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    Yoga Classes as on Jul 26, 2017

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    1. +91 80 48091767
      Yoga Classes, Yoga classes

      Shiv Yoga is individualized to each personal need and can focus on a particular medical condition or simply to increase flexibility and de-stress to calm down. Yoga sessions with traditional approach create a safe and comfortable environment to pursue balance, heal and rejuvenate to have the inner peace and happiness. We also deal with Dance Classes, Summer Swimming Camps. Contact us for further details.

    2. +91 20 30167926
      Yoga Classes, Yoga classes

      It is a S-VYASA affiliteted center which works in the field of Yoga Education, Yoga Research & Yoga therapy. Yoga Education :-  We provide Yoga teacher training , yoga instructor course ( for all ), Yoga short term & long term courses for Diabetes , Stress, Obesity & DEPRESSION other diseases. YOGA for positive health We also conduct seminars & workshops for different diseases & stress. We have good infrastructure for classrooms, Yoga practice hall & library & digital research lab.

    3. +91 79 30454562
      Yoga Classes, Yoga classes

      Gyanish Fitness Pvt. Ltd. is a Yoga incorporates health, peace, and discipline in your life. We, at Gyanish Fitness, will pave a guiding path for you to attain your maximum level of mental strength. With our comprehensive classes and personal attention, you will feel the difference, your energy level arises, and you will achieve your long time goals with complete commitment. Our yoga sessions can be undertaken by both male and female for varying needs:  physical fitness, body-oriented therapy, or gather spiritual discipline through meditation. We also organise yoga sessions at social events and corporate events. Contact us for a stress-free lifestyle.

    4. +91 33 30651486
      Yoga Classes, Yoga classes

      Health Mission Yoga & Physiotherapy Institute is one of the leading service providers of Yoga Centres. We are one of the reputed service providers and our strong presence in the industry is a proof for the same. Our customers are always treated with courtesy and you can feel it when you are with us. We believe that the quality of work provided by us, low prices, and diversity and quality of the products we work with are some of the prime elements that will prompt many of you into becoming our clients. Our goal is to supply only top quality products from reputable suppliers. Our experience over many years is that this delivers the best performance and best return on investment for our customers. Call us to know more about us.

    5. +91 22 49431599
      Yoga Classes, Yoga classes

      Waking you to a world of wellness, happiness and peace, using life style modifications to suite your abilities & aspirations A judicious mix of traditional and modern knowledge, distilled from many masters of the Yoga universe. We hope to share this ongoing journey of discovery with you and your family whatever their age and stage in life. We are specialized in Home Yoga Instructors Corporate Yoga, Children Yoga and Yoga Therapy. All types of Yoga & Meditation Classes. Contact us for your needs. 

    6. Yoga Sea, Kolkata

      5.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 33 33147127
      Yoga Classes, Yoga classes

      Yoga Sea, established in 2014, is a Yoga Studio Offering Holistic training to increase strength, flexibility, disease free Body and a stress-free mind. We offer yoga classes for men, women, children and organisations. We are one of the reputed service providers and our strong presence in the industry is a proof for the same.  We strive to provide our quality yoga services at affordable costs. We offer dance classes yoga classes and aerobics classes in our centre. We conduct free demo classes for the convenience of the clients. Our centre has facilities like car park, AC, changing rooms, Wi-Fi, steam and shower facilities. Call us to know more about us.

    7. Anahat Yoga, Pune

      4.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 20 30168069
      Yoga Classes, Yoga classes

      Being the 4th wheel of energy in the Indian kundalini system of 7 chakras, Anahata represents the heart, i.e., the emotional well-being of a person with themselves and their environment. We teach Anahata technique to men and women. Our classes can be attended in groups or you can opt for private classes. We have teachers with years of experience, who will take you under their wing to help you find peace, balance and practice compassion through yoga. Contact us for details, join our classes and begin your inner journey.

    8. +91 79 30692903
      Yoga Classes, Yoga classes

      Ruchi Yoga Studio, founded in 2011, is a renowned yoga centre based in Ahmedabad, India. We specialise in offering comprehensive yoga classes for individuals and corporates from both genders. We also provide group yoga services. Our skilled yoga instructors teach Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga and Iyengar Yoga. We cater our affordable training at either our yoga studio or the client' home. Contact us for learning yoga.

