Myths about Solar Power - Busted

Aathirai 3 years ago

The utilization of solar energy is increasing in our country day by day, and people started to find several reasons to switch to solar power. Despite the growth in the solar power systems among the residents, there are many myths and rumors about these energy systems which yet remain now. Don’t get misled with these misconceptions. All the myths are busted with true facts below.

Solar panels don’t work in cold climates

Most solar panels work better in cold climatic conditions, but there is a requirement of a minimum exposure of sunlight for it to work. In a cold environment, there is an increase in the conductivity of the solar panels. Increase in conductivity represents the more efficient flow of electricity. Actually, the efficiency gets less when the solar panels heat up, and they generate less power from the same amount of light.

Solar power systems are expensive

If you think the solar power systems are very expensive, here is a fact for you. The cost of solar panels has dropped by 80% since 2008, and it is expected to keep falling. Electricity can never be this affordable with none other than solar power. If you invest in the best quality products that are suitable for the energy consumption of your family, then you can get back the invested money before its lifetime. It will unquestionably help you save money by decreasing the energy bills.

Solar panels require constant maintenance.

In contrast to the myth, the solar panels are very easy to maintain. As there is no moving parts or no possibility of wear and tear, one need not worry about its maintenance. And surprisingly, it needs to be cleaned twice a year. Panels with internal tracking system may require a little care and maintenance.

Solar panels will cause more harm to the environment when they’re thrown away in 25 years.

Most of the panel manufacturers will recycle the panels after 25 years. It’s hard to answer this because most panels are still being used today. You need to take responsibility to find information about the manufacturer’s panel recycling program.

Solar panel prices depend on the size of your home

The price of the solar panels is primarily dependent on the energy consumption of the house which determines the capacity and the quality of the product. Only when deciding the right place for installation, the type of roof, its orientation, and the slope of your house's roof is considered. Otherwise, there is no link between the size of the house and the price of the solar panels.

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