Five Important SEO Hacks You Must Know!

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is primary in increasing the visibility of a page or a website on a search engine's unpaid listing. The relevance of the website to the user directly affects the position of the website on the listing.

    Here are 5 important SEO hacks that helps you boost your site's reach to the common man.

    Remove all elements that slow down your page or website

    The time taken for a page to load is crucial as it makes or breaks the user’s interest in that span of time. Any page that takes too long to load brings the user’s interest down drastically.

    A survey shows that for a website that takes longer than three seconds to load, 40 percent of the users abandon the website and 80 percent won’t return.

    Don’t go too hard on those keywords

    Though SEOs function on keywords, make sure your content is relevant to the user as well. Too many keywords for the sake of optimization might also tick off the user as it does not relate to them on a personal level. Write content that’s actually helpful.

    Meta descriptions

    Meta descriptions are most important for any page as they’re the first impression that your site gives on the search engine. Only if your Meta description is appealing enough will the user proceed to click for more content.

    Linking to other websites and vice versa

    Link relevant content to other websites in your website and create trustworthy links that other websites can link yours to. Link building still remains to be a crucial part of smart search optimization.

    Keep track of your web analytics

    After you’ve started working on your site completely, you need a tool that monitors whether everything is in place or not. Google Analytics, Google Search Console help you track your website’s optimization. There are other apps to monitor and track the number of visitors to your page on a daily basis.

    And there ends our short list of the SEO hacks you must know. Want more help on website designing? Get help from the experts!