How To Get Glowing Face On Your D-Day?

P T Usha 5 years ago

Every bride and groom want to look special on their big day. A bride’s look is complete when their face lit with brightness and happiness. To earn that unique ‘marriage charm’, one has to start the preparations far before their D-Day. Though taking the beauty parlour services is essential to detan, exfoliate, and other skin care treatments, one should also follow certain things to flaunt their bridal look.


Before trying out homemade packs, go for regular facial treatments. The necessary detan process is essential before you try out other facial packages to brighten your skin. Also, professional facial treatment will lead to the application of skincare gels that are appropriate to your skin type. It will help you to get rid of prevailing tan, pimples/acne issues. After the essential facial treatment, you can go for homemade facial packs. Application of these mixtures at this stage will have more effect on your skin.

Intake is important

More than making a wedding-ready face exteriorly, feeding them the natural strength from the interior is essential. It is nothing but the healthy absorption of protein, calcium and water-content rich food. For example, to get good and glowing skin never miss to eat a lot of pomegranates, watermelon, carrots and other greens. They will strengthen your skin from deep inside.

Good exercise

Physical exercises or yoga has a direct relation with your healthy skin. They will compose your skin with a pleasant texture, and you can escape issues like wrinkles at a young age, etc. But this is a long term process. You cannot earn healthy skin through this process in a month or two. It should be consistent, and you can do this all the time to have that ‘sweet 16’ look.

Sleep, the best medicine

It takes a lot for proper marriage preparation, and naturally, it causes tension that ultimately leads to pressure. But do not let this affect your physical presence. You can easily bat up with these issue with one single solution. Yes – sleep, a lot. Do not compromise your sleep schedule for anything at least three months before your marriage.

Homemade natural packs

Besides facial treatments, you can also go for natural handmade packages using Multani Matti, curd, milk and other readily available home-based products. But if you are trying out something new, do not work on it at the brink. Use only recommended products on your skin.

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