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    Dentists in Ghaziabad as on Feb 20, 2018

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    1. +91 90277 59559
      Also Servicing : Ghaziabad

      O Block 99 , Upper Ground Floor DND Road (Amaltash Marg ), Sector 12, Noida - 201301

    2. +91 11 40016531
      Services available-: Scaling and polishing of tooth. Root canal treatment (RCT) with cap and without cap. Extraction Implant Implant supported denture Complete removable and fixed dentures Partial fixed bridge and removable dentures. Direct and indirect veneers Orthodontic braces Child tooth fluoride application Etc.
    3. +91 11 40117346
      Best Dental Clinic & Cosmetic Centre is a centre that offers complete oral and dental care. Our doctors provide treatments for various issues including all dental and facial pain, repair and replacement of decayed/missing teeth, aesthetic designing of gums/teeth/jaws and cosmetic correction for the complete face. Dental implants, mouth and throat ulcer, mouth wounds/cysts, tumours and cancer investigation and treatment is also undertaken. We provide 24-hour emergency services for various issues like Dental, face and jaw trauma and fracture.
    4. +91 11 40127438

      Shop No. 73, Ground Floor, Royal Tower Market, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201001

    5. Dentists
      Also Servicing : Ghaziabad
      We are proud of our practice, where we use the most modern technologies. We treat our patients with care and due respect. Our team feel obliged to do so. We believe that, we are committed to: Raise beyond the expectations of our patients by providing them unparalleled service, paying utmost consideration, and establishing a passion for perfection. Respect the stature and value each patient who opt for our care. Explore knowledge and stay at the cutting age so that the latest technologies are at the reach of our patients. Help each patient to accomplish the best oral health and aesthetics that are available. Work as a team with the goal of boosting up the patient's life and entrust them to accept us and refer family and friends. We admit that, patients who are satisfied with the way they are treated, are much more prompted to bring about good oral health. Patients who stay happy are those who stay healthy. With persisting care, a patient can stay healthy and happy. We are devoted to whole person dentistry.  
    6. Dentists
      Dr. Sameer Gupta - Family Dental Clinic & Root Canal Centre has massive experience in this business. We are one of the leading dentists in Mumbai. We believe in balancing of what patient's demand requires and what ought to be done, what best materials available and what will be the best viable for a situation. Contact us for further details.
    7. Dentists
      Premier cosmetic clinic with all best machine and medicine ... assured results
    8. Dentists
      Also Servicing : Ghaziabad
      This Dental Clinic, the Oraa Care Smile Dental Clinic is one of the largest Dental Clinic in Dwarka, equipped with all latest machines and equipments to serve the people of Dwarka in the best possible way. Oraa Care Smile Dental Clinic in Dwarka is headed by Dr. Yogesh Rao (B.D.S., M.D.S.). In the supervision on Dr. Yogesh Rao and his team of specialists, this Dental Clinic is providing the best and affordable dental treatment in Dwarka and nearby areas. This Dental Clinic is equipped with all necessary equipments which assist Dentist during the treatment to make better decision and thus helps in choosing the best course of dental treatment. Right from the inception of the Oraa Care Smile Dental Clinic, we developed the practice keeping in mind the patients requirements & have strived for excellence in treatment while ensuring maximum patient’s comfort. It has been our endeavour to constantly improve our skills & upgrade the office to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our treatment meets high standards set for quality dental care & we assure you of lasting results.
    9. Dentists
      WASI Dental, a chain of multi-specialty dental clinics.
    10. Dentists
      Also Servicing : Ghaziabad
      Smile Dental Care Clinic is a reputed service provider updated with latest technology and trends. We deal with Dental Surgeons, Paedodontist Doctors, Dental Surgeons, Periodontist Doctors, Endodontist Doctors, Cosmetic Dentistry Doctors, Prosthodontist Doctors, Oral Maxillo Doctors, Doctors Dentist Jaw Surgery, Dental Spas. All services we offer are exclusive in its quality and we live up to the expectations of our customers. Contact us to avail our service.
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    10 Reviews of Dentists in Ghaziabad as on Feb 20, 2018

    Average Rating (4) - 47 reviews
    1. 19th November, 2017

      I would really had to say that I was having wonderful experience being Treated by Dr. Bhavya Srivastava as I was underwent for the RCT for the first time in my life and I had not felt pain at all throughout the treatment. Thanks a lot Dr. Bhavya Srivastava God bless you and give you lots of success.

    2. 26th October, 2017

      Best in class Dental clinic. Doctors are very experienced and they treat so good. Every facilities are available here. I had a very superb experience.

    3. 11th November, 2016

      It was reallyt good extremelt happy with my results so far thankyou Doctor rashi jain ?

    4. 14th October, 2016

      Having dental problem,took dental treatment from Vashishtha Dental Clinic,Dentist here is a professional with good knowledge and he charge some moderate amount as a fees from the patients.. i have to say it was a really pleasant experience and a painless satisfied with their treatment

    5. 30th August, 2016

      Consulted Vashishtha Dental Clinic for my dental problem..i have paid 200Rs as consulting fees..Excellent Results..Very professional approach always ready to help and available for patients.. gave me Genuine advices which helped me to overcome from my cavities problem..

    6. 22nd August, 2016

      Excellent clinic

    7. 17th August, 2016

      Took Dental Treatment from this Vashishtha Dental Clinic..charge paid was very nominal gave good treatment and perscribed best medicine,it was very effective treatment.staff members and the front office executive helped and guided me in all

    8. 26th June, 2016

      Completely unprofessional... Here's what happened with us..Doctor started the process and went on leave for a month without information..when called the doctor suggested that a replacement doctor will take care of rest of the process and guess what a simple RCT was over in one and half months.. Appointment has no value..You take an appointment and then wait for the existing line to finish for your turn... Unprofessionalism at it's peak..Never going back there...

    9. 7th May, 2016

      I got my Root Canal treatment done at Aura Dental and i was really impressed with Dr. Prerna Vedvyas. She was very professional and patient. She assured that it will be minimal pain and soo it was. It was a front tooth and i myself cant tell that it was treated for root canal as the crown is soo ideal. Very happy with my treatment.

    10. 3rd December, 2015

      best dental and physiotherapy clinic in ghaziabad - delhi ncr region

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    18 days ago

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