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    Best 9 Security Guard Services In Kolkata as on Dec 12, 2017

    1. +91 98830 06436
      Security Guard Services, Residential security guards
      Security is one of essentials importance of which cannot lay in denial. The significance of complete safety and security are not something hard to figure out, if you come across a correct solution and go for it. Secure Security Solutions Services is the medium providing comprehensive security solutions to offices, industries, exhibition centres, housing complexes and nursing homes among other institutes. Based in Kolkata, we are the name trusted and sought after for years. We have delivered well-trained and completely skilled security guards to our valued clients and resolved their security woes to the satisfactory extent. Our quality of work has been the primary reason why our clients-list is increasing, thus making us a widespread name in the field of trusted security services. At present time some of the services in which we have specialised and won the hearts of our clients include – Armed Security Services, Security Services for Nursing Homes, Security Services for Patrolling, Security Escort Services etc. The motto of our company is to make sure that a new definition of safety and security is defined. We do not train our guards in a common way. They are rather given special training and undergo rigorous security processes so that they can be fitted in any circumstances of whatsoever security concerns. We call them elite security professionals whose hawk-eyed vigil never let even an imperceptible activity go unnoticed, thus protecting the needs of our clients in the best way. Many times our respective clients have complimented us. This constant praise is the reason why other players in the market are unable to mark their authority in the market, while we have been able to make a top notch on the quality of our security solutions provided to our clients.
    2. +91 98830 16737
      Security Guard Services, Residential security guards

      Darks Security Consultant Pvt. Ltd., established in 1987, is reckoned to be one of the largest security and facility management agency. We have deployed over 200 installations including plants, factories, mines, corporate houses, industries, railways, offices, shopping malls, estates, housing complexes, hotels, educational institutions and financial institutions.

      Over the years, substantial managerial potentiality, dedicated professional attitude and utter service satisfaction widened the horizon of Darks and the business progress and prosperity. Darks made no compromise with honesty, die-hard business approach, detailing of trained professionals and making use of updated security gadgets.

      The agency is proud of enrolling the services of experts and also for its dedicated training academy. Continuous monitoring, research and development endeavour are core assets of the firm.

      Mission & Vision
      Darks follows the authentic and quality policy of the ISO and content to achieve the excellence with a positive attitude and aggressiveness in the field of operation. Dedication and strong determination of the management and the diehard spirit and policy are crucial areas where no casualness is tolerated.

      Darks bestowed upon its loyal and uncompromising team believes in partnership and team spirit, quality control and perfect satisfaction. The visionary approach includes scientific approach, imbibing of professional and total transparency.

      Core Values
      Darks lays due emphasis upon training and grooming. The initial training, i.e. Induction training is inducted to all the recruits which are followed by Refreshers course. Regular on the job training (OJT) is also impacted by the trained and experienced facilitators.

      We achieve organisational excellence through the following core values:
      Professional Approach
      Good governance and total compliance
      Consolidation in all fronts
      Honoring the clients
      Teamwork and team spirit
      Value-added services

      Focused and skill enhancing training programs are conducted periodically, and it is imperative for all staff members to attend these training. Our practice is not compromised, the training programs lay maximum emphasis on skill enhancements leading to a better service delivery.

      Our services are available for:
      Residential complexes
      Office & Institutions
      Hotels & Restaurants
      Cafes & Pastry Shops / Catering Services
      Sport & Leisure Clubs / Beach Resorts
      Guest Houses
      Industrial Areas
      and Much More.

