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Sinthee, Kolkata, 700050
5.0/5 Based on 2 reviews
Solar Power Pack Dealers, New Product Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Repair and Maintenance Service
Response Time: Within 15 MinsSulekha score: 6.4Years of Experience: 6

We execute solar project on turn key model. Rooftop ongrid, off-grid, ground mounted, solar home lighting, solar pump, solar street light. less

sanket jain from Kolkata

"good job thank you for job"

Munna saikh from Kolkata

"I am very satisfied... For me its a very nice and helpful choice"

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Behala, Kolkata, 700034
Solar Power Pack Dealers, Medical Supplies & Equipment Suppliers, New Product Dealers, Purchase generator, Chemical Water Treatment Services
+3 more
Response Time: Within 15 MinsSulekha score: 6.2Working hours: 09:00 AM to 10:00 PMYears of Experience: 9

We are the promonent supplier of RO plant, Softner Plnat, Water treatment equipments, All water treatment Chemicals namely, RO Antiscalant, PH booster, Sodium by Carboname, MSBS, Boiler chemicals, Cooling Tower Chemicals, TCCA90, Calcium Hypocloride, STP, ETP chemicals supplier and manufactiring, swimming pool equipments, water pumps, Diesel and Petrol pumps and Gensets, Solar pumps. All project solutions. less

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Dum Dum, Kolkata, 700028
Solar Power Pack Dealers, Engineering and technician job training, New Product Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Repair and Maintenance Service
+4 more
Working hours: 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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Salt Lake City, Kolkata, 700064
Solar Power Pack Dealers, New Product Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Repair and Maintenance Service
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Salt Lake City, Kolkata, 700098
Solar Power Pack Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Electricians
Years of Experience: 3
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Dhakuria, Kolkata, 700078
Solar Power Pack Dealers, New Product Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Repair and Maintenance Service
Working hours: 09:00 AM to 9:00 PM
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Rajarhat, Kolkata, 700135
Solar Power Pack Dealers, New Product Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Repair and Maintenance Service
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Bara Bazar, Kolkata, 700131
Solar Power Pack Dealers, New Product Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Repair and Maintenance Service
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Bara Nagar, Kolkata, 712409
Solar Power Pack Dealers, New Product Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Repair and Maintenance Service
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Solar Power Pack Dealers, New Product Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Repair and Maintenance Service
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Recent Customer Reviews in Kolkata As on Sep 29, 2022

Average Rating
5.0/5 36 Reviews

" Best for solar products "

Manjunth from Kolkata, on 02 Mar 2020

" Good seller and services good "

Saikat khan from Kolkata, on 27 Aug 2019

" Quality of Jyoty solar power products are better than other company as per my choice. "

Ajay samanya from Kolkata, on 12 Sep 2018

" As I was searching Solar Product Dealers in Kolkata. Finally got the service through the Panasonic Brand Shop New Alipore, Kolkata. totally they charged 9000 for the solar panel I purchased, Their service is good and I am satisfied with the facility available at this school for education. "

Tapan Kumar Pyne from Kolkata, on 27 Apr 2017

" I have purchased some material from there ,they're materials was too good "

Anirban Ghosh from Kolkata, on 17 Jan 2016

" We have purchased solar Water Heater from Jyoty Solar Power and satisfied with the quality of product. "

Debashish Maity from Kolkata, on 03 Sep 2018

" Product performance is very good... "

S Dinda from Kolkata, on 02 Dec 2017

" Jyoty Solar Power is best solar energy company in eastern India "

Rakesh Sharma from Kolkata, on 01 Dec 2017

" We have purchase solar street light, satisfied with quality... "

Ravi Shankar from Kolkata, on 01 Dec 2017

" very Good Quality Products... "

Mr Sinha from Kolkata, on 01 Dec 2017

How to reduce electricity cost using solar products?

Solar products are the appliances which take the energy directly from the sunlight or converted into electrical power to work. Solar product dealers in Kolkata takes the prominent products to the market which work great in minimizing the electricity bills. The energy from the sunlight when falls on the photovoltaic panels or the solar panels, the power is generated. This generated power is then converted from DC to the AC current with the help solar inverter to make it suitable to use it for electrical gadgets at home. The power is supplied directly or stored in the solar batteries which can be used later.

The use of solar energy in India is increasing drastically from the past decade especially in urban areas. Solar power is the best to choose in Tamil Nadu due to the state government’s solar net metering scheme. This scheme provides a subsidy of Rs.20,000 from state government as well as Rs.30,000 from the central government for the first 10,000 consumers who set up 1kw systems get. A 1 kW rooftop solar electric system cost about Rs.80, 000-1, 20,000. It helps you reduce your electricity bills as well as reduces the carbon footprint on the environment.

