Is Your Security System Swanky Enough?

  • Everyone wants the best of technology in their smartphones, laptops, and all other everyday devices. So why not with security systems? The advancement and evolution of technology has made its way to the field of home security too and is being adopted by all. High profiles homes without high technology security systems are considered incomplete these days.

    So here are 5 of the latest security systems that are sure to add a touch of brilliance to your home:

    1. Biometric Fingerprint system:

    A biometrics system is often used for legal registration and identification purposes and is essentially the recording of your fingerprint in the system. This has become an increasingly popular system to have at homes as it a full proof security since fingerprints cannot be replicated or hacked into. Keyless door locks are very effective way to use this, especially for those rooms which have the most valuable possessions in it. Fingerprint lock safes is another way to use this system well as it ensures that the safe is impossible to crack.

    2. Bullet Proof Jacket:

    Another security measure that has become increasingly common with the rising risk levels in the world is the bulletproof jacket. Although bullet proof vests and jackets are mostly used by people who serve in the armed forces, it is also applicable to persons under constant scrutiny and public attention. If you are a person with a high-risk profile then this security measure will be ideal for you.

    3. Face Recognition System:

    A trend that has become very widespread is the facial recognition system as a front door security measure. This technology is an effective keyless entry framework and opens based on facial features and structure. Though this technology is still developing into the best version of itself, facial recognition has the potential to become the software used in recordkeeping for legal and legislative purposes. As a home security measure, it can be combined with another keyless entry screening such as a biometrics system.

    4. Retina/Iris Scanner:

    A component of an overall biometrics system, a retina or iris scanner can be an effective element in a keyless entry system. The scanner uses high-grade technology and screens the retina or iris of the person and runs it through the system to identify whether the person is present on the pre-recorded system. This system is a tricky one as sometimes it can be fooled into getting unlocked by showing a picture of the iris of the person. It is being developed to detect irises/retinas scanned from a living person only.

    5. Thermal Imager:

    The best security measure for dark and unrestricted areas is the installation of a thermal imager. An efficient thermal imaging system scans and picks up different heat signatures and differentiates between them on the basis of the heat given out. This is an ideal security system for lawn and open area backyards in your premises. It also works well in places like factories and open establishments.

     With the rising level of security discrepancies in urban lifestyles, an improved and highly advanced security system is necessary to ensure maximum protection. These radical security systems will not only make sure your home is secure, it will also give it a more sophisticated and classy appearance. So now even you can add both security and technological brilliance to your home, with the best Security System Dealers.

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