Simple Vastu Tips For Your Home

Elisa Vincent 4 years ago

After a long day’s work, all of us look forward to unwinding in the comforts of our home. A few minor changes and additions to this space can greatly alter the positivity in our homes. Vastu Shastra, a traditional form of architecture lays out certain principles and design specifications that can improve the well being of the family.

Here are a few easy Vastu tips that you can incorporate in your house:

No mirrors in the bedroom

According to Vastu, mirrors in the bedroom can lead to bad health and family conflicts. Even if you have a dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom, Vastu advises it to be covered with the cloth at night.

Salt and lemon to avoid negativity

Salt and lemon drives away all that negative energy from your home. Placing lemon in a glass of water and replacing this every Saturday is one of the two things to be done. Salt is considered to be a healer and absorbs negativity. Place it in small bowls in various corners of the house.

Placing the kitchen properly

According to Vastu Shastra, Kitchen should be placed in the south-east corner of the home. Nor-west is also a relatively good option. The cooking gas, being the most important element in a kitchen, should also be placed towards the south east side. This also ensures that the person cooking faces the east.

Avoid medicines in the kitchen

While medicines are linked to sickness and bad health, kitchen signifies just the opposite. Hence, storing medicines in the kitchen is believed to bring bad health.


Clutter is believed to bring in confusion, arguments and stress in the family. Cleanliness is the easiest way to positivity, in vastu and otherwise. Declutter regularly and dispose of as much as you can regularly. Dust your house daily and keep your home neat and clean for positivity.

Avoid sharp edges

According to Vastu Shastra, sharp edges attract negative energy. An aerial drawing of the house can give you a clear idea of whether the building has nay sharp edges that should be taken care of. Similarly, ensure that while selecting furniture, choose rounded edges over the sharp ones.

Nameplate outside home

A nameplate is the easiest form of indicating ones ownership over a property. Vastu experts believe that this small act can improve the positivity and the prosperity it brings to the family.

The benefits from incorporating Vastu into your day to day life is believed to be tremendous. Vastu is a science that cannot be mastered in a day. Get in touch with expert Vastu consultants who have mastered this science to help you do up your home accordingly.

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