Are Wallpapers Expensive?

Neha Xavier 4 years ago


Wallpapers have been a popular choice among people all over the world, especially the western countries. Its popularity has speared to the regions as well. The main reason behind the popularity of wallpapers is the fact that it is versatile for all décor of any area in the house. It works as a great statement wall which can instantly elevate any gloomy space. Like paint options, the price of wallpaper can vary a lot. 

The price of the wallpaper will depend on the following factors.

1. Area to be covered – The most obvious factor that determines the cost of wallpaper is the area that needs to be covered. The more the square feet, the higher the cost will be. You can estimate by measuring how much space you need to cover. Multiply the price by the per square feet cost of the chosen wallpaper.

If you are hiring someone to fix the wallpaper, then they will also charge you for installation & labour charges. 

2. Type of wallpaper – A lot will depend on the kind of paper you choose. A matte finish typically cost less than a glossy one. High-end wallpapers with an exquisite design are comparatively expensive. If you prefer simple and minimalistic designs, then you have a lot of budget friendly options. Another cost that comes with the wallpaper is the cost of the adhesive required to fix the wallpaper. The long-lasting adhesives cost more than normal ones.

3. Installation cost – Are you planning to install the wallpaper on your own? If you are well versed and experienced, then you will easily be able to do that. But if you are new to it, then it might be challenging. You should leave it to an expert. He will charge you a fee, but the finishing will be satisfactory. If you decide on doing it alone, get the right equipment and adhesives. It will be an extra cost which you consider a part of the wallpaper.

4. Kid-friendly – Children, especially toddlers, have a habit of peeling and scratching any unevenness. If you have a young kid, do rethink the area where you would be outing wallpaper. In case your kid does get access and peels the paper, you will incur the additional expense of redoing the whole wall. Also, there might be a possibility that you would not even get the same kind of paper. Scaling to repair the damage can also be an issue. The total cost might shoot up for using wallpaper. So do account for any loss and the repair cost involved in maintaining the wallpaper.

Try to keep the wallpaper area out of the reach of young kids, and you will have a long-lasting wallpaper.

5. Appropriate paper – If you plan to cover your kitchen or even bathroom with wallpaper, then you need some considerations. Standard wallpaper will not last long in those areas with high moisture content. Damp may cause the wallpaper to swell up and peel on its own. The result would be ugly and messy. However, there are certain varieties of wallpaper that are suitable for even the kitchen and bathroom. These wallpapers are water-resistant and can even withstand heat. But they are quite costly. Standard wallpaper for all rooms (except the bathroom and kitchen) are quite affordable. But it also depends on the design and quality you choose.

Choose your unique wallpaper and watch your walls transform. Select different wallpapers for different areas to make the home more beautiful and charming. If you are still apprehensive about the wallpaper pricing and charges, connect to professional wallpaper dealers to get free quotes from multiple experts. Compare and choose the one that best fits your bill.

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