    3. +91 98830 27625
      Security Guard Services, Residential security guards
      Frontline Ex-Servicesmen Bureau ( FEB ) an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization is working most effectively along with its most efficient, energetic and potential offcials both from civil and defense to overcome untoward incidents and has successfully traveled to free management from tension in all very aspects.This Organization was promoted and established by the present managing director of this company.( FEB ) is working very efficienctly all over Orissa, west Bengal and jharkhand. The main objective of the FEB is to insure and safeguard of men, machine, properties and insecurities of any sorts threats: trustworthy etc. The client only can ensure value added services from FEB. 100% satisfaction guaranteedWe provide 100% customer satisfaction by keeping every promise that we make. If for some reason something does not meet your approval we will make arrangements to have the problems corrected within 24 hours, at no additional change.    
    4. Unified Management Pvt. Ltd., Dharmatala

      10 Reviews 7.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 30582
      Security Guard Services, Residential security guards
      Unified Management Pvt. Ltd. (USIS) take this greatest opportunity in introducing ourselves as a flexible, accountable and renowned organisation in our nation as USIS. Our organisation is an encyclopaedia for all kind of security assignments and investigation services.Services being the aim of our organisation we achieve all our goals by operating as a unit with employing trained officers and staffs. Our services provide smart and educated resources leading to saving of valuable time, focus and trouble free work atmosphere. Retired personnel from defence and police forces and management professionals maintain the services of our company. Our operation manager/executive officers are qualified professionals from civilian protection services. The operating team assigned for the surveillance on sites keeps contact with the client from time to time for suggestions & advice to resolve the hurdles if any and for more efficient functioning of the sites. We are equipped with a qualified workforce who are disciplined, specially trained personnel, from all over the nation. Our Network of Project Management Staffs includes Facility Manager, Project Manager, Facility Executive, Facility Engineer, Office Assistant, Office Peon, Fire Technician, Electrician, Lift Operator, Gardener, General Attendant, Security In-Charge, etc. USIS has been formed in 2014 and primarily is into the business of Security and Investigation. We operate with Governments, multinationals, corporate houses etc. We believe in training our personnel to play a fundamental role in maintaining the standard & quality of our services. Our Training uncompressed the physical aspects of security such as armed and unarmed combat, the elements of gate control, perimeter patrolling system, fire-fighting, first aid, maintenance of documents relevant to security. In short, training which is based on strict military principles. This helps them to acquire the much-needed professionalism which they might otherwise lack. Our strength areas are mainly the business track record,
      Customer loyalty – A spell-binding 99% customer retention in the current financial year.
      Presence – An extensive operational and computerised office.
      Infrastructure – An extensive infrastructure, sophisticated gadgets and equipments.
      Human Resources – Highly trained, experienced, vetted and non-unionised employees.
      Customers – Delighted clients within West Bengal & Eastern India.
      Recognition – Registered by the Government of West Bengal/Govt of India.
      Team Quality – A highly motivated, qualified and experienced management team. As a security company, we provide security excellence while simultaneously enhancing our overall brand and reputation. We give a strong emphasis on recruiting and training qualified security personnel with the right attitude, who are motivated to make your premises a safe, secure and welcoming environment for you, your staff and your clientele. We concentrate on the latest development in security technology and customer service while focusing intently on the individual needs of our clients regarding protection of their employees and property.
    5. +91 98830 30271
      Security Guard Services, Residential security guards

      We take this opportunity to introduce Sarba Security & Facility Services (SSFS), a responsible/accountable/integrated Security cum Facility Management Organisation. An ISO 9001:2008 certified Company, SSFS is a one-stop shop for all kinds of facility services ranging from Security, Housekeeping, Maintenance and Service Support, Office Support Staffs, etc., to various ranges of customers. The company strives to build competence in this non-core areas and provides smart and trained resources to saving of valuable managerial time, organisational focus and a trouble free work environment.

      Regardless of your industry, your various non-core activities are integral to the success of your business. Without the proper management, facilities can fail, production slows down, just drags, in-product quality suffers, clients and investors prescription is transited. On the other hands helps its customers priorities and budgets, efficiently, allowing them to focus their time and money on essential things like running their core businesses.

      Today customers are becoming increasingly demanding, and even adventures and continuously seek for higher values from the service providers. Our challenge is to respond to this trends by creating service environments with a smile. Our team equipped to face the most challenging situations concerning service, cost control and demanding clients.

