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    Translators & Interpreters in Ahmedabad as on May 22, 2018

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    1. CMM Languages & Web Services

      15 Reviews 5.3 Sulekha Score
      +91 22 61094390
      Translators & Interpreters, Translation & Interpretations Services
      Also Servicing : Ahmedabad
      CMM Languages & Web Services is a Mumbai based localization company, providing translation and interpretation services for major European and Asian Languages like - Arabic, Bhasa, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Persian, Russian, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese. We have been managing translations for following business segments - Technical / Medical / Legal IT - E learning Applications Market Research Multi-Lingual Content Pharmaceutical - Health care Certificates - Brochures - E-books We have a team of in-house translators and a strong network of over 465 Native translators to manage all translation requirements. You can call us, or email us your requirement and we will get back to you in less than 75 minutes.
    2. UBC Translation Services

      9 Reviews 5.2 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 41137491
      Translators & Interpreters, Translation & Interpretations Services
      Also Servicing : Ahmedabad

      Established in the year 2004, UBC Translation Services is considered as foremost professional Language Translation Service Providers in India. We offer translation services for all Foreign and Indian Languages. Based on the target language and specific requirements of the clients, a team of expert native linguists is assigned to each project individually according to their area of expertise.

      Being a professional translation agency, we assure that your messages should adequately translate inaccurate tone, style, and nuances. Our ethical business policies, timely delivery of projects, competitive prices has enabled us to make the firm foothold in this domain with huge client base. By taking the help of our qualified professionals, we deliver target material equally effective & informative as original material. The source documents that are provided by the clients are beautifully converted into the final target document for different markets and audiences.

      Our all translation work is precisely written, edited, proofread and reviewed by our adroit linguist to assure perfection and meaningfulness. Each project undergoes editing and proofreading process and then gets reviewed by domain experts before the final draft. Moreover, we guarantee you dynamically designed high-quality services per client requirements. All our professionals work under the guidance of our mentor, Ms Sarita Jain who takes an active interest in the ongoing business activities of different departments. She stays in touch with the reputed clients and project managers to make sure that the solutions are provided as per patron’s requirements.

      Our team of trained translators is blessed with superior linguistic skills and proficient knowledge of various foreign and Indian languages. Our highly experienced translators always follow client-oriented approach and on time execution of projects. Our core team comprises the following personnel who are well trained in their respective work sphere:
      Project Managers
      Proof Readers
      Software personnel

      Why Us?
      We go extra miles to fulfil the details that are given by our esteemed customers to provide our best translation services. We are preferred by our customers due to following reasons:
      A one-stop translation agency
      Timely and cost-effective work
      Quality work in adherence to quality tools
      Backed by experienced and professional translators
      Meet specific requirements promptly

      Our Services
      Translation Services for All Foreign and Indian Languages
      Legal Translation
      Document Translation Services
      Localisation Services
      Language Transcription Services
      Language Interpretation Services
      Clinical Research Translation Services
      Publishing Services
      Business & Finance Translation Services
      Medical Translation Services

    3. Intraword

      13 Reviews 7.8 Sulekha Score
      +91 79 49072799
      Translators & Interpreters, Translation & Interpretations Services
      Also Servicing : Ahmedabad
      Intraword, a comprehensive language services provider company, is specialized in various aspects of language services like Foreign language training, translation, interpretation, English and soft skill training and Market research. With unique and innovative services coupled with dynamic and dedicated team, we at Intraword aimed to help every individual and corporate organization to develop their language skill and personality. We offer enormous services like foreign language training, Translation, Interpretation, soft skill training and market research to enhance your skill to achieve great height in career or to improve business expansion. Knowing more language and outstanding personal skill can bring infinite opportunity to start or advancement of your present career. Owing to long years of experience, perfect hiring of instructor, their dedication, we offers competent and professional language training along with translation, interpreter, soft skill training and market research services to our learners. The atmosphere at Intraword is absolutely relaxing, calming and work oriented. Our sincere, motivated and talented instructors put their every feasible effort to teach their learner in an exceptional way. They have come from varied background whose experience is channeled into conferring innovative and excellent services. In our foreign language training programs, students develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in their language of choice in a proficient manner. We serve language training and interpreter services for all popular international languages like French, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and etc. Translation services in Vadodara are designed for all International and regional languages. This engages the learners in the global exchange of ideas and facilitates intercultural communication. Besides offering complete banquet of language services, we also offer soft skill services in order to improve your personality building. Personality development is an important to enhance your talent to face the world of challenge. Our soft skill training programs includes services like Personality Development, Self Development, Anger Management, Self Confidence, Communication skill, Conflict resolution, Thinking & problem solving skill, Leadership skills, Time Management, and many more. Another service of Market research has also been added to our organization to offer authentic and accurate research services to the organization.
    4. Lingo Solution Pvt. Ltd.

