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Latest Washing Machine Models and Specifications

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  • Videocon DigiMarine Washing Machine
    Videocon DigiMarine Washing Machine
    • Brand:Videocon
    • Loading: Top
    • Functionality: Fully Automatic
    • Wash Capacity: 6.5 KG
  • Godrej GWF650FC Fully Automatic Washing Machine
    Godrej GWF650FC Fully Automatic Washing Machine
    • Brand:Godrej
    • Drum: Stainless Steel
    • Loading: Top
    • Number of Wash Programs: 6
  • Samsung WT8505EG Semi Automatic Washing Machine
    Samsung WT8505EG Semi Automatic Washing Machine
    • Brand:Samsung
    • Display Type: LED
    • Drum: Plastic
    • Functionality: Semi Automatic
  • Onida SmartCareWhite 62 (WO62SBC1GY) Washing Machine
    Onida SmartCareWhite 62 (WO62SBC1GY) Washing Machine
    • Brand:Onida
    • Loading: Top
    • Functionality: Semi Automatic
    • Wash Capacity: 6.2 KG
  • LG T8567TEEL3 Fully Automatic Washing Machine
    LG T8567TEEL3 Fully Automatic Washing Machine
    • Brand:LG
    • Display Type: Digital
    • Drum: Stainless Steel
    • Functionality: Fully Automatic

Explore Best Deals from Washing Machine Rentals in Kaza, Guntur

Washing machine rentals for a home can be a great idea if you are sick of unexpected breakdowns and high repair costs. At Sulekha, you can find listings of more than 10+ washing machine rentals from where you can hire the best quality washing machine with latest features and specifications. Our listed rentals will ensure you good value for money with their quality products and reasonable pricing. You can choose from short to long term rental solutions according to your requirement.


Whether you are looking for a front loader or a top loading semi-automatic washing machine, our listed washing machine rentals can cater to all your requirements. You will receive free delivery, installation and complete peace of mind of extended warranty coverage when you are renting washing machine from our reliable washing machine rentals. Simply fill the above requirement form, and the washing machine rental providers will contact you. You can discuss your needs with them, and they will suggest a suitable washer as per your preference.


Sharply focused on maintaining the quality of their products, they will leave no stone unturned in providing you with a hassle-free experience with quick delivery, installation and pick up of products after use. So, stop buying expensive appliances and start renting today from our verified washing machine rentals in Kaza, Guntur!

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FAQ - Washing Machine Rentals in Kaza, Guntur

  • Q. What are the top washing machine brands that I can rent?

    You can hire all top brands of the washing machine, including LG, Samsung, Haier, Whirlpool, IFB, Videocon, etc. 

  • Q. What are the advantages of renting a washing machine?

    There are numerous advantages to renting a washing machine like:

    • Renting a washing machine will prevent high upfront investment
    • Rental amount is so less that you can easily buy items which you couldn't afford earlier
    • All washing machines which are rented are either new or refurbished. It is better than purchasing a used item from an unknown person where you do not know anything about the quality of the washer.
    • Warranty is provided on the washing machine to ensure you complete peace of mind.
    • It is convenient for those who need to relocate. 
  • Q. Do I need to check the water pressure at my home before renting a fully automatic washing machine?

    Yes, you need to check the water pressure before installing a fully automatic washing machine. Low water pressure can damage the washer. If you get municipality water supply throughout the day and the water pressure is low, then you need to install a pump to provide enough water pressure.

  • Q. Can I install the washing machine in my bathroom?

    Washing machines contain parts which are made up of plastic and metal. They also have electrical parts such as motor, circuit board, etc. Water splashes can corrode the metal, and it is extremely risky if the water enters into the electrical parts.


    Even if you have a spacious bathroom and your washing machine is kept in one corner, it is still risky. Steam coming from the hot water can easily enter the washer and damage it.


    If you have no other place to keep the washing machine and keeping it in the bathroom is the only option, you can call the expert technician from your washing machine rentals to ensure the safety guidelines are met.

  • Q. What are the services offered by washing machine rentals in Kaza, Guntur?

    Our reliable washing machine rentals in Kaza, Guntur take care of the delivery, installation and post-installation services. You don’t need to be concerned about the cost of washing machine repairs either, that is also one of the many benefits of renting because the washing machine rental agencies are responsible for all repairs.

    However, this does not include the damage as a result of mishandling.