How to choose the right solar product for your house to minimize your energy bills?

The key idea behind cutting off the energy bill is by understanding the function of the solar products and using it optimally. For that, you need to know your energy requirements to invest in the right products. One can reduce energy bills by involving solar energy for the home. Here are a few steps to follow to find the best solar product or the suitable solar system for the home in India.

Estimate your energy consumption

Before opting for solar power systems for your house, it essential to be aware of the energy consumption of your house. You can find that by fetching your electricity bills of the previous year and divide it by 365 to get the average power consumption of your house per day. You can also classify your bills separately for summers and winters to estimate the daily power consumption more accurately. You need to consider the maximum power requirement after adding 20% as the buffer to support in any case of high consumption times. You can replace your old gadgets with energy efficient ones which help to reduce the power consumption.

Invest in energy efficient products while buying the appliances that use high energy like air conditioners, refrigerator and other appliances. Switch to LED light bulbs.

Evaluate the exposure to the sunlight

In a tropical country like India, and a hot city like Kolkata, you don’t need to worry about the exposure to the sunlight. It is better to avoid placing a solar panel in a shady area which may decrease its efficiency. The orientation of the solar panel towards the direction of sunlight also makes a huge difference in efficiency. But the solar power systems work great at your home without any need for maintenance or repair.

Decide on the suitable solar product

Depending on the power consumption and the other facilities required for setting up a solar power system, one needs to decide on the solar product that is suitable for their house. If you do not hold space for large solar panels, one can opt for other solar products which occupy less space like the solar water heater, solar battery and solar light for the home. Go for off-grid solar power systems only when your energy consumption is very less and do not require support from the grid or the electricity board. It is always advisable to prefer on-grid solar power system which helps to reduce the electricity bill and supported by electricity board when it there is a requirement. Solar panel dealers in India provide panels with different watts supporting the demand of the customers.

Hire a solar product dealer or installer

It is important to buy a product from a good dealer who does not make compromises in the quality of the product. Always look for the certification if you are opting for a solar power system. In the case of solar products, check for products that abide by ISI standards. It is essential to check for the quality of the product before buying it or investing in it. The solar power generation system needs to work for at least 20 years without requiring much maintenance. It is a long-term investment, so you need to take time in researching about it, find the best brand and product suitable for your family’s energy consumption.

Install the best solar product to your house and save your energy bills. We help you find the high-grade solar products from the trustworthy solar product dealers in Kolkata. All you need to do is fill the above form to make us understand your requirement. We filter from the list of solar product dealers around you and find the perfect fit for your needs and expectations to provide customized services to you.

FAQ - Solar Products in Kolkata

1. What is a Solar Panel?

Solar panels are photovoltaic panels, meaning it can absorb sunlight to produce direct current (DC). The power can then be converted to Alternating Current (AC) by using inverter Technology. The power can then be made to run through home’s electrical connections to power lights, computers, fan and any other electrical equipment.

2. How much money do I save by installing solar panels?

What if you never have to pay the electricity bills? It’s true, after installing solar panels on the roof of your house you can completely go off the grid. Your home is self-sustainable for electricity by installing solar panels. This is only a one-time investment with which you can reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

3. What are the expenses involved in installing solar panels at homes?

For installing a 1KW rooftop solar power, you will have shed somewhere between Rs. 80,000 and Rs. 120,000, the costs may vary depending on the quality of the solar panel you choose. However, these expenses are nothing if you never have to pay the electricity bills ever again. On top of that, the government of India has also launched schemes and subsidies to buy such solar products in India.

4. Will my roof be suitable for installing solar panels?

Roofs facing any direction with little to no sunlight falling on them are perfect for installation of the solar panels. But in the worst case if your roof does not qualify to install solar panels, then there is plenty of workaround available with the installation team to make sure the panel receives sufficient sunlight.

5. What size of the solar panel should I install?

The size of the solar energy product will majorly depend on how much is your monthly electricity requirement and the weather conditions of the place you live in. You can also get in touch with the solar product dealer and set your requirements with the experts; they will be able to suggest what best suits your requirements.

6. How long can I expect the solar panels to last for?

Solar panels are designed to use in harsh conditions; they can withstand Snow, winds and rains. Generally, solar panels are very durable and would last about 25 to 35 years. Some components would require maintenance and replacement from time to time, but solar panel as a whole will last long enough.

7. Does solar energy system increase the value of the house?

The simple answer to this question is yes. If you have a self-sustainable house for sale, it will bring you a premium price. The price negotiation, however, is the art of the seller but rest assured this will bring extra value to the property.

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