How To Scale Up The Solar Photo-voltaic System For House

aathirai somasundaram 2 years ago

As the world is moving to greener products due to the climatic changes that threatening the planet, the solar products are the best option to opt for. The solar photovoltaic system comes with many other benefits and advantages if you choose the right sized system for your house. You can save your energy bills, decrease the dependency on fossil fuels and decreases the carbon footprint on the environment. Here is how to find the right size of the solar photovoltaic system for your house.

  • Calculate the power consumption of your house

Before deciding on the size of the solar PV system, you need to consider the power requirement of your house. So that it is easy to find the right sized PV system that can cater to the power consumption for your house. All you need to do is

  1. Get the electricity bills of all the months of the previous year. If you think the electricity consumption differs for summer and winter seasons, you can separate the bills belonging to these bills and then calculate the consumption separately.
  2. You need to calculate the average monthly power consumption. You can calculate the average by diving the total consumption by 12 to get monthly average energy consumption.
  3. If you divide the figure by 30 will get your daily power usage.
  • Determine Insolation

It is better to know the solar insolation or the average number of hours the sun produces peak sunlight. Knowing this value can help you to decide or calculate the maximum output that you can expect from the PV system. You can get the insolation details online very easily. You can also get individual data for each month of the year.

Solar Photovoltaic system size calculator

As you know your average daily power consumption and the average solar insolation in your area, divide the power consumption by the insolation hours and multiply it with 1.3 to compensate the energy losses. Now you get the size of the solar photovoltaic system.

For instance, if the daily consumption is 12 KWh and solar insolation is 4 hours (12/4 = 3). Now multiply by 1.3 for energy losses (3*1.3=3.9).

That’s it! You would need a 3.9 kW solar PV system to satisfy your home’s energy needs.

Get started by measuring the power and space requires for solar panels, decide the budget and then contact the best solar product dealers in India

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