How to Tackle Water Purifier Problems At Home

Pavithra S 4 years ago

This might be the tough time for all of us battling against the deadly Coronavirus, which has impacted and changed our daily lives very much. The global pandemic, Covid-19 is reshaping our lives in all aspects that we can’t access most of our civic needs. Most of the home improvement and home services needs have been debarred due to lockdown and quarantining. RO or water purifier repair service is one such need that we lack access to. While water purifiers are a necessity in urban households, any repair to the RO or water purifiers should be done on a timely basis for a safe consumption of water.   

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Drinking clean water is essential for good health and Reverse Osmosis (RO) play a significant role in removing the harmful compounds from drinking water. A water purifier with RO prevents harmful substances and bacteria from entering the human body. Hence it is important to service or repair water purifiers when they don’t function properly. There might be various anonymous reasons for a water purifier to not function perfectly, be it a major or minor issue. It needs to be addressed as early as possible and calling an expert is the right solution to it.

Since this is the time we stay at home and quarantine owing to the Covid-19 lockdown, reaching out to an expert for water purifier repair service is almost impossible. So, here we let you know some common water purifier problems and the possible solutions during Quarantine.

Various Troubles in Water Purifiers

Water leakage

If there are any parts of the water purifier ill-fitted, then there are chances of water leaking on the outer surface of the filter. This will lead to unnecessary discharge and cause wastage of water. Tightening the parts of water purifier around the leak would solve the problem. High water pressure is another common reason for water leakage. Try adjusting the nozzle yourself for the pressure to normalize. If high pressure still exists, then calling an expert is the best solution to fix the problem.

Stinky Water or Bad Taste

It is not safe to consume water that smells as it might cause several ill-effects. If you smell strange stinky water in your RO or water purifier, then it is a serious problem and denotes that water purifier isn’t in good condition. This might be due to issue in the cartridge in the filter by which sedimentation blocks water discharge leading to smelly water. To address this problem, empty the water purifier tank and refill again for consumption or change the filter cartridge. If the problem persists, you would require a technician’s help which you find through Sulekha. The water filter needs to be replaced every three months for the safe drinking of water. With no proper maintenance and care, the water purifier will not function properly.

Weak Flow of Water

If there is feeble flow of water, check the settings of water purifier. Most filters in purifier usually come with speed changes. If the discharge of water is not set low in the settings, then the issue would be with the damaged cartridge or with the water pressure. The pressure exerted should synchronize with the water purifier. Adjusting the pressure would solve the problem and help you get the right volume of water.

Filter Issues

If you face any issue with the filter turning on or off, check the water availability in the tank. Press the button to start filter and check if any issue lies with the switch. If there is no problem in water availability, then the issue lies with the switch. The failure of water to flow even after the waiting time indicates there is some issue in filter. Broken or damaged switch needs to be replaced and calling for an expert is the right choice to fix it. Switch replacement in a water filter isn’t much expensive and choosing the same brand would bring better results.

Excessive Water Seepage in RO Filters

Water drainage issues are common in a RO water filter. Blocked membrane might be the reason for it and changing the membrane would fix the issue. If not, low water pressure might be another cause for it. Adjust the pressure to optimal which will restart RO process and stops continuous water seepage. If you can’t fix, try seeking help from the experts through Sulekha.

Regular maintenance and service of water purifier will keep your purifier healthy and helps in consuming safe water. Sulekha provides you complete solution for any RO or water purifier repair services at your doorstep with a simple click. Here is the list of different water purifier repair services provided by experts through Sulekha.

  • Annual Maintenance Service for RO, RO UV, UV types of purifiers
  • Installation/un installation
  • Filter change or any other repair/service for all brands of water purifiers

For any of your water purifier maintenance, repair and service requirements, contact Sulekha, the fast and free way to get experts.

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