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Solar UPS Dealers in Chennai

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Leading Service Providers in Chennai as on Jul 02, 2022

Kolathur, Chennai, 600048
4.0/5 Based on 12 reviews
Solar UPS Dealers, New Product Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Repair and Maintenance Service, Inverter & UPS battery dealers
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Sulekha score: 8.3Working hours: 9 AM to 7 PMHired on Sulekha: 1 time
Narayana from Chennai

"Great ,professional service"

Bala S Chandran from Chennai

"Responsive and met the timelines"

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Kolathur, Chennai, 600099
4.0/5 Based on 3 reviews
Solar UPS Dealers, New Product Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Repair and Maintenance Service
Sulekha score: 8Working hours: 10 AM to 7 PM
R R Umakanthan from Chennai

"Had very good response from this service provider. Purchased new solar water heater from this showroom through this business agency. Their service was great and charges were nominal Totally I paid around 19000 for that. The delivery was quick and installation was perfect and given warranty period. I'm gratified with their service."

T SATYA from Chennai

"I thought of buying 5 KVA Inverter ,I got rushing response from Zentronics . I was very much surprised. Hats off to them for doing such an amazing work.Finalised the deal with the business with in 2 days time ."

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Anna Nagar, Chennai, 600040
5.0/5 Based on 6 reviews
Solar UPS Dealers, New Product Dealers
Sulekha score: 8Working hours: 09:00 AM to 07:00 PMYear of Experience: 1
anand from Chennai

"Excellent support from the Eldora team"

vijay Prince Jayaraj from Chennai

"Kudos to Eldora team.. Excellent Presentation, Very Insightful and much need of the hour in Chennai.. Congratulations to Anand for his successful venture. "

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Parrys, Chennai, 600001
3.5/5 Based on 3 reviews
Solar UPS Dealers, New Product Dealers, Repair and Maintenance Service, Inverter dealers
Sulekha score: 6.9Working hours: 10 AM to 5 PM
SUDHAKAR from Chennai

"Through this dealers, I purchased a venus Solar water heater. The approach of the vendor was customer oriented. since they had many varieties of the water heater with them in various price ranges.They charged me 30000 for water heater including installation charges. overall, it's a superb service."

sekar from Chennai

"I have purchased AMARON FTA150 150AH Battery for my inverter through this dealer. They charged Rs.9,000 inclusive installation. They were 2 members came for installing. I appreciate their service."

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Redhills, Chennai, 600052
Solar UPS Dealers, Air Cooler Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Refrigerator (Fridge) Repair, Technician Jobs
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Sulekha score: 4.8Working hours: 8:30 AM to 9:30 PMYears of Experience: 3
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Old Perungalathur, Chennai, 600063
4.0/5 Based on 3 reviews
Solar UPS Dealers, New Product Dealers, Vehicle battery dealers, Battery charger dealers, Battery charger transformer dealers
+4 more
Sulekha score: 5.2Working hours: 9 AM to 9:30 PM
Ramesh from Chennai

"Very glad to purchase a Car battery from this Success Enterprises, Old Perungalathur. They explained all the features and its usage. They give a good response and the customer's approaches are really good. I paid 5100 for that purchase. I am really satisfied and happy to purchase here."

Abraham from Chennai

"Excellent Service. I purchased an Exide battery for my bullet two wheeler from Success Enterprises. They have given warranty for 18 months for this battery. I bought this battery for a reasonable price this battery is working fine and their service also was excellent."

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Ambattur, Chennai, 600053
5.0/5 Based on 1 reviews
Solar UPS Dealers, New Product Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Repair and Maintenance Service
Working hours: 09:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Senthil from Chennai

"Good service value for money"

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Madambakkam, Chennai, 600126
Solar UPS Dealers, New Product Dealers
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Gerugambakkam, Chennai, 600122
Solar UPS Dealers, New Product Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Repair and Maintenance Service
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Solar UPS Dealers, New Product Dealers, Product Installation / Uninstallation Only, Repair and Maintenance Service
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Recent Customer Reviews in Chennai As on Jul 02, 2022

Average Rating
5.0/5 15 Reviews

" Good service value for money "

Senthil from Chennai, on 08 Jun 2022

" Excellent support from the Eldora team "

anand from Chennai, on 21 Mar 2022

" dear sir I am from Nagapattinam smart tool Bosch authorised dealer I need your cumi brand support & supply "

