Go Eco-friendly With Solar Products

Aathirai 3 years ago

As the trend is moving towards the eco-friendly ways to lean a sustainable life, the solar-powered products the best things that you can invest. The solar energy generates electricity without emitting carbon dioxide. Moving towards the solar products helps to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment as well as reduces your electricity bills and decreases the dependence on fossil fuels. If you think solar panels are too expensive to invest you can go for these popularly used solar products that can be used in houses are listed below.

  1. Solar water heaters

This solar product helps you save a lot from your electricity bills. It is said that the solar water heater can possibly heat 50 to 70% of the water used in the kitchen and the bathroom. You can also supply hot water to the washing machines to shorten washing cycles and also use it for cooking purposes too.

  1. Solar LED lights

These solar lights can be used as indoor interior lights as well as the outdoor garden lights. The lights run in the daytime by making use of the solar power and the excess energy stored in the battery is used for lighting it up during the evenings and nights. Most of the solar lights work about 5-10 hours depending upon the LED light capacity and the battery of the lights. You can also witness many solar street lights in the cities which works efficiently throughout the year.

  1. Solar powered pumps

As the cost of diesel is an increasing rate, the solar-powered pumps are the best sustainable product that you can invest. These pumps make use of free solar energy, and the maintenance cost is also low. A wide range of pumps in both surface and submersible type of pumps are available with the solar product dealers.

  1. Solar batteries

Generally, more current is generated during the mid-day where the exposure to the sun is more. The excess energy produced during the mid-day is stored in the solar batteries so that it can be used in the evening and the night time when the sunlight is not available. The batteries come with different type of materials and capacities to cater to the energy requirements of the house.

  1. Solar fans

This solar product is easily available everywhere. These solar fans come with a small sized solar panel which needs to be placed where there is some exposure to the sun’s rays. The price of these solar fans ranges from 1000-3000 INR.

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