5 Simple Ways To Fireproof Your House

Arvind L 4 years ago

Keeping your home and family safe from fire is of utmost importance. A simple flame can grow into a huge fire if necessary action isn't taken on time which is why fireproofing your home can not only save you from unnecessary losses but can keep your family safe.

Here below are a few tips you can follow when fireproofing your home.

1. Install Smoke Alarms: Functioning smoke alarms are important when fireproofing homes. If there is a smoke alarm which already has been installed, then make sure it’s in good working condition. These smoke alarms play an important role in detecting a fire at an early stage. Once you install these smoke alarms, check the system regularly and replace batteries at least once in 4 months.

2. Install Fire Extinguishers: Installing fire extinguishers can be handy and are the best defense against a fire. Make sure these fire extinguishers are installed next to places which are prone to fire such as the kitchen. Also, put them in easy access points so you won't have difficulties when reaching for it during a fire breakout.Do make note of the expiration date, and replace it whenever necessary.

3. Faulty wiring: Electrical wiring is one of the biggest reasons behind a fire break out. It's always good to hire an electrician to inspect the wiring regularly. Do not overload the wiring with devices which draw heavy electricity. The wiring from old appliances are also a threat, so check the wires and plugs every once in a while. Be wary of pests who chew electrical insulation and replaces the damaged ones. In the case of outdoor wiring, ensure that the wiring is rated for outdoor use.

4. Faulty Sockets: Apart from faulty wiring, electrical fires can be triggered by faulty sockets too. Use stabilizers for heavy duty appliances and avoid overloading sockets. Unplug or switch off the appliance when not in use or before going to bed.

5. Be careful with candles: Candles help create a great and cozy ambiance and if not used properly, can be a major fire hazard. Position them in such a way that they don't get easily knocked over. If you light up a candle, make sure you blow it out before leaving the room. The flame from the candle just takes a few second before sets things on fire.

Fireproofing your home is extremely important considering a number of potential hazards. Get in touch with the best fireproofing contractors to protect your home from the dangers of fire.

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