Why Use A Guard Tour Monitoring System?

  • You will tend to feel secure by having a security guard for your house and your company. But how do you keep track if the security guard is working properly? Installing a guard tour system helps in monitoring if the security is doing his/her duty. A guard tour system is a system designed to help you organize, log and execute guard tours and patrols ensuring that they accomplish their tasks within the predefined time intervals. The implementation of a guard tour system will help to monitor the security accurately in time and manage their assets more effectively, upgrading their security services.

    Eager to know the benefits of using a guard monitoring system? Read below to know more about it:


    Generally, security guards go around each place by carrying a torch and make note of the examined area. But by using a guard tour system, a life of security guards can become simpler, accountable and reliable. The guard can now just scan checkpoints by using a mobile application through their smartphones or by a simple touch on the screen. By doing so, immediate alerts and SOS messages, images, sound recordings will be documented automatically. The monitoring center will receive real-time notifications about their position and activities which give much more efficiency than the manual ones.

    Data Analysis

    Having control over  large buildings and territories and their data is quite difficult! You can now get it done with ease by using guard tour systems which will help you to gather, analyze and edit information received during the operation of guard tours. By acquiring data about your guards’ activities and issues observed, it will help you to solve specific problems and also change patrolling policy if needed. You can even have access to all the data by monitoring remotely or even real-time notifications and data acquisition.

    GPS Monitoring System

    To track the exact position, GPS is one of the essential components in a monitoring system. It provides the facility to manage your security from wherever you are and ensure that they are actually patrolling and are protected themselves. Having GPS features in the guard monitoring system enhances reliability, increases efficiency and improves safety level as a whole.

    Manage Remotely

    Informing about any threats and monitoring different territories usually, will take a lot of time especially for the guard to reach out to their managers for taking necessary actions. Having a guard monitoring system will help in managing many territories worldwide without any communication problems. It will also help in taking immediate actions from wherever you are. The security manager in the office will be able to decide the location of checkpoints and guards. And also manage the data received from all locations, sitting in one place!

    Enhance Guard Protection

    A security guard should be trustworthy and reliable. But however, we also need to enhance protection to secure them. The guard monitoring system will help the security in danger by offering a unique capability to send an immediate SOS alert by simply pressing a button in the device provided. These alert messages can reach the reporting manager and also other guards in the territory in order to be ready to face the threat. Even the manager can send messages to the guard or get a clear view of the danger as the guard can record sound or attach images. So, this system enhances and promises guard protection.

    Are you even more curious to know how it works? Have a look at the video below which explains the whole process of Guard Tour Monitoring System.

    Having known the reasons on why you need to use a guard monitoring system, it’s time for you to protect your security guards as well. Approach the best Guard Monitoring System Dealers near your locality and stay fearlessly! 

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