7 Time Saving Packing Tips That You Definitely Need To Adopt While Moving

Parvathya Sripadhan 8 years ago

A highly confusing ball game, packing often leaves you wondering how to start and how to finish. Packing and moving to a new place is always a mix of both exciting and crazily hectic. In this hot and cold situation, all help will feel like a blessing.

So here are 7 tips that are sure to save some of your precious time while moving:

1. Efficient time usage:

Planning in advance is the key to packing efficiently. Chart out all the details of your moving. By when you need to be all packed and ready to move and when you need to start the packing to get to that stage. Divide your time according to the room size and its contents. Make checklists for each room and have an overall packing checklist so that you don’t miss out anything important.

2. Packing materials:

Get all your essential packing materials ready such as cardboard boxes, serein wrap, and lots of tape, in advance so when it comes down to the wire, you don’t have to keep going out and getting these basic things. One of the most important things to do once you get these items is to keep them ready in the various rooms so when it come to the packing stage, you won’t have to be bringing things down from the loft or anything.

3. Create a packing system:

One of the main things to keep in mind while packing is to always be a smart worker. To make your packing life easy, create a system where you catalogue and label every box and bag you pack. Remember to get stickers that say ‘Fragile or This side up’ so as to protect all the vulnerable items. Your label maker will become your best friend through your journey of packing all your things efficiently.

4. Survival kit, FTW:

Every plan needs to have an emergency back-up plan and this applies to packing and moving too. Always pack a separate kit full of bare essentials and mandatories that you will need as soon as your reach your new house. Remember to carry this particular box with you and not with the movers, as it will come in handy in a situation where your boxes are delayed.

5. DIY Glassware protector:

A common mistake people make while packing is by using a lot of bubble wrap and filling up the place next to glassware unnecessarily. A simple trick where if the glassware is kept in the opposite direction to which it is usually kept and covered with fabric then it’ll be safe and protected.

6. Garbage bags & cling wrap to the rescue:

Huge garbage bags are a much easier way to pack your things without increasing the volume of it. Since a lot of transporters calculate cost with the number of boxes, it would be very helpful if you used garbage bags instead inside they can hold much more content and will give you a lower number of bags. Cling wrap is another trick you should keep up your sleeve since it is an easy way to bind your things and keep them from moving inside your packed bag.

7. Packing Buddies:

Packing alone is not fun and can be quite tedious. The best solution to this is to call up your buddies and get their help while moving. Packing can be quite a boring and long task so make sure to get them pizza and cocktails so they know you appreciate the help they are doing for you.  

Packing is definitely a much easier task compared to moving it all to the new place. That is actually where all the hard work lies. This is where you should get the help of Professional Transporters so that you can move at ease to your new place.

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