      9 Reviews 5.7 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 41136372
      Translators & Interpreters, Translation & Interpretations Services
      Also Servicing : Ahmedabad

      In the age of Globalization, communication holds the key to success. Success is vital for the welfare of the society and communication concerning language is the dominant player in the path of success. Therefore, solving the intricacies in toto, Lingo Solutions came into existence in 1999. The vision of Lingo Solution is to play a pivotal role in sorting out the linguistic problems which pose a threat to the growth and development of a company which operates in the international arena with a different set of languages as well as national/regional languages.

      We are pulling out all the stops to offer composite services like Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, Voice Over and Placements to our clients in a comprehensive manner. Our honest approach to hard work and dedication have earned us many laurels from the satisfied clients whom we served over the past few years since our inception. We offer our services in many international languages like Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc. Apart from this, we also provide our services in Regional languages for native clients.

      Among the services offered by us, Translation is our forte. We do it accurately and ethically as well. To make it happen, we have an in-house team of language experts who enjoy a vast experience. They are academically proficient and trained in their subjects. We do not take any assignment if we lack the professional experts on the offered project. We usually try to deliver text-to-text translation. If clients want the meaning based translation, only then we do it provided we got written approval from clients end. Our team comprises Translators, Proof Readers and Editors. First, translator gets documents translated word by word in the desired language specified by clients; then it goes to Proof Reader who checks the spelling, punctuation and integrity of the text. Finally, the editor gives the thumbs up after considering everything as per translation standard. However, we keep documents confidential and always ready to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the clients.

      The second essential service in our armour is Interpretation. We provide many sorts of interpretation services like Language Interpretation, Semantics, Judicial Interpretation, Statutory Interpretation, and so on. We meet the global standards in delivering it on ethical grounds along with the feasible quote. Our third category of services is Transcription. We are very proficient in providing the transcription services on three significant segments like the business, legal and medical. We can offer it written as well as an electronic text document, whichever is the need of clients

      Apart from these three primary services, we also provide Voice Over and Placement Services. We have a team of quality Voice Over artists who have been working in the industry for an extended period. Their accent, tone, and modulations are of excellent quality. They are a well-acclaimed artist in the market. Quality is paramount to our organisation. We maintain it with the speedy delivery. We have been dealing with national as well as international clients meticulously. Their satisfaction and feedback have propelled us to emerge one of the leading service providers in the linguistic domain. All in all, quality work, speedy delivery and meticulous approach are the hallmark of our roaring success.

      Chinese Translation
      Japanese Translation
      French Translation
      German Translation
      Italian Translation
      Portuguese Translation
      Transcription Services

    5. +91 11 40120695
      Translators & Interpreters, Translation & Interpretations Services
      Also Servicing : Ahmedabad
      Marigold Films and Translations Pvt Ltd – an ISO 9001 2008 Certified Company Passion is a state of mind, Innovation is an Art. Mission Statement – Create, Design, Deliver and Communicate with a mission to add distinct Value. Vision Statement – Be the preferred Media & Translation Enterprise across the globe with best practices like: Innovation, Quality and Customer Responsiveness. Our Outlook - Regardless of the size and complexity, we begin every project by asking a few basic questions. Who is our client trying to reach? Will the solution help them achieve their marketing goals? Will it make sense (and/or deliver the message) to their audience? We remain focused on what’s most important: creating solutions that allow our clients to better serve their customers. All that we do centers on building a relationship with our clients so that they, in turn, can spend time building relationships with their customers. In order to do that we employ three basic principles: develop an understanding of our client’s business and their customers; utilize our technology to make it easier for our clients to do business while creating a positive return on their investment; and continue to support our clients once their solutions are in place. We operate with Integrity, Commitment, Reliability and Passion to deliver the best.
    6. Aesthetic Foreign Language Service

