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      Latest Water purifiers ProductsView All (898)
      • Aquasure Maxima Booster Water Purifier  (UV)
        Aquasure Maxima Booster Water Purifier (UV)
        • Brand:AquaSure
        • Purification Technology: UV
        • Storage Capacity: - Litre(s)
      • Tata Swach Desire Plus Water Purifier (UF)
        Tata Swach Desire Plus Water Purifier (UF)
        • Brand:Tata Swach
        • Purification Technology: UF
        • Storage Capacity: 27 Litre(s)
      • Whirlpool Minerala 90 Classic Water Purifier (RO+MES)
        Whirlpool Minerala 90 Classic Water Purifier (RO+MES...
        • Brand:Whirlpool
        • Purification Technology: RO+MES
        • Storage Capacity: 8.5 Litre(s)
      • Krona Aqua Reviera Water Purifier (RO+UV)
        Krona Aqua Reviera Water Purifier (RO+UV)
        • Brand:Krona
        • Purification Technology: RO+UV
        • Storage Capacity: 10 Litre(s)
      • Kemflo POLO SMART Water Purifier (RO)
        Kemflo POLO SMART Water Purifier (RO)
        • Brand:Kemflo
        • Purification Technology: RO
        • Storage Capacity: 7 Litre(s)

      Best 10 Water Softener in Hyderabad as on May 27, 2018

      1. +91 75690 08193
        Water Softener Dealers, Home water purifier dealers

        Puritan Aqua RO Water Solutions, established in 2012 and based in Hyderabad, is a top & reputed water purifier located in Hyderabad and serving water purifiers for domestic, Industrial and commercial RO services and sales.We pride ourselves on total customer care and is trusted brand in Hyderabad with high-quality service.

        We work with a growing network of qualified, insured and trusted technicians who carry out our installation and maintenance services and who are also valued customers themselves. For safe drinking water, we adopt 7 stage RO water purification techniques which eliminate impurities and water contaminants.

        As such, we are committed to our customer service and our experienced staff are available to provide you with any assistance, advice or information regarding your particular water filtration system or general enquiry. Puritan Aqua is continuously reinforced and Innovate's through experimentation of products for Best Water Purification methods. We strive to provide an excellent path for healthy living with purified water.

        TRUST: We support sustainable and safe methods in water purification.

        QUALITY: Our products are designed by maintaining the standards of 9001

        SERVICE: A dedicated Skill full team to deal with any complicated situation and provided excellent service.

        INTEGRITY: We are honest, open, ethical People trust us to bond for healthy lifestyle

        Talk to us today to learn more about our best price guarantee water purifiers with great deals and special offers.

        Our Products
        RO Purifiers
        UV Purifiers
        Commercial RO Systems
        Industrial Water Purifiers
        Water Coolers
        Resin Water Softeners
        Electronic Water Softeners
        Magnetic Water Softeners
        Spare Parts

      2. Baron Techno Products, Adikmet

        3 Reviews 7.1 Sulekha Score
        +91 98 83035838
        Water Softener Dealers, Home water purifier dealers
        Baron techno products has immense experience in this business. We provide services Like Water Purifier Dealers. Our motto has always been timely supply, best quality and optimum cost. We are in this field from last several years and have huge experience in it. We are in touch with our customers through quality, performance, service and assistance. Bringing the top of value to our customers, we also care as much about our customers. We look onward to your business and hope you would give us a chance to serve. Contact us for further details.
      3. +91 75690 04432
        Water Softener Dealers, Home water purifier dealers
        We are living in an era where water purification system are not considered as luxury  appliance it is the basic necessity of day to day life and every human being including plants and animals deserves clean, safe and pure drinking water to stay fit and healthy. Growing population, industrial development and environmental degradation is restricting the easy availability of clean, safe and pure drinking water in our surroundings these days. Due to this situation, it becomes more important for us to be aware of purification techniques and the available water purifiers in the market to ensure that our drinking water is of good quality.  We provide 100% safe, clean and healthy drinking water, its purity can be felt in the taste and added minerals enhance the immunity and hydration.
      4. All Tech Services, Chintal

        2 Reviews 4.3 Sulekha Score
        +91 75690 05755
        Water Softener Dealers, Home water purifier dealers
        Established in 1981, Aquatech is a global leader in water purification technology for industrial and infrastructure markets with a focus on desalination, water recycle and reuse, and zero liquid discharge (ZLD).Headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, Aquatech has offices throughout North America, and has a significant presence worldwide through subsidiaries in Europe, the Middle East, India and China. Through its network and world-wide operations, Aquatech has successfully executed more that 1,000 water management projects in over 60 countries around the globe.The phrase “From Innovation Flows Leadership” affirms Aquatech customers of its dedication to providing new technologies and processes that solve unique project challenges, meet specific industry requirements, enhance system performance and reliability, and significantly reduce installation time and costs.  
      5. +91 73 06887407
        Water Softener Dealers, Home water purifier dealers