    9. +91 22 49431549
      Yoga Classes, Yoga classes

       Shivanand Yoga Education Trust provide custom slimming, beauty and health & wellness services. We understand that beauty and weight related treatment is not just a business, or a means of generating revenue. For us, it is a field driven by passion and the drive to care for our clients that leads us to do this. We have highly skilled and experienced specialists and consultants who always ensure that each client of ours is treated specially. Contact us for further details.

    10. +91 11 41135704
      Yoga Classes, Yoga classes

      Indira Gandhi Institute of Yog Services (IGI yog services) gives highest value to our customers requirements and does everything possible to provide them complete satisfaction. We provide services in all Yoga allies viz Yoga for General Fitness, weight lose, Meditation, Pre/post Natal yoga, Yoga for children, Aged and young people, Yoga for Life style Disorders like Cervical, Migraine, Thyroid, Heart problem, Asthma, Arthritis, Post Accidental Recovery, Eye problem, Shoulder problem, Obesity, Diabetes(sugar), Glaucoma, Knee and joint pain, COD cyst problem, stress management and more … IGI yog services Flow Yoga is rooted in ancient tradition, but is unique in its modern day transformational journey on the path to a more joyous life-both on and off the yoga mat. For Beginners, IGI Yog Services offers a thorough and comprehensive 5-Week Beginner Series. Though it is not required, we do recommend students new to yoga start with a five-week series as it covers many of the yoga fundamentals, including basic postures, breathing awareness, yoga philosophy and meditation. All the classes at IGI yog services (including our beginners’ series), are multi-leveled, encouraging the opportunity to honor the body, mind and spirit while promoting growth and transformation through powerful group energy. Beginner’s classes are tailored towards those who have never done yoga, but are open to everyone—the experienced yogi taking a gentle practice and those who are still reaching for their toes! The beginner series is excellent preparation for our overlapping comprehensive IGI yog services series (Ocean, Mountain, and Desert) which is the core of the IGI yog services practice. With continued attendance and effort it will be evident that you have discovered an instrument for powerful physical development and personal growth. Many of our students begin to recognize the countless benefits of a consistent practice with us within just a few classes. At IGI yog services our instructors are dedicated to seeing each individual develop their practice. Each instructor has been certified to teach yoga and hot Pilates and demonstrates the qualifications necessary to be registered with the IGI yog services Yoga Alliance at the highest teaching standard. Not only have our instructors taught thousands of students, they are dedicated instructors in themselves. They understand what it is like to have a personal practice and will assist you as you become acclimated with our methodology and class series. Our commitment to your success includes programs to keep you motivated throughout your journey to improved health. The entire IGI yog services family, look forward to serving you with much joy and anticipation as you take your first powerful and courageous steps in IGIyogservices conscious yogic journey of Peace, Power and Flow!!!

    10 Reviews of Yoga Classes as on Jul 26, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. 21st July, 2017

      Good trainer but prices seem a little high

    2. 9th July, 2017

      I have taken the service from this business.There service was very good.They have charged me RS 1000.overall there i am very happy with there service.

    3. 6th July, 2017

      Recently, I have joined in this Yoga center for Postnatal. I paid Rs 3,000 as fee, totally 6 classes. Their training is well and good, now mind and soul its relax. I am so happy by joining there.

    4. 30th June, 2017

      I am happy found the rite place to join

    5. 21st May, 2017

      really superb. recommend this to all.

    6. 21st May, 2017

      Nice. really liked it. Hope it helps others as well.

    7. 11th May, 2017

      Purchased the Ayurvedic Medicine's from this Patanjali Chikitshalya, this is a yoga center, they have been selling Ayurvedic medicines, their response was good, medicines cost was low, satisfied their service.

    8. 11th May, 2017

      Consulted for taking Yoga Instruction from this center for their response was Excellent and they have taken service charge also its Nominal amount only for their approach also was superb so I'm fully happy with their service

    9. 11th May, 2017

      Learning yoga from this yoga tutor.the class is taken in the alternate days for one hour.The yoga class is very beneficial and has improved my health and mind in positive and peaceful way..Good trainer for yoga that help me lot..the classes are free classes..

    10. 9th May, 2017

      This place is basically for those who wants to learn Yoga. Those who want to take admission in this center, is useful for them. I just visited this place. They charged some money or teaching yoga.

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