      Our Goal is to delight quality services with a great attitude out-standing people and commitment to constant innovation. Every day we strive to see things differently and translate our passion into an experience that you enjoy, as we have upgraded to a third party insurance – theft/burglary.

      We understand the sensitivity of service business and importance of providing professional and specialised expertise by the requirements to the utmost satisfaction of the customers. We are confident our un-matched strength of lowering clients operational cost while maintaining high service levels through our process-driven approach, shall make a lasting partnering relationship. We are sincerely looking forward to serving your esteemed establishment.

      We hope would give us an opportunity to work your esteemed organisation.

      Our Services

      Guarding Service:
      Providing dedicated armed/unarmed guards entirely responsible for the security of life and property (movable and immovable). These will be provided for all types of premises, e.g. OFFICES, FACTORIES, RESIDENCES, HOTELS, BANKS, and SCHOOLs etc. The company undertakes the protection of premises by the provision of static guards, mobile petrol. It is also in a position to provide specialised service for executive protection.

      Training Service:
      Providing customised training capsules for clients. We like to emphasise that our strength in the quality of our personnel who are selected after rigorous and detailed screening at the time of recruitment, after that they are provided with specialised training as per PSRA to ensure a professional outlook and smartness in appearance. We have sound organisational structures to meet strict supervision and monitoring of operation. Our philosophy is a total dedication to the needs of the customer. We look forward to continuing our cherished and offer the opportunity to provide new and enlarged services.

      Facility management Service:
      Facility service offers home and office maintenance service. The team consists of qualified trained and well-equipped technically sound professionals like receptionist, peons, drivers and caretakers etc. we provide trained dog squads.

      Value-added Services:
      24 hours operational services.
      Regular supervision at the site even at night.
      Liaison with the local administration.
      Special task force for handling crisis hour.

    6. +91 98830 09182
      Security Guard Services, Residential security guards

      No. 16, Mango Lane, 3rd Floor, Suite No. 5, Esplanade, Kolkata - 700001

    7. +91 98830 17624
      Security Guard Services, Residential security guards

      No. 70, Ambagan, Padama Pukur Road, Birati, Kolkata - 700079

    8. +91 98830 30128
      Security Guard Services, Residential security guards
       We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as a renowned security organization in the city. We are pleased to mention that our approach is systemically and pleasing. Clients are very delighted with our services, like house, training, vetting and keeping all the latest licensing and legislation in way. We always keep in mind the most crucial need of human being. Specially the aged and kids at this hour is security. We shall pay full attention towards the clients requirement and ensure that the services fully satisfies the clients’ demands.It is our great pleasure to intimate you about the services provided by us. Our earnest thanks to you for giving us the opportunity to offer our full time services and hope our services will satisfy you in the years ahead. Thanking you and assuring you our best attention and service at all time.  We are dedicated to provide complete management service to meet each and every clients need. The organisation aims to deliver as well as design new style in the field of security and allied services with a view to offer the best services to our clients.
    9. +91 93305 05608
      Security Guard Services, Residential security guards
      Rajdeep Security Service is a reputed firm, established in 2011, engaged in providing a wide assortment of Security Services, Housekeeping Services, Bouncers and Personal Security Services to clients. We ensure to stay updated with the latest advancements in technology to adapt to the changing security environment. We also render services such as Cleaning, Gardening, Lift Attendant, Salesman, Office Peon, etc.We assure that our clients will receive the superior level of service that they deserve. Our Training Philosophy has never waned, and our security personnel continue to provide the most professional security services available in and around Kolkata at very competitive rates. Before placing our security personnel, we ensure he/she is well prepared to cope with any and all real world challenges. Leading by company’s philosophy, zeal and mission to offer total security solutions to our clients, we have successfully carved a niche for ourselves in this Security and Housekeeping domain. With complete dedication and integrity, our company’s concept of service execution is based on reliability and authenticity. Leveraging on our team of trained and dedicated personnel, we have executed our commitments with our clients in a well planned and efficient manner, thus offering our customers complete solutions. Our Proprietor Mr Nakul Chandra Das’s commitment to providing quality security services has made us a reliable and recognised security service provider in Kolkata. Most of our staff members comprise of Ex-service people and armed service guards, who are famed for their discipline and obedience while executing their duties. Our dedicated team is geared to offer personalised services to our clients and possess the three D’s qualities, namely Devotion, Dedication and Discipline.Contact us and feel secure.
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    Recent Reviews by Customers as on Dec 12, 2017