Rajkumar from Chennai, on 18 Mar 2022

" Good Service and responce Communication 5/5 responsiveness 5/5 good price 5/5 ontime services 5/5 Service Quality 5/5 "

Kumaran from Chennai, on 25 Dec 2021

" Switch to Solar & Go Green "

Suresh s from Chennai, on 23 Jan 2020

" Good work super services, Good team tq "

Jaba from Chennai, on 17 Jan 2020

" Excellent services from Akash Solar Energy. We were asking v-guard as he deals with all the brand and possible after-sales and service. Groundwater was not good before the installation. Visited our place, took the technical assistance, suggested good brand for residential suitability. We finished the package within 9k. Highly recommendable. Clean job "

MOHAMMED TAHIR from Chennai, on 27 Dec 2019

" Lowest price, best customer service, really very happy with their service "

Renin from Chennai, on 13 Mar 2019

" Kudos to Eldora team.. Excellent Presentation, Very Insightful and much need of the hour in Chennai.. Congratulations to Anand for his successful venture. "

vijay Prince Jayaraj from Chennai, on 29 Oct 2021

" Good services from alpha solar system. We bought 250liter solar water heater with dual bathroom connection by a good brand customised by this vendor. Good technician. good plumbing assistance at the end too. Pacakge is decent and acceptable to have a quality after services. "

DHARMENDRA JAIN from Chennai, on 04 Jan 2020

Locate the Trusted Solar Inverter Dealers in Chennai

An inverter is an essential electrical device that converts the direct current into alternating current. From houses to offices, it is installed in different spaces to meet the power requirements during power- cut or breakdown. Nowadays, the use of solar inverter has increased. People prefer installing solar inverter over regular inverter as it is an energy-efficient appliance.

At Sulekha, you can find around 520+ renowned and verified and solar inverter dealers in Chennai. The trusted solar product suppliers and dealers listed at Sulekha have delivered the unmatched services to clients resulting in the rating of the 5-star among all users.

Why choose Sulekha?

Sulekha is a leading online business directory. Here, we help you in selecting a dependable solar inverter dealer in Chennai from the reputed as well as verified solar product dealers. At this Directory, you can also access the contact information (address and phone number) of the listed solar inverter suppliers as dealers. To find a trusted solar inverter dealer in your locality, fill the form above along with the specifications.

The dependable solar product dealers and service providers meeting your specifications would contact you shortly. You can have a discussion with the suppliers regarding your specifications for a solar inverter. The best part is that you can also request for the price quotation.

Types and Price of Solar Inverter

A solar inverter is an appliance that helps you to power up the appliances in your space with the help of sunlight. In the market, you would come across several kinds of solar inverters such as

  • Grid-Tied Inverter: These solar inverters are connected with the utility grid. They are designed in a way that they shut down automatically in the event of a power cut.
  • Micro-Inverter: Microinverters are basically small size solar inverters. These inverters optimize every solar panel separately. The best part is that in the partial shade condition, this inverter delivers extra energy.
  • Central Inverter: Central solar inverters are the ones that are big in size. These inverters handle around 500 KW each enclosure. This type of inverter is ideal for large commercial spaces.
  • String Inverter: String inverter is a solar inverter that features multiple inputs. It is one of the cost-effective options. It is an ideal choice for residential spaces.
  • Hybrid Inverters: Hybrid inverter gives you an opportunity to plug the batteries into the solar power system. The best thing about this inverter is that it converts the stored AC into power load during requirement. The other name of the hybrid inverter is the multi-mode inverter.

The cost of a solar inverter depends on several factors like brand, capacity, type of inverter, brand, and many others. For an idea of the price of solar inverter, you can refer the given table

Type of Solar Inverter

Approximate Cost

Hybrid Solar Inverter

Rs. 1,20,000 to Rs.9,00,000

String Solar Inverter

Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 3,50,000

Micro Solar Inverter

Rs. 12,500 to Rs.1,30,000

Based on the Wp and location of the dealer, the cost of the solar inverter varies.

Advantages of Installing a Solar Inverter

The solar inverter is a wonderful option to store solar energy for power backup. Be it an office or a home, you can install a solar inverter and get several advantages such as

  • Saves Electricity Bills

    Regular inverters use the electricity for charging and results in higher electricity bills, whereas solar inverter uses direct sunlight. Therefore, by installing a solar inverter you can reduce your electricity bill and save a lot of money.

