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    Carpet DealersTake a Green Step on your Wedding Day

    Monisha Krishnan 9 years ago

    It’s your turn to be the centre of attraction; the showstopper of the day. It’s your wedding day! And you’re looking forward to it being the start of a lifetime of happiness....

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    Carpet DealersLow Level Seating: Divans

    Kali Rawat 9 years ago

    With the flood of imported furniture in Indian stores nowadays, we have forgotten about a design feature that was s staple in Indian homes in the 70’s and 80’s- the Divan. Contrary to...

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    Carpet DealersGive your Farmhouse a Facelift!

    Monisha Krishnan 10 years ago

    Have an old farmhouse that could do with a fresh, new look Well, for starters, restoring or remodeling a farm house requires a lot of patience and clear vision. But, here are some simple tips...

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    Carpet DealersHow to Recognize Real Antiques over Fake Ones

    Priti Singh 10 years ago

    Antiques are among the most valuable and precious furniture that will give your house a touch of class and elegance. Whether you live in a contemporary, modern or traditional home, real antique...

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    Carpet DealersChoosing a Smart Baby Crib for your little angel

    Rajesh Bhatia 10 years ago

    If you are here reading this then you have definitely made up your mind for buying a baby crib for your little sweetheart. But before you go all ga-ga over a good looking one, remember while good...

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    Carpet DealersInside Outside ; A grand exhibition

    Gayathri Lakshmanan 11 years ago

    Breezy day, 10 am in the morning and a ride to the Chennai trade centre for the Inside outside mega interior show just went as good as they promised. While there wasn’t much of furniture,...

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    Carpet DealersThe Swinging Days of Childhood Once More

    Gayathri Lakshmanan 11 years ago

    Childhood is the only time all of us wish want to get back to. And as a child everyone would’ve definitely loved to swing. No exception on that. I personally love to swing. Even today. In...

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    Carpet DealersFOYER FURNISHING

    Gayathri Lakshmanan 11 years ago

    First impression is the best impression they say. A foyer is the first thing in a house people will notice. Picking up the right furniture makes a Perfect Foyer. This is where impressions count,...

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    Carpet DealersOriental Rugs for Your Living Room

    Annapoorni V 11 years ago

    Oriental Carpeting in Living Room Persian Carpet Living room serves as the living space of our homes where majority of our leisure time is spent. Living room provides the apt venue to spend...

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    Carpet DealersTips to Pack Furniture While Moving

    Ashwin Pandey 11 years ago

    Furniture packing should properly be planned Pack your furniture with foam and bubble wraps Packers and movers help you in moving your furniture safely Relocating to a new home can be an...

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    Carpet DealersBath Mats and Rugs for Your Bathrooms to Look Trendy!!

    rohit Khosla 12 years ago

    Bath rugs Bathroom Rug Bamboo mats Bath mats and bath rugs are vital for every bathroom because they are colorful, trendy, stylish, water absorbing and slip-proof! So decorate your...

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