Everything You Need To Know About Abacus

Arvind L 8 years ago

Mathematics can get tough if one is not well versed with the basics as it establishes a strong foundation. If one does not find themselves comfortable solving a basic problem, then working on the advanced stuff will be twice as hard. Mathematics being a very important subject and is almost linked to every other subject, it’s important to make sure that there is a sense of comfort when working on it. Abacus is an ancient technique which helps students in becoming proficient with basic calculations by facilitating the entire brain.

Here below are a few questions to help you in understanding more about abacus and its benefits.

What is Abacus?

Abacus also known as the counting frame is a tool which was invented nearly 2500 years ago by the Chinese for basic arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a rapid and accurate manner. Abacus is constructed with a wooden frame with sliding beads on wires. This technique has gotten extremely popular in the recent times as a calculating instrument among children because it expands the usage of brain and makes learning mathematics easy and effective. Even many educational institutions across the world are incorporating abacus as a part of the learning syllabus to sharpen the basic mathematics skills.

What are the advantages of Abacus?

  1. Concrete Foundation: Abacus helps build a firm understanding of mathematics right from the basic concepts and can be like a puzzle. The abacus board acts as a visual aid which helps understand the abstract concepts of mathematics in form of beads. The consistent usage of abacus also helps improving the hand eye co-ordination.
  2. Simulating The Right Side Of The Brain: The right side of the brain plays a crucial role in thinking and creativity while the left side focuses of analyzing and processing information. Mathematical calculations are mostly done with the help of the left side. Abacus simulates the right side of the brain which will improve the child’s ability to memorize, visualize and observe.
  3. Photographic Memory: A person who practices Abacus regularly are found to be more accurate when performing arithmetic operations because when they calculate, one places an image of abacus in their head which helps in calculating fast. This photographic memory makes it easier especially for children to do mental mathematics at faster speeds.
  4. Logical Reasoning: Compared to non abacus learners, it was found that abacus learners were not only able to solve basic arithmetic operations but complex operations like one with fractions, decimals and integers. When working on complex problems, kids who are well versed in abacus are successfully able to solve problems faster. Repetitive mental mathematics can also help children in applying themselves in day to day scenario.
  5. Concentration: Abacus not only helps with higher performance in arithmetic operations but also in other subjects because the abacus training increases the concentration level. 

What ages are suitable for this Abacus math program?

Abacus is best when learnt at a very young age because the rapidly growing neurons in the brain help increase the IQ . While many consider 5 as the ideal age, there are a lot who believe that any age around 10 years or earlier is good, as the kids have an agile mind.

With this basic understanding of abacus and on how beneficial it can be, maybe this is the right time for you to enroll your child at the nearest abacus center to help them sharpen their mathematical skills.

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