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Waterproofing Material Dealers in Delhi

as on Dec 13, 2018
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  1. Radco Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.	19
    Radco Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. Pitampura, Delhi - 110034
    14 Reviews 6.7

    Waterproofing Material Dealers

    +91 11 40496947

    Radco Buildtech is one of the leading construction chemical companies in India. We have almost 17 years of experience in waterproofing services and pest control by protecting your building. Get the best waterproofing paint for outside walls, roofing and terrace to give better coating for your construction. Know the waterproofing chemicals price and paint price from our experts to coat your building.

  2. S P Engineering Works 3
    S P Engineering Works Bhajanpura, Delhi - 110053

    Waterproofing Material Dealers

    +91 11 41135399

    SP Engineer works is the topmost chemical suppliers in Delhi who is using various terrace waterproofing materials with construction compound for coating. Get waterproofing chemicals price for basements, terrace, roofs, walls etc from our experts. Contact us to know further more details. 

  3. DS Enterprises 20
    DS Enterprises Mehrauli, Delhi - 110030

    Waterproofing Material Dealers

    +91 11 40127792

    We do waterproofing painting services and also we provide best waterproofing material dealers in Delhi for your easy understanding. We ensure using a list of waterproofing chemicals and solutions for basement, bathroom, terrace, water tank to provide your construction from leakage. Stay connected with us.!

  4. Structural Waterproofing Co. Pvt. Ltd. Also Servicing in Delhi
    1 Review

    Waterproofing Material Dealers

    Our team is best in providing waterproofing services in Delhi at reasonable cost structure. We also good in providing flooring contractors for various spaces. Know your waterproof paint price from our experts and protect your spacing from leakage. We suggest you to waterproof your construction with high-quality products. Get connected with our leading professionals.

  5. Decor & Design 4
    Decor & Design Azadpur, Delhi - 110033
    2 Reviews

    Waterproofing Material Dealers

    We are one of the best waterproofing chemical suppliers in Delhi at your budget. We use various terrace waterproofing methods in order to provide your construction from leakage. Connect with our experts to know more about our service.

  6. G.D.V. Enterprises 8
    G.D.V. Enterprises Patel Nagar, Delhi - 110008

    Waterproofing Material Dealers

    Our team of experts are well good in doing waterproofing services in Delhi as per your requirement and need. We use quality waterproof paint and cement for your construction in making good and best. Waterproofing materials for roof is totally different from other parts. Get suggestions from our experts to protect your spacing.

  7. Tripal's WaterProofing 2
    Tripal's WaterProofing Patparganj, Delhi - 110092

    Waterproofing Material Dealers

    Tripals Waterproofing company has enough years of experience in waterproofing services in Delhi within your budget and requirement. Chemicals and paints using for this purpose will be a high-quality product. We are in the list of waterproofing material dealers in Delhi for many number of years. Stay connected with our staffs.

  8. K.K. Build Care Mayur Vihar 3, Delhi - 110091

    Waterproofing Material Dealers

    K.K build care have enough years of experience in providing best waterproofing contractors in Delhi. Our major aim is to protect quality service and timely response for our valuable customers. Waterproof coat is actually a layer to protect your spacing from leakage. Contact us to get further more details.

  9. Fabteq Systems Pvt. Ltd. Preet Vihar, Delhi - 110092

    Waterproofing Material Dealers

    No. 495, Madhuban Road, Ganesh Nagar Extn-II,Nirman Vihar, Preet Vihar, Delhi - 110092
  10. Home Assista 2
    Home Assista Auchandi, Delhi - 180013

    Waterproofing Material Dealers

    we are offering the best Technical and Professional services eg. plumber, eletrictian, painter, construction & Renovation , tiling , Home Appliances Repair at your Doorsteps with no extra charges.

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  • Waterproofing materials: Waterproofing Compound
  • Areas for waterproofing: Others
2 days ago
  • Waterproofing materials: Waterproofing Liquid, SBR Latex, Repair Bonding Agents, Waterproofing Admixtures, Waterproofing Compound, Water Stop Construction Joints, Waterproofing Powder, Polyurethane Grouting Chemical, Waterproofing Adhesive Tape, Waterproofing Paints
  • Areas for waterproofing: Basement, Walls, Fence, Overhead tank, Sump, Others
74 days ago
  • Waterproofing materials: Waterproofing Liquid
  • Areas for waterproofing: Basement, Walls
143 days ago
  • Ways to waterproof your house

    What is waterproofing?

    Waterproofing is the method of protecting the building from the damages that can be caused by water. These materials create a barrier to prevent water infiltration into the building. There are many methods and materials available in the market for waterproofing various parts of the house such as walls, terrace, basement, and roof.

