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About Termite Pest Control Service in Pune

Termites are probably the most hazardous of all the pests and the common as well. You can hardly notice their growth during the initial days. The fine muddy sinuous lines on the walls might manage to escape your attention, initially keeping you ignorant of the termite infections. The termite control services offer a specialized service which includes detection and removal of the termites within the household or office or any other premise. Termites are silent intruders and can be harmful distinctly. Hence, make sure that you hire a termite control service on time to keep your house or healthy safe from the termites.

Termite Control Services in Pune as on Jun 26, 2022

Katraj, Pune, 411043
5.0/5 Based on 3 reviews
Termite Control, Pest control service, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services
Sulekha score: 8.6Years of Experience: 4Hired on Sulekha: 2 times
Poonam from Pune

"Value for money service. Highly recommended. Serviced with desired results "

Shashank from Pune

"Excellent service by Hygielink Pest Solutions"

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3.5/5 Based on 20 reviews
Termite Control, Pest control service, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services
Sulekha score: 8.2Years of Experience: 17Hired on Sulekha: 9 times
Guest from Pimpri Chinchwad

"I had taken service from another agency 2 years ago. But then the problem was not solved. Now I have taken service from I Care Homes company. Now our problem is solved."

Preeti Nair from Pimpri Chinchwad

"Great service. Good effect"

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Mundhwa, Pune, 411036
5.0/5 Based on 3 reviews
Termite Control, Pest control service, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services
Sulekha score: 8.6Years of Experience: 8Hired on Sulekha: 17 times
Sonal from Pune

"I was in problem with bedbugs from so many days then I got contact from sulekha of home protection.. They solved our issue totally.. I recommend this agency.. "

Home Protection Pest Control Services from Pune

"Best pest control in pune "

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Shaniwar Peth, Pune, 411030
3.0/5 Based on 8 reviews
Termite Control, Pest control service
Sulekha score: 8.1Working hours: 9 AM to 8 PMHired on Sulekha: 13 times
Pooja k from Pune

"I am very old customer of Nysst,Nysst is best ,as per me as i got totally good experience everytime ,they gave me gaurantee also , i strongly recommend the co, also they have totally upgraded their processes"

Manisha Torne from Pune

" Communication 5/5 responsiveness 4/5 good price 3/5 ontime services 4/5 Service Quality 4/5"

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Bibwewadi, Pune, 411042
Termite Control, Pest control service, Professional Disinfecting & Sanitization Services
Sulekha score: 9Working hours: 07:00 am to 08:00 pmYears of Experience: 4Hired on Sulekha: 1 time
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Bavdhan, Pune, 411021
Termite Control, Pest control service
Sulekha score: 8.9Years of Experience: 10
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Termite Control, Pest control service
Sulekha score: 7.5
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Termite Control, Pest control service
Sulekha score: 6.5Working hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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Shaniwar Peth, Pune, 411030
2.5/5 Based on 2 reviews
Termite Control, Pest control service
Sulekha score: 4.1
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Shaniwar Peth, Pune, 411030
Termite Control, Pest control service, Net Dealers, Pest Control Product Dealers
Working hours: 9:30 AM to 6 PM
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Latest Reviews of Termite Control in Pune As on Jun 26, 2022

Average Rating
4.0/5 223 Reviews

" I was in problem with bedbugs from so many days then I got contact from sulekha of home protection.. They solved our issue totally.. I recommend this agency.. "

Sonal from Pune, on 17 Jun 2022

" I am very old customer of Nysst,Nysst is best ,as per me as i got totally good experience everytime ,they gave me gaurantee also , i strongly recommend the co, also they have totally upgraded their processes "

Pooja k from Pune, on 10 Jun 2022

" Value for money service. Highly recommended. Serviced with desired results "

Poonam from Pune, on 01 Jun 2022

" I took this residential pest control this is very good and useful this pest control solved my cockroach problem I am contened with this service "

Harshada Dnyanoba pawar from Pune, on 04 Apr 2022

" Awesome service keep it up ............ "

Suraj gurav from Pune, on 11 Feb 2022

" Very good service and proper explanation given about cleanup procedure "

Abheeee from Pune, on 05 Feb 2022

" ???? ???????? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ???? ???? ????? ????? ??? ???? ????? ?????? ????? "

Vinod Pawar from Pune, on 17 Jan 2022

" Work completed successfully "

Manoj from Pune, on 12 Jan 2022

" The guys are professional, but I wish their pest control should be also effective and should solve the purpose. As I see cockroches every now and then even after doing pest control. Shahid came at my place multiple times as I made an annual contract but still the problem was not resolved "

Guest from Pune, on 21 Dec 2021

" Lokesh has done a good job "

Nisha from Pune, on 24 Jun 2021

Hiring Guide for Termite Pest Control Service in Pune

Termites are highly beneficial insects as it helps to break down the deadwood and speed up the conversion of nutrients in the soil. However, when they invade your residential space, they can be destructive and harmful. As a homeowner, you must continuously be putting efforts to keep your house clean and pest free. However, sometimes these small pesky insects can invade your space very effortlessly depending on various factors. To help you be hands-on with the situation, let’s throw light on some essential information to help you deal with it effortlessly.

