Different Ways A Water Purifier Can Give You Trouble

Shobika 4 years ago

Water pollution has reached an unprecedented level. Today, consuming a drop of unfiltered water might lead to diseases and ill-health. Monitor your drinking water, probe into water purifier for defects and get it fixed from a professional. Filters face multiple problems. Here is our list of 6 common problems and their solutions.

  1. Water leaking from pipes – Is water dripping on the outer surface of the filter? Ill-fitted parts of the water purifier lead to an unnecessary discharge of water. Try to tighten the parts around the leak. It should solve the problem. Another common reason for leakage is high water pressure. Try adjusting the nozzle. If high pressure still exists, talk to an expert and fix the problem.
  2. A different taste of water – Many homeowners complain that installing new water purifier changes the taste of water. Tackle this problem by emptying the purifier tank before using it for consumption. Regularly change the filter as mentioned in the instruction and care manual. Spend some time researching about the filter and its ability to deal with varied contaminants found in the water. 
  3. Smelly water – A smelly glass of water is never a healthy choice. The odour from a water filter is a serious problem and denotes poor health of the water purifier. Most likely the cartridge in the filter is overdue for replacement. Sedimentation blocks water discharge. The stagnated water and sediments containing microorganisms can start the process of decomposition leading to the formation of pungent and smelly water. Quickly change the filter cartridge. If the problem continues, ask a technician to clear out the sedimentation.
  4. The feeble flow of water – Most filters come with speed changes in delivering water. Check the settings. If the delivery is not set for low, the problem is with the water pressure or damaged cartridge. The pressure exerted from the tank should be in synchrony with the purifier. The pressure adjustment will help get the right volume of water.
  5. Excessive water drainage in RO filters – If you have an RO filter, you might face water drainage issues. The reason is a blocked membrane. Changing the membrane should resolve the issue. Low water pressure is another cause. Osmosis needs optimal pressure to adjust the pressure to restart the process of RO.
  6. Filter not turning on or off – Press the button to start the filter. The failure of the water to flow after the waiting time indicates a problem. Check the availability of water in the main water tank. If there is no issue with water availability, the problem lies with the switch. Either the switch is broken or damaged. Cut off the water supply and call for a mechanic. Replacing switches is inexpensive and opting for the same brand products brings better results. 

The best way to prevent water purifier from giving you trouble is by subscribing to annual maintenance service. The water purifier is an essential device for every homeowner. A properly functioning filter will ensure the safety and health of all family members.

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