        Flat No. 9, 1st Floor, Lenin Estate, Gun Foundary, Abids, Hyderabad - 500001

      6. Jaipal Reddy, Miyapur

        6.6 Sulekha Score
        +91 91605 38340
        Water Softener Dealers, Home water purifier dealers

        No. 25-35/1/D/1, miyapur, Miyapur, hyderabad - 500049

      7. OZES Purifiers Pvt. Ltd., Kukatpally

        32 Reviews 6.6 Sulekha Score
        +91 75690 18685
        Water Softener Dealers, Home water purifier dealers
        OZES Purifiers Pvt. Ltd. has 15 years of experience in the business of providing sediment less water to our customers. We provide water purifiers with the latest technologies like RO, UV, RO+UV, UF gravity, etc. We also deal with water softeners, water filter cartridges and alkaline ionisers. Carbon block, Ceramic, RO cartridge, Granular media are the types of cartridges we use in our process. These technologies have undergone strict quality test and control. We also look after sewage and effluent waste water treatment. Our professionals are well trained in installation/uninstallation, cartridge/filter repairs, AMC and general services either at home or service centre ensuring customer satisfaction. Contact us for your water purifier and drinking water needs.
      8. SS Water Solutions, Kamalapuri Colony

        1 Review 4.2 Sulekha Score
        +91 75690 18396
        Water Softener Dealers, Home water purifier dealers

        With a vision to create a safe and healthy living for its customers, SS Water Solutions, a pioneer of water purification systems, has built a range of Universal, RO & UV technology to assure clients a better health in every drop. Our broad range of products offers excellent versatility letting you clean hard to reach surfaces with ease. The newly launched Hepa range of SS Water Solutions purifiers with 8 stage purification clean your indoor air effortlessly helping you breathe easy.

        Our online store lets you get the combined benefits of convenience and peace of mind. Our online renewable AMC enables you to get continued benefits of the product while our online service request lets you address your service needs without having to locate a physical centre or call helplines. SS Water Solutions, a reputed water solution provider, Offers you Quality Repair, Service, and Annual Maintenance. We have brought services under one roof for you. We believe in offering you the best of products and services to ensure you are utmostly satisfied with our offerings.

        Our team of dedicated personnel is awaiting an opportunity to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have at any point in time. Rewarding our efforts of delivering excellence at every step, we are proud to have received numerous awards and recognition from some of the most renowned publications and organisations. ?If you seem to find any technical Issues, It is Better to call a Technician Immediately to take care of it. Contact Our Experts so That they take care of all your needs.

        Our Features

      9. Water Softener Dealers, Home water purifier dealers
        Aquaguard water purifier and vacuum cleaner and air purifier and CCTV sales and service
      10. Water Softener Dealers, Home water purifier dealers

        Door No. 2-24-402,HMT Hills,Opp Jntu, Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500072

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      10 Recent Reviews by Customers as on May 27, 2018

      Average Rating (4) - 35 reviews
      1. 26th May, 2018

        Recently we buy water puritan Very good service ecomical price and fast service Thx Sunitha Madam given good Costmer response

      2. 29th April, 2018

        Very good turn around time at reasonable prices. Thanks Mr. Amarnath!

      3. 29th April, 2018

        Excellent and in time service, response was good, and service is superb.

      4. 16th February, 2018

        I have given a complaint against water purifier from bhongir through mobile still no body can attend the call. Last 15 days I am waiting for your technician Mr Pandu Siddam his cell no. 8187861822 and he was collected Rs. 3000/- for AMC on October 2017. I continuing giving a call but still he his not lifting/responding. But, I can never expect such type of response from your side, very bad and poor and worst.

      5. 27th January, 2018

        I think this company should be closed. The guy is a goon and a cheat. So many times called but never responds. He damaged the RO as well. The leakage went on increased. Pls don't ever call this company for anything.

      6. 5th December, 2017

        Good and prompt service with affordable rates

      7. 22nd November, 2017

        Quick installation with Good Product.

      8. 13th November, 2017

        Preferably I choose this showroom to buy a new Water purifier.i had visited this showroom and bought the new Water purifier.they quote 16000 including installation for the Water purifier, But I am not satisfied due to the high price which is comparative another showroom.

      9. 31st October, 2017

        Aquaguard water purifier was purchased for my home from this Shop, they charged 8000, the Customer service was good because, after my purifier delivery, one has come for installation and made it very quickly.overall the service was good and satisfied with the purchase from them.

      10. 26th October, 2017

        You can trust this vendor for Water Filter for your healthy drinking water. Easy to reach and great expertise on water filtration system.bought water purifier from this vendor .we are totally happy with the quality and Taste of water after the purifier .cost was 18000 which was taken care by my husband.This is the Best water filtration company you will find.happy to purchase from this vendor.

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