Paid Overseas Education Consultants VS Free Outside Agents for Study Abroad

Jenson 3 years ago
Though India is known across the world for sending out bright students to practice various disciplines from different parts of the globe, it is a hard decision for many to migrate abroad and often require meticulous planning. Let's not forget, the more options you have in hand, the more it makes you confused, making it much harder to pick the right nation and the college where you wish to apply. You can ask your family, friends, and seniors for guidance, but with their constrained knowledge, it doesn't mean you will get professional advice. 

When preparing to study abroad, it is always advised to go for a professional consultation and organization that holds enormous involvement in overseas undertaking and Universities. They will give you the right direction, which is foremost to have sound decisions for your career. 

Let's examine the points of merits and drawbacks of Paid or Free Consultants; in this way, you can get an understanding of your next big step in your career.

Free outside agents or Overseas Representatives are experts who are liable for guiding international students through the application procedure of a specific country or college. Their fundamental role is to streamline the application procedure and make it easy for the students. They assist students with choosing which colleges to apply to and how they should approach the application procedure. Generally, free agents don't charge anything from their students and are paid by the college upon a valid confirmation. 

It isn't uncommon for Agents to help students during the application procedure. You can also get your Agent to assist you with filling the application forms and guide you in regards to the assembly of records and planning of your profile and CV, recommendation letters, and so forth. Most Agents likewise assist understudies with applying for visas if they get a confirmation offer.

Education 'Advisors' or consultants are experts who are answerable for advising and guiding students who wish to study abroad. Although their essential purpose is equivalent to an Agent's, for example, to help students through the application procedure, their work profile is somewhat more extensive when compared with an Agent's. 

Consultants survey the needs and want of the student and contrast them with his/her present qualities and shortcomings. Based on this analysis, they assist students with choosing the right colleges they ought to apply to (remembering the colleges that are probably going to acknowledge them). They charge some costs from the students and are not paid by the colleges. 
Consultants additionally manage students during the application procedure and assist them with filling forms, arranging documents, preparing individual papers, and so forth. A few Consultants also help students during the visa application process.

The main difference between Agents and Consultants is that agents are paid by the college, whereas consultants charge students for their advice. Often, these free agents manipulate the student to get into colleges that favors the agents' work with extra money. This results in students getting pushed to colleges that might not be the right fit for them.
On the other hand, Consultants charge a fee from the student for their services and are not paid by any university. As a result of this, Consultants tend to provide more honest and unbiased recommendations of universities and programs to students as they are not dependent on any particular university for their commission.

In terms of professional goals, an agent's main objective is to fill seats at a particular university by convincing a student to join that university, whereas the main purpose of a Consultant is to ensure client satisfaction by suggesting what is best for the student. 
In my opinion, you should only consult a free agent when you're very sure about the course and college you want to enroll in. To do that, go to the website of the university of your choice and search for the list of agents or overseas representatives to connect with them.
The most significant advantage of getting admission through consultants is the availability of tier 1 and tier 2 colleges, which will guarantee a brighter future for your career. Also, if any time of the process you feel like the consultant is not acting upon your advantage, you can terminate the contract right then and there. 

Now you must decide which one of these professionals can help you the best to get to your dream education destination. If you're choosing consultants over agents, get the best overseas consultants from sulekha, as they provide a list of multiple verified consultants with detailed reviews from real students.

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