4 Types Of Water Purification Technologies

Arvind L 8 years ago

Consuming water in regular intervals is essential as one can reap several health benefits. While consuming water, it’s important to make sure that it is pure and hygienic as impure water can be the cause of several illnesses.  With several water purifiers in the market, choosing the right one can get tricky.

Here below are the 4 most popular water purifiers types in the market

1. Gravity Based Water Purification: Gravity based water purifiers are fast moving primarily due to it being extremely effective at a low cost. These water purifiers use activated carbon or Ultra Filtration technology instead of electricity. The presence of activated carbon along with hollow fiber member helps get rid of all the impurities and particles. The water gets purified through a normal gravity process with the water flowing from the upper chamber to the lower one. The activated carbon also removes other dirt, parasites and pesticides.

2. RO Water Purification: The RO water purifier follows the reverse osmosis purification technology which uses a semipermeable membrane to remove large particles, ion and molecules from the water. Heavy metals like arsenic, fluorides, nitrates and impure salts are other materials which are easily removed from the water thereby making it good for drinking. RO water purifiers are mainly used in industrial process but are now becoming popular in residences too. RO water purifier runs on electricity. These water purifiers are moderately priced and is sought after by many these days.

3. UV Water Purification: UV water purification technology is a type of filtration method that uses ultra-violet light to kill germs, microbes and bacteria. These purifiers are constructed with tiny mercury lamps inside which produces Ultra violet radiations. These radiations penetrate the cells of microbes, bacteria and other organisms by destroying their ability to reproduce. The only disadvantage to these water purifiers are, they fail to remove salts. So an extra filter is attached to help dissolve the salts in the water making it viable for drinking. These water purifiers are inexpensive and require very low maintenance.

4. UF Water Purification: UF water purifiers use Ultra Filtration membrane to purify water and is very similar to the semi-permeable membrane used in RO purifiers but with bigger pores. These UF membranes are extremely effective and are capable of removing several particles such as pathogenic organisms, dissolved solids and salts. UF water purifier physically removes all germs and bacteria from the water and is extremely effective when the water is not very hard. If the water has too much TDS and is extremely hard, then a RO purifier is more effective.

These purifiers can be a bit tricky when installing, so it's always good to get help from an installation service to prevent any problems in the future. 

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