Things They Don't Tell You About Relocating!

Sai Eswari 8 years ago

Relocating to a new city? Heart goes out to you. It’s hard enough to move within the city. Moving out can really take a toll on you. If you are thinking that dropping and breaking those pretty floral plates is the worst thing that can happen to you, you need to think again (how very naïve of you?). The moving day is the ultimate test of patience. If two people can survive this day together without any thoughts of homicide, then they sure are compatible. As the D-day approaches, here’s a little something. A crazy list of things you need to hear if you are relocating.

1. Only while packing you will realize the absurd number of the things that you possess but don’t want, need or use. So, dispose everything that you saved claiming that “you haven’t used it yet but someday you will”. If you haven’t used it in over 5 years the chances are, you probably won’t.

2. The extra precautious wrapping of the fragile items, walking up and down, taking multiple trips back to the house and the like have a way of getting on your last nerve. Also the added baggage of moving to your new space and not being able to find ANYTHING you want or need, which is always super fun. So, just to ease the last minute madness, make a list of items that you will need first as soon as you move to your new house. For instance, the moving day can be extremely hectic and you won’t time to unpack the same day. Hence, prepare in advance by putting all the things you need for this day in a separate distinct box. Save yourself an extra headache by packing your essential and basic cutlery, towels, cookware and tools separately.

3. A tip that would come in handy is to wrap all fragile stuff in pieces of clothing. By doing this, you are packing both your clothing and your items and also you save the money that you would have used up on bubble wrap. One stone, two birds!

4. Screaming at heavy furniture is not the solution. Neither is, yelling at the other person who swore that they were strong enough to carry it. This is one of the biggest problems while relocating. Transporting heavy items and electronics like TV, fridge, oven and the like. But luckily, this worry can be entirely eliminated with the help of professional Transporters who will help transport your essentials from your current location to your destination.

5. Yes, we all have "friends"until we ask them to help us relocate and they refuse. Thank god for packers and movers who willingly volunteer to help you in every step of this tedious journey.  

6. Oh, wait. Please don’t sit down with that relaxing cup of coffee like it’s over. You are done packing and transporting and you think that the task is almost done? Good one but NO.  The process isn’t over until you strike off “unpack” and “clean the new place” from your to-do list. 

Anyway with that being said, happy relocation! 

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