    In Delhi city, the buildings undergo the hottest summer which reaches 45 °C and coldest winters that reach 6 °C. The building needs to be strong enough to meet the drastic climatic changes that happen in the city. The monsoon arrives from the end of July to August. New Delhi receives an average of 790 mm rainfall per year and an average of 237 mm rainfall in July. It generates severe problems other than waterlogging. It leads to the collapse of the walls. Waterproofing can help it stay strong without cracks and also, it acts as a reinforcement that supports the building. The waterproofing coat envelops the cracks present and don't allow it to expand.

    Waterproofing material dealers in Delhi are providing all the types of waterproofing materials available in the market. The construction chemical companies in India manufacture the waterproofing materials and distribute all around the country through the waterproofing material dealers.

    How to stop water leakage from the concrete roof?

    You will need to mix any suitable waterproofing compound for concrete for such as waterproof cement additive or admixture. When this additive mixed with mortar in the specified composition, the mixture turns waterproof after drying. There are many admixtures available in the market. The hydrophilic admixture, crystalline admixture, and capillary admixture are categorized based on their waterproofing phenomenon. These are some of the admixtures that can be easily mixed with cement to make it waterproof.

    There is a long list of waterproofing materials that work for different areas with the various phenomenon. Some of the waterproofing chemicals are admixtures, waterproofing compounds, waterproofing cement, paints and many others. The popularly known waterproofing material brands are Dr.fixit, Fosroc and roff waterproofing chemicals.

    How to waterproof a concrete roof?

    There are many terrace waterproofing methods and waterproofing materials for the roof are available in the market. Here is a description of how to waterproof your terrace with a waterproofing material.

    1. Clean the surface of the terrace

      Brushing the surface with a push broom removes dirt and debris from it. The waterproofing membrane or the waterproof coat will tear up if the surface is not cleaned well before applying on it.

    2. Pretreat the surface

      If the surface of the terrace has holes, cracks or any other damage on the surface, it is necessary to cover the damaged area before waterproofing it. Water penetrates through these minor damages which leads to water leakage. Covering the damages is crucial before starting the process. Seal the cracks and holes with the silicone sealant.

    3. Prime the surface

      Concrete primer is a substance that allows enhanced adherence of waterproofing membrane or coat to the concrete surface of the terrace. Two layers of coating of this primer all over the surface are adequate for the perfect finish. Allow each layer of the coat to dry completely before starting the next.

    4. Apply the waterproofing membrane or coating

      The application procedure varies depending upon the type of waterproofing material that is being used. Some waterproofing membranes are compounded together by heating it with the flaming torch. In the case of liquid waterproofing membranes, some require reinforcing mats or fabric mat and others need multiple layers of coating.

    Some of the waterproofing materials that are suitable for terrace are bitumen waterproofing membranes or torch on membranes, polyurethane waterproofing materials, acrylic waterproofing coatings and liquid waterproofing membranes.

    Waterproofing solutions for walls

    Exterior walls are exposed more to water during monsoon rains. The water infiltrates through the cracks on the wall forming damp patches on the interior walls. The wall dampness further leads way another issue called mold and fungal growth. Waterproofing the interior and exterior walls is the only solution to prevent further damage.

    PVC sheathing, waterproofing cement, and coating are the waterproofing chemicals for walls. Waterproofing paints for the wall are the most popular and inexpensive solution to the wall dampness. Applying waterproofing paint for outside wall can minimize wall dampness and mold growth. Some of the waterproofing paints are latex paints, polyester epoxy coatings, vinyl wall coverings and many other coatings.

    Steps to waterproof exterior walls

    1. Find the cause

      It is essential to know the reason for the problem before you start solving it. If the dampness is through the water leakage from the kitchen or bathroom, It is worthless to waterproof you wall without stopping the leakage. Find the cause of the problem and resolve it.

    2. Clean clogged gutters

      A clogged gutter allows the overflowing water to fall on the exterior wall of your house. Clogs also preserve water which leads to the gradual ingress of water into the wall.

    3. Select the waterproofing material

      Choose a type of the waterproofing material that suits your house. They are mostly of coating, sealer or paint. The waterproofing coatings are cement-like products that are applied even to the painted walls. The waterproof sealers are the form of waterproofing coating that is applied only to unpainted walls. Waterproofing paints are acrylic wall paint that provides breathable waterproofing.

    4. Prepare your walls

      Sand the rough areas. Clean the surface of the wall with water and let dry completely. Fill the cracks and other minor damages with filler. This process supports good adherence between the waterproofing material and the wall.

    5. Apply the waterproof material

      Apply the waterproofing material using a brush or a roller. Apply the first coat all over the wall and wait for it to dry before applying the second coating if multiple coatings are essential.

    Find the best trustworthy waterproofing material dealers in Delhi who will provide you the high-quality waterproofing materials through Sulekha by just answering few questions asked above.

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