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    Event OrganisersGet Set to Host a Low-Budget Summer Party

    Niviya Chanchez 2 weeks ago

    It's summer and time for a holiday plan. With the past few years spent confined and distanced socially, this summer is the time for bash and back to socializing. It is also when kids have summer vacations and want to indulge in fun and frolic. From......

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    Event OrganisersWhy is Summer the Best Season!

    Sai Vishal Kannan 3 weeks ago

    Summer is a season of warmth, sunshine, and outdoor adventures. It's the time of year when school is out, vacations are planned, and memories are made. Summer brings with it a sense of freedom, relaxation, and possibility. From beach days to barbec......

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    Event Organisers12 Global Events to Look Forward to in 2023

    Harshavardini M 4 months ago

    What's better than the end of a year? The beginning of a new year. With every New Year comes new beginnings and new changes. But one thing that remains the same is the anticipation of the people on what exciting events the New Year is about to brin......

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    Fashion Designers6 Winter Outfit Ideas That Will Keep You Warm

    Harshavardini M 5 months ago

    Winter the season of chill mornings, warm food, and festivities. Make sure that the temperature outside is not the coolest this winter, and outshine the winter by being the coolest and dressing like the fashionista that you are!  Winter in India i......

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    Catering Services6 Winter Soups to Warm You Up

    Adhithiya Rajasekar 5 months ago

    Soups are one of the best food that represents winter. A warm cup of soup is the perfect way to embrace the wintery feel. Trust me; you don’t have to be a chef to make the perfect winter soup. All you need is to follow the basic steps. And yes, tha......

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    Skin Care & Treatment8 Must-Know Ways To Protect Your Skin This Winter

    Harshavardini M 5 months ago

    Freezing winds and the smell of warm masala chai, accompanied by the serene sound of rainwater hitting the road, indicate the beginning of the winter.?  Do you know what else this indicates?  It indicates that it’s about time you change your skin......

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    Chef ProvidersBinge on Healthy Food This Winter

    Niviya Chanchez 5 months ago

    What’s more comforting than snuggling into a blanket on a warm couch, sipping hot chocolate, and munching on some cookies on a cold winter evening? Winter is a time when the body craves more food, and we tend to eat a lot more than in summer. Durin......

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    Photographers & VideographersWinter photoshoot ideas to make you look cool as ice

    Harshavardini M 6 months ago

    Waking up to Foggy mornings, warm cups of aromatic coffee, and thunderous skies rumbling harmoniously while you can hear the rain pattering down on the road is one of the tranquil essences of the winter season in India. Enjoy the season and embrace......

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    Gift ShopsAll You Need To Know About Danteras 2022

    Adhithiya Rajasekar 7 months ago

    Hey folks, the most awaited season of the year is approaching. Are you excited? Yes, I can feel you nodding your head in affirmation of my question. Like you, I’m also excited about the festive season, especially Diwali. As you know, Diwali is the ......

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    Event OrganisersSignificance and Evolution of The Festival of Lights

    Niviya Chanchez 7 months ago

    Diwali - The word itself brings in a lot of memories and emotions in the minds of Indians. Deeply cleaned houses, mad rush at every shop in the town, rich and delectable aroma of sweets on every corner of the streets, an array of Diya’s lit before ......

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    Catering ServicesThe TOP 10 Culinary Institutes in India

    Sai Vishal Kannan 8 months ago

    Welcome Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal. Welcome Graduate School of Hotel Administration, or WGSHA, is established at Manipal. The International Hotel Association, Paris, recognizes the Training and Development Program of WGSHA.......

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