  • Low Maintenance

    The solar inverters do not include any moving parts. Therefore, you need not worry about any wear and tear. You just need to check the quality of the wires to ensure the efficiency of your solar energy system.

  • Environment- Friendly

    The best thing about the solar inverter is that it consumes solar energy that is a renewable source that results in a reduction of carbon footprints on the environment. In this way, there is a great contribution towards the safety of environment.

  • Convenience

    The dependency on non-renewable sources is reduced with the solar power system. Moreover, there is no risk of any kind of short circuit and it can be installed easily at your home or office.

Things an Individual Needs to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Solar Inverter

The purchase of a solar inverter involves an investment of a big amount. Therefore, it is essential to make the decision wisely. Here is a list of some factors that an individual must consider while investing in a solar inverter

  • Budget
  • Type of space (residential/commercial)
  • The reputation of the solar inverter dealer
  • The IP rating of the solar inverter
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Type of solar inverter you want to purchase
  • Power consumption
  • Battery backup
  • Warranty
  • Preferred Brand and many others

FAQ - Solar Energy Storage Battery Dealers in Chennai

1. What kind of services can I expect from the solar inverter dealers in Chennai?

In Chennai, the reputed solar inverter suppliers and dealers offer repair and maintenance services and installation/uninstallation services for the solar inverter.

2. Which brands of solar inverters are available with the solar inverter dealers in Chennai?

In Chennai, the reputed and authorised trusted solar product dealers sell the inverter of numerous brands. The list of solar inverter brands available with solar product dealers includes Luminous, Su-Kam, Delta, Havells, TATA, Huawei, Microtek, and many others.

3. Do the solar product dealers in Chennai offer a warranty on the solar inverter?

In Chennai, the trusted solar inverter dealers provide the manufacturer warranty on the solar inverter. It is advisable to discuss the warranty policy with the dealer before investment in the solar inverter.

4. Can I contact the solar inverter dealers in Chennai for the repair and maintenance service?

The trusted solar inverter suppliers and dealers deliver the repair and maintenance service for solar inverter at affordable prices.

5. What type of solar inverter is right for an office?

It depends completely on the power requirement. If you need help with the selection of solar inverter for your office, you can contact solar product dealers and suppliers listed at Sulekha. Based on the size of your office and power requirement, the expert would suggest the appropriate solar inverter type as well as capacity.

6. Can I purchase the solar inverter on instalments?

The mode of receiving payment depends completely on the dealer. In Chennai, there are many solar product suppliers that accept payment in EMI. However, before you purchase a solar inverter, do not forget to discuss the concerned aspect with the dealer.

7. Do I need to repair my roof before solar installation?

It depends on the condition of the roof. The expert would inspect the roof and let you know if there is a requirement for repair or maintenance.

8. Do the solar inverter dealers provide help in selecting the capacity of a solar inverter?

Yes, based on your power requirement the expert would tell you the right capacity for the solar inverter.

9. For which purpose do the solar UPS dealers is Chennai provide the solar power system?

In Chennai, the trusted and reputed solar product dealers provide solar UPS for the residential spaces, commercial spaces, and industrial premises as well.

10. Which popular brands of solar UPS can I purchase from the solar product dealers in Chennai?

The trusted solar product dealers in Chennai sell the solar UPS of the top brands. The list of solar UPS brands available with the dealers includes Luminous, Su-Kam, Exide, Delta, PROTONIX, EMERSON, Microtek, and many others.

11. Do the solar UPS dealers in Chennai offer any warranty?

Yes, the trusted and authorised solar product dealers provide the manufacturer warranty on the solar products available with them.

11. How much do a solar UPS cost?

The cost of solar UPS depends on its power consumption, brand, efficiency, ratings, capacity, and many other factors. For an idea, you can refer the given table

Type of Solar UPS

Approximate Cost

Off-Grid Solar UPS

Rs. 42,000 to Rs. 96,000

On-Grid Solar UPS

Rs 28,000 to Rs. 75,000

Grid-Tied solar UPS

Rs. 32,000 to Rs. 1,93,000

12. Can I contact the solar UPS dealers in Chennai for the installation serviced?

In Chennai, the reputed solar UPS dealers provide the installation service for the solar UPS. Along with the installation service, you can contact the dealers for the repair and maintenance service as well.

13. How much rooftop space is required for the installation of solar panels?

It depends completely on your power consumption and watt rating of the solar power system. You can contact the expert and specify your requirements. Based on your specification that expert would give you an estimate of the required space.

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