Top 4 Easy Programming Languages To Learn For Budding Programmers

  • Understanding how to program might sound like a tedious process but with the right programming language, it won't even be half as hard as it sounds. The internet is flooded with resources, and there are communities dedicated to programming languages to make the learning process easier. However, if you end up picking a complex language, learning can be hard. If you want to learn more about programming, make sure you do your research before finalizing on a language. There are several beginner-friendly languages, so pick the right one, build a solid foundation and start your journey towards becoming an expert programmer.

    Here below is a list of the most beginner friendly programming languages

    Ruby On Rails

    According to many Ruby On Rails, a dynamic object-oriented programming language is the easiest to learn. The language is easy to read and is heavily used for web development in the backend. Ruby on Rails is a framework and has a collection of ruby shortcuts. This being said, one doesn't need to learn a lot of commands and that makes it really easy. The language is extremely beginner friendly and has a heavy job demand in the current market. Several top organizations are looking to recruit specialists.


    Python is probably one of the easiest programming languages for beginners. It's mainly used in the development of web and desktop apps. It is an open source programming language with a dedicated community and that helps in the learning process. However, Python at times can be a bit complex for entry-level programmers because of the set naming convention and indention, but the flexibility aspect of it compensates for this.


    Several Software engineers consider C/C++ as the best introductory language for programming. Not only is it easy to learn, but has played an important role in the development of several other popular languages. It helps to lay a solid foundation for programmers. Mastering C/C++ can be a great asset for the future and will be of assistance when learning other languages. Many applications are developed with the help of both C and C++. On the downside, C++ can be a bit harder than C, but learning both will be extremely helpful.


    C# is an excellent language for beginners. All you need to do is just install the Visual Studio express. It is used for various purposes such as web development, application development, and other console applications. Since it's derived from C, Knowledge in C and C++ will greatly assist in the learning of C#. The only downside towards C# is the complex compilers and interpreters. However, the easy to use IDE makes it a good pick for beginners.

    Sometimes the easiest of things can be difficult but with a solid guidance, you can master any language. Find the best programming language training and expand your skillset.

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