6 Reasons Why You Should Work In The FMCG Sector

Arvind L 6 years ago

At the sight of the word FMCG, your first question might be what it stands for? FMCG is the acronym for the word Fast Moving Consumer Goods. The FMCG industry is behind every popular household brand that we use. From breakfast cereal to the toiletries, the FMCG industry creates them. These products are easily available at any store and are low in cost.  Without the help of these goods, living life would have been extremely tedious. The FMCG industry is among the coveted ones and encompasses several popular companies like Hindustan Unilever Limited, Procter and Gamble, Britannia, PepsiCo, Nestle etc.

Here below are the reasons that make FMCG one of the best sectors to work with 

1. Fast Paced Industry

Fast paced is the appropriate word to describe the FMCG industry. From innovation to selling a product, everything happens at rapid speeds. The demand for these products are on a constant rise and everything needs to happen instantly to prevent disruption. This industry is known for not having dull moments.

2. Innovation and Exposure

Innovation is the heart and soul of FMCG companies. In order to be in the race, these companies have to constantly come up with new ideas for marketing, advertising and packaging. Most of the popular products keep changing their packaging. The target markets taste keep changing and thus leading to newer ideas to stay on the same wavelength as the customers. 45 % of the brands listed twenty years ago have been replaced by new names today. If you are someone who is extremely creative and quick on the feet when thinking, then FMCG industry is the one for you.

3. High Profile Industry

FMCG industries provide the brightest prospects for their employees. The salaries are high and the career progression is very strongly paced. Employee and customer retention is another factor that the FMCG industry thrives on. FMCG companies invest a lot in their employees and there is endless scope available for career growth. 

4. Overseas Opportunities

FMCG companies are multinational and operate both in and out of the country. There are a surplus of opportunities outside the country and a demand for the skill acquired. Channeling the effort in the right path may help you in landing opportunities abroad. FMCG multinationals also constantly recruit employees for both short and long projects which might require a lot of travelling.

5. Quick Experience

One can gain quick experience when working with an FMCG industry. Be it sales, marketing, operations or accounting the amount of experience you can gain in a small period of time is more than any other sector. This quick experience also strengthens your basic business skills which is essential in vital decision making.

6. It’s all about who you are

Being dynamic and street smart is all it takes to work in the FMCG industry. Once you’re in the industry, your past doesn’t matter. Your performance is the only thing that is taken into consideration. Being efficient, effective and innovative will fuel your growth. With the FMCG industry providing bright employment prospects and high salaries, this might be the perfect time to work for one.

So if you’re interested in a high profile, stable yet fast paced and an innovative job, FMCG is the industry you should be looking for. This can lead to a range of experiences and opportunities to shape up your career. Take the help of FMCG corporate placement consultants to secure your dream job.

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