Top Vastu Sashtra Tips For A Wealthy Life

P T Usha 3 years ago

By balancing the energy of all five elements – Land, Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth, one can live a healthy and prosperous life, says several Vastu Consultants. Scientific theories and facts also back their researches. So, the vastu shastra has become an essential part of the architectural structure of a home, apartment, office or any building.

For any living place, before its construction, Vastu Consultation is essential. It will lead to the proper balance of sun rays falling position, the flow of wind, water balance and more. Let’s see some of the basic Vastu Sashtras that are essential for living.

The entrance

The living place should generate the right kind of energies, which, in turn, will create a good energy field leading to a prosperous life. In that case, the positioning of the entrance in the right direction is highly essential. Because this is not only the entrance for people but also for the energies. A home’s entrance positioned best if it faces either North, East or the North-east.

You should make sure the entrance always looks bright. It will give a positive look to your home. Also, avoid placing shoe racks, broom and any such sort of things at the entrance. Presence of washroom, toilet, near the entrance is also not that good. Also, the entrance door height should be slightly higher than other room doors.

The Living Room

The living room forms the core of the house, where most of the social activities will be done. If any guests visit your home, the living room would be the first impression of your home to them. So, fill it with utmost positive energy. Plan the furniture replacement according to the space of your living room. Make it as spacious as possible. Covering up the space with furniture might affect your free-movement, which is not good. Keep everything small, simple and elegant.

When it comes to positioning, the living room can be facing North, East or North-east just like the entrance. Else, facing opposite of the entrance, south-west is also a good idea. The electronic items in the living room can be placed on south-west while another home décor can be placed on south-east.


It is the resting place of the house, so a sense of calmness and peace must be established in this space. The bedroom should be placed in the southwest direction. It will lead to good health and prosperity. However, placing the bedroom on northeast or south-east is not a good idea, since they will cause unnecessary health issues and quarrel among couples.

Also placing a mirror in front of the bed, is not advisable. To get a more positive vibe, make your room bright. Paint the room by using earthy colours and the screen/curtain shouldn’t be too dark that might affect the natural light visibility.


Vastu for the kitchen is essential as it predominantly deals with the ‘fire’ element. So, the placement of kitchen in the appropriate direction is necessary. Having kitchen directly above or under Pooja room is not a good idea too. The ideal place of the kitchen is south-east part of your home. Also, the oven and gas cylinder should not be placed in a parallel range. Also, another main aspect of the kitchen is the storage of grains and other cooking needs. These essentials should be shared in the southwest of the kitchen in order to get good wealth and prosperity.

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