    Average Rating (4) - 138 reviews
    1. 9th October, 2017

      Fabulous Guards, I got from this agent, They send me the Excellent security guards for protecting the Residential area, They arranged a good one only, They doing his service well, I preferred the 4 watchman's, I am paying 8500 per head, Overall I am paying 34000 salaries for that 4 guards, I am mindfully satisfied with this agent.

    2. 6th October, 2017

      Appointed one security guards from this agency for my home. but iam not at all satisfied with them because iam asking for 4 days but thet are providing the service only for two days and the securitieys are sleeping the duty time .Overall i was paid 1500 for that service.Totally i am very disappointed with them.

    3. 1st September, 2017

      I have searched for the Commercial security guards service. I have received the service from this business. The service was average. They have charged 7000. Overall the service was average.

    4. 17th March, 2017

      Contacted this Security Guard service agency for the Industrial Security Guard service. The service from this agency is good. They charged me the Nominal amount for the service. Satisfied with the service from this agency.

    5. 6th March, 2017

      Communicated with this Security Guards service agency for the Residential Security Guard service. The service from this agency is good. They have charged me the nominal amount for the service. Gratified with the service from this Residential Security Guard service agency.

    6. 8th February, 2017

      Inquired some details in this Agency as we need of security guard…they have been very considered in providing the details…I am very happy with their approach and respond and they have quoted me some nominal amount for me…

    7. 7th February, 2017

      It was a good service from this security guard. The service from them is good. They charged me the nominal amount for the service. Gratified with the service from this security guard.

    8. 5th October, 2016

      Around 3nos of security guards we have hired from this vendor Sincere Security Services . We are glad to use their service as they have provided trained and professional guards for our party as per our requirement. The price quoted by them was Rs.3000. The shifting for this guards are 24hrs with 12hrs duty for each with a rotation type of shift both day and night.Over all i am satisfied with the service.

    9. 4th October, 2016

      this company was good service provider as per my exprience.i am surandranath goswami from badu baazar madanpur

    10. 20th July, 2016

      Very bad, impolite, non-attentive and unprofessional. Bad language is not accepted. Specially for Mr Samir Chakraborty , Supervisor for Avishikta II. He does not even have the courtesy to look at you and speak forget about recognizing and standing. Security guards under the supervision of Mr Samir Chakraborty misbehaves with all the visitor. Recommend he should be immediately removed. His voice over phone is rude and is never helpful to give information. Not allowing peaceful stay within the complex.

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    Recent Enquiries by Customers

    • Type of security guards: Surveillance guard
    • Commercial property type: Industrial space
    • Shift timings: Day & Night
    • Commercial guard count: 2 - 5
    • Per head budget: Less than Rs.8,000 (Per Staff)
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for security guard(s)
    4 hours ago
    • Type of security guards: Watchman
    • Shift timings: Day & Night
    • Residential guard count: Only 1
    • Per head budget: Rs.8,001- Rs.9,000 (Per Staff)
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for security guard(s)
    10 hours ago
    • Type of security guards: Ex-Servicemen guard
    • Commercial property type: Corporate space
    • Shift timings: Day & Night
    • Commercial guard count: 6 - 15
    • Per head budget: Rs.8,001- Rs.9,000 (Per Staff)
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for security guard(s)
    • Event name: Family event
    • Event guard count: 1 - 5
    • Event duration: 1 - 5 days
    • Self Introduction: Individual looking for security guard(s)
    3 days ago

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