How to identify termites at home?

One of the first precautionary steps to identify termites is to be alert. It usually emerges from the soil, food sources, tubes etc. and rapidly grows in number. People typically notice only when it grows in numbers and starts damaging your property.

  • Always examine the hollow spaces and cracks in the wooden furniture
  • Be quick to distinguish and identify the termite swarms

Tips to prevent termite infestation

Dry wood termite, the Formosan termite, and subterranean termites are the most common ones spotted in Indian households. Listed below are some termite control tips to prevent termite invasion in your home.

  • Termites get attracted to places with higher moisture. Get rid of that excess standing water around your home. Deal with leaky drainage and plumbing problems at the earliest.
  • Avoid wood and soil contact in and around your home.
  • Avoid planting trees too close to your house.
  • A coat of paint acts as a barrier for dry wood termites
  • Seal and repair the cracks to prevent termite migration
  • Get your house inspected by a professional expert at least once in a year

How to deal with termite infestation?

  • Act quick- Get in touch with the best termite pest control expert listed at Sulekha. Get it inspected at the earliest to understand the infestation level and solution.
  • Small efforts- Until the expert comes in, try and put in small efforts to avoid further infestation. Follow some of the preventive measures mentioned above.
  • Follow up- Stick to the follow-up guidelines mentioned by the expert to keep termites at bay. Also, be regular with your pest treatment frequency suggested by the expert.

Types of termite treatments

  • Chemical treatments: Chemical treatments are more effective when handled and applied the right way. This warrants the need for professional pest control experts. Experts usually use a chemical called termiticides for the successful eradication of the termites.
  • Non- Chemical treatments: No insecticides are used in such procedures. Some of the standard non- chemical treatments that keep termites at bay are physical barriers made during the construction, steel mesh, or particles of sand and biological control agents.
  • Wood treatments: Wood treatments are done using spray-on chemicals such as borates during construction to keep the wood protected.
  • Termite baits: Termite baits incorporate cellulose baits that have slow-acting insecticides. It was introduced to control the overuse of harmful chemicals and insecticides. Termites tend to feed on the bait and eventually die. It is also used as a monitoring tool to detect termites before it blows out of proportion.
  • Conventional barrier treatments: Conventional barrier treatments make use of termiticides application directly on the soil. One must ensure that they use the right termiticide in the mentioned quantities with proper application. Improper application can turn out to be disastrous as it may contaminate the surrounding with no protection against the termites.

Termite pest treatment charges

Termite pest control charges in Pune may differ depending on various factors such as

  • The intensity of termite infestation
  • Partial or complete house treatment
  • Frequency of treatments required
  • Type of service- chemical or non-chemical
  • Products and equipment’s used

* Disclaimer: These prices may vary based on your specific requirements

Type Service Cost
1 BHK Anti termite treatment Rs. 1,000
1 BHK Anti termite treatment Rs. 1,200
1 BHK Anti termite treatment Rs. 1,500
Kitchen termite control Rs. 2,000
Bathroom termite control Rs. 1,500

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are termites?

Termites are insects that are both winged and wingless. While the most common invaders are winged termites, who has the ability to fly around places and settle in homes. Termites feed on wood; they can also infect a healthy tree but are generally found in dead woods.

2. How do I know my house is infested by termites?

There are few visual signs; the most common for a winged termite is the fallen wings. Your house will have too many fallen wings from termite. They shed the wings when they start creating sand tubes or start settling in wood. The second visual sign is they will fly near lights after sunset. You can also look for visual signs like pores in furniture or wooden articles in your house if you see any of these sign we highly recommend you to connect with our Termite Pest Control Expert and get a consultation immediately.

3. Should I treat the termite infestation on my own?

The chemicals used in termite treatment are very toxic, avoid any physical contact with them. Also, if the procedure for treatment is not followed properly, the termites might spread across the home, making it difficult to the daily house chores. Expert assistance is highly recommended in these types of situations.

4. Why is there so much variance in quotations from different service providers?

Every service provider uses a different method to prevent the termites from re-emerging in your home. While liquid treatment is most common in India, there are also various types of chemicals in the liquid method that vary in costs. We recommend you book an appointment with the team of experts on termite control and get quotations from them.

5. Do I tell them to treat just the infested area or the whole house?

Treating just the infested area is a gamble and may leave room for termites to re-grow in other parts of the house. Hence we recommend complete house treatment to avoid their return. The liquid treatment used for termites is long-lasting and may help you stay away from termites for years.

6. How do I avoid termites at home?

Always treat your furniture with termite proof liquid while it is being made, or if you buy readymade furniture, make sure it comes pretreated with termite proof liquid. This procedure will ensure that your furniture never catches termites. Flying termites are attracted by lights, in summer or rainy season if you see too many winged termites switch off all the lights to avoid them from entering your house.

7. How frequently should I treat my house with anti-termite treatment?

Like said earlier always look for visual signs, you can do so while doing regular cleaning of the house. If you have signs of termite in your house, call for our Termite Pest Control service, and they will take care of it professionally.

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