Rain-Proof Your House For This Monsoon

Aathirai 5 years ago

Rain has already started in all the regions of India while it is just the beginning of July. In this beautiful weather, everyone loves to sit relaxed at a coffee table and sip warm coffee enjoying the rain. Don't let water leakages, damp walls, and mold odor to ruin these moments. Try these tips to keep your house and yourself waterproof this season.


1. Seal the cracks

The walls of our house are usually porous or sometimes prone to cracks due to harsh weather conditions. These cracks are the primary cause for the water leakage or dampness on walls. The best way to get rid of this trouble is only by sealing these cracks with waterproofing paints on the exterior walls. Start your waterproofing plans before the season arrives. Clean the gutters to avoid wall dampness. Get a professional waterproofing contractor and waterproof the leakage area.

2. Treat your swollen wooden doors

The wooden doors always swell during the monsoon season. This issue is inevitable for all the monsoons. You can avoid this swelling by painting the door and applying a waterproof coat to it. For some quick fix, try tightening up the screws in the hinge. If that didn't work, try rubbing the door with the sandpaper can help you reduce the swelling.

3. Fix the electrical points

You need to make sure if all the electrical connections work well and fix the faults before the season starts. It can involve high risks when it starts raining, and your wall is damp. Avoid using multi-plug bars which can lead to short circuits. You can use small silica get packets near your non-waterproof gadgets.

4. Clean your drain

The drainage system needs regular checks to avoid clogging. The rainwater that enters the sewer carries the plastics and other objects around with it leading to drain clogging. Unclogging and cleaning your drain is very essential to prevent this problem. Drain overflow gives space for insects breed and also leads to bad odor. 

5. Care for your fabrics

Fabrics get the mold odor and green patches easily even if it is stored in the armoire. Use naphthalene balls and silica gel pouches to get rid of mold growth and also the smell. You can furthermore put neem leaves that effectively shield against silverfish. Fill your shoes with newspaper to avoid the foul odor.

6. Equip the entrance

You cannot avoid going out just because of rain. Everybody has to do their daily works and cannot skip walking along the muddy streets. So, keep a bucket filled with clean water near your entrance to wash your feet and a dry carpet to wipe off the water from your feet. This can avoid entry of pathogens inside your house during this rainy season.

Even though the rain starts with a pleasant earthy smell, your house would get a mold odor if the rain continues for 2-3 days. Open the windows and doors when rain takes breaks. Let the air in. This provokes inflow of air from outside and freshens up the air inside your house.

Enjoy the rain from your rainproof house without worrying about the leakage. Now, unwind yourself on a recliner, sip coffee and enjoy the weather.

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