory question that carries higher marks will encourage creative writing and drive students to write longer answers.

Moreover, students may have learned bad habits from high school. They believe there is a need to unlearn everything from their past syllabus in order to make room for information’s they can recall for their upcoming exam. This behavior defeats the whole purpose of education and students lack organization, reasoning and argument skills. This hampers their learning skills and results in poor performance in university and entrance exams like GATE, GMAT, GRE or MAT which require quantitative, analytic and comprehensive writing skills rather than testing their memory recall or precision.

Students need not worry much about the upcoming changes as the officials have planned to make minor changes only. Questions that require students to mug up answers from the book will be removed and the current question pattern will not be overhauled. The evaluation method and marking scheme will be formulated and revised to suit the new question pattern, focusing on providing more marks to a well-structured long answer.

 A diversified format of objective questions that carry one mark each can be noticed in the upcoming class 10th boards’ exam as said by the officials.  Check out this link to help boost confidence with best class 10th board exam tutors where you can learn new techniques to score good marks and be prepared for future exams.

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