      1 Review 5.1 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 40117160
      Translators & Interpreters, Translation & Interpretations Services
      Also Servicing : Ahmedabad
      AFLS started out of a spare bedroom in 2008.Its Original name is Aesthetic Foreign Language Translation service. We (AFLS) are Kolkata based language translation company providing Language translation and interpretation service all over India. This is mention you that we Aesthetic Foreign Language Service (AFLS) is known for its quality coaching ,highly disciplined teaching methodology ,high level of satisfaction among students, its authenticity and its transparency. Besides, all sorts of Chinese language (Mandarin) translation & interpretation (Both Chinese to English and English to Chinese) We done here with 100% accuracy .We do also provide high quality Japanese , Russian , Italian ,Germany , French , Korean ,portuguese, Spanish,Thai,Vietnamese, Persian,Turkish,Malay,Bhasha Indonesian,Arabic, Farsi,Burmese,Urdu Translator and Interpreter (Both Technical & Non-technical) Who has worked in various Industrial Project with high efficiency and got satisfactory reward/certificate from them. We are professional Foreign Language Translation and localization agency with a difference. For us translation is not about text, documents, website and foreign languages. It’s about Interpreting and translating our client’s business goal into success. If you are looking for professional and quality translation service from experience and qualified translators, then you couldn’t be in a better place. We offer a complete language translation and interpretation solution that covers a wide range of service, business sectors and of course World Language. Mr. N ROY Chief Administrative of –Aesthetic Foreign Language Service an expertise in Chinese Language (Mandarin) with 8 years of professional experience have done a lot of Translation and Interpretation and both at Indian and China dealing with various high level Government leaders, Officials and delegation. Our Translator & Interpreter for Foreign Language serves in Government as well as Industrial sectors, the various services dedicated to Foreign Language which we serve as Business-commercial-Financial Interpreters, simultaneous Interpreter and Business Escort, Tutor, specialized in Machine Installation. If you are looking for a quality, on time and affordable foreign language Translation & Interpretation Service, then you are reading the right advertisement.
    7. Translators & Interpreters, Translation & Interpretations Services

      Aankan Apartment ,No. 1/1, Thaltej, Ahmedabad - 380059

    8. Translators & Interpreters, Translation & Interpretations Services

      No. 806B, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380009 Get Directions

    9. Translators & Interpreters, Translation & Interpretations Services
      Owing to their proficiency in all disciplines, our team of professionals is driven by excellence and keeps pace with the changing rules of language translation. Our services help our clients in expanding their horizons and reaching out to the global markets, where language is a problem. With our translation services, we have helped our clients by increasing their presence in the international market by keeping in mind their staffing and marketing requirements. While translating the documents, our team considers all challenges that may arise due to language barriers.
    10. Translators & Interpreters, Translation & Interpretations Services
       Established in the year 2000 at New Delhi, “Prism Utility Services Pvt. Ltd.” is a renowned service provider engaged in providing accurate Language Translation, Corporate Training Services, which are appreciated by our clients across the country. We also offer Voice over Services, which are recorded by our expert voice over artists, who have complete knowledge about the industry. Since, we provide translation services in the field of Marketing, PR, Finance, Engineering, Technical and Law related areas, we have a team of professional who are well-versed in these fields and are therefore able to provide excellent documentation services. Owing to their proficiency in all disciplines, our team of professionals is driven by excellence and keeps pace with the changing rules of language translation. Our services help our clients in expanding their horizons and reaching out to the global markets, where language is a problem. With our translation services, we have helped our clients by increasing their presence in the international market by keeping in mind their staffing and marketing requirements. While translating the documents, our team considers all challenges that may arise due to language barriers. Our mentor, Ms. Revati Iyer, has helped us at every stage and has paved a path for delivering integrated solutions for translation and voice over services. Ranging from local operations to global services, her knowledge about this industry has helped us in overcoming all challenges relating to language barriers. With her assistance, we have helped our clients in maximizing their revenue and are reckoned as a company of high repute not only in the domestic market bur also internationally.
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    10 Reviews of Translators & Interpreters in Ahmedabad as on May 22, 2018

    Average Rating (4) - 35 reviews
    1. 1st January, 2018


    2. 13th July, 2017

      Excellent service. Quick response by mail and through mobile communication. I like service.i have got contect number through sulekhs com. This web provided me many contects regarding language translation service.

    3. 8th July, 2016

      trial ki rakamundu a medicines vadutunnado ave ippudu nunchi vadali

    4. 9th June, 2016

      Mr Sushant is an ideal person,I m very satisfy and provide Italian language translation very quick

    5. 16th May, 2016

      Karnataka mysore super manju

    6. 18th August, 2015

      I was looking for a translator who can complete my work in limited time .So I approached this translator to translated from dutch to English . As per my expectation the work was completed on the same day . I paid Rs.2500 for their service .

    7. 17th June, 2015

      Approached this folks for translation of my father's School leaving certificated from Gujarati to English. They charged me Rs.900 for the service. They did a great job.

    8. 22nd May, 2015

      Availed this Translators to translate English to Oriya for office purpose. They have provided dedicated service and it was quick. Their service was nice and we are completely happy with their job.

    9. 9th April, 2015

      The birth certificate was translated from Hindi to English through these people. They charged me around Rs.731. I'm gratified with the service rendered. Within 3 days, they completed the work.

    10. 7th March, 2015

      From Vision Transtech India my job was done as they helped me out in translating some Chinese words to English and Hindi to English too.It was a wonderful experience with them and I 'm totally satisfied with the service thanks to